gifts-for-momYour mom’s birthday is just another day’s fart and you still have no gifts ideas for your mom. Mothers only come once in a person’s life. It’s only fitting that a person should honor the only person to have carried him in her protective womb for nine months and took care of him for another nineteen more years. Whether it’s her birthday or mother’s day, be it Christmas or Valentine’s day, getting the best gifts for mom is such an effort that she will surely remember for the rest of the day of the year.

Gifts for mom can easily be thought about, especially if you know your mom well. If you know how to please her, then thinking of an ideal gift for her on any occasion will be as easy as pie. You just have to discover her latest craze, hobbies or likes. The gift ideas for mom must also be appropriate to the occasions (i.e. Christmas, baby shower, mom-to-be, etc) Here are a few gift ideas for your mom – the most important woman in your life.

Best Gifts for Mom

Magic Mike DVD
It’s never too sinful to watch a few other men strip tease on DVD. We like to have them live but since your mom’s bachelorette party was over a few years before you were born, then it would be more favourable to just watch a strip tease on DVD.

6 Vintage French Travel Wine Charms
This gift idea is a recommend if your mom’s the type who likes vintage and French at the same time. In fact, French vintage is the best of its kind. She would have variety of choices on the accessory she would want for the day.

A Mother’s Embrace Personalized Birthstone Ring
There are reasons why this is one of the best gifts for your mom: first, it depicts the essence of motherhood in the ring (the birthstones of the children are tangled with her birthstone and engraved name); second, it is aesthetically-pleasing.

Christmas Gifts for Mom

Dear Mother Music Box
This is a timely Christmas gift. Music boxes used to be a classic gift for a woman, but these hasn’t been in the trend for a long time. We have been accustomed to appreciating the modern, forgetting the classic touch of innocence and purity. It still holds true that the best things come in boxes; in particular, music boxes.

J. Crew Dreamy Cotton Pant
During the cold winter season, isn’t it better to stay in bed with a warm blanket and soft garments? This is a recommended gift idea for Christmas, where vacations are better spent in bed.

Silk Patchwork Sari Scarf
Christmas is the season to be jolly. In order for us to be jolly, we should wear colours – lots and lots of colours. Even moms have the need to be colourful sometimes.

Birthday Gifts for Mom

Front Row Society ‘Battlefields’ Scarf
True enough, your mom is a warrior in her own way. As we all put it, you can never let a man to do a woman’s job. This feminist-themed scarf is a recommend for all the mothers out there because we know that we are fighters in our own way.

Fragrant Blushing Lily Bouquet
Lilies are a symbol of purity. Let your mother know just how special and pure she is by giving her a bouquet for her birthday.

Bhangra Bangles
Put some more colour in your mom’s world. This gift idea is both classy and festive. It would give her an aura unlike any other. This is an ideal wear for party occasions. Surely, she’ll be the envy of all others with this accessory.

Homemade Gifts for Mom

Bath Salts
There are many aspects in which you can pamper your mom and one of these aspects is by rejuvenating the smoothness of her skin. Put a little relaxation on her tired physique. You owe her some relaxing moments.

Swirl Ring
If your mom’s the ring type then this could be a little something to brighten up her day. This gift idea is easy to make. Plus, you can unleash your creativity in doing this.

DIY Chalkboard Ceramic Containers
This is a fun idea that may brighten up her day. It is also simple and cheap to do. You can apply this DIY to kitchen ingredients or to garden plants, etc.

Unique Gifts for Mom

Mom / Grandma Fact Tee
As they all say, like mother like daughter and this is true with your mom. You may not think about it but she has also undergone her ages of puberty. So what makes a mom’s mom? Here’s a shirt to give you the “nutrition facts.”

Green Herbal Tea Kit
If your mom’s the type who like to sit and calm down, this tea infuser will be like an instrument from heaven. It is a package of different herbal teas. This is something that isn’t easily found in stores.

Flavour Infuser Water Bottle
Again, something unique to brighten up her day: an infuser that can extract fruit essences. This will come in handy in the kitchen especially if your mom doesn’t like preparing the usual juice drinks. Vitamin water, instead, may be a new diet choice for the family.

Baby Shower Gifts for Mom

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups
It’s never too early to learn about the proper milk measurements. After all, you don’t know when the sprout will come out. We can only assume. It’s best to be prepared.

Personalized Mother and Baby Snow Globe
This is a little something to put on a display after the countdown begins. This is a reminder of the “becoming a mother” stage. Because she’s bound to be a little incapable of moving because of the swelling belly, here’s a little something to stare at. It’s not a crystal ball to show the future… no, wait – it is!

Upcycled Cotton Sari Robe
You may probably wonder, what in the world could a pregnant woman do with this? Being pregnant gives you the license to be playful with your clothes. Just picture this; you won’t be able to wear this as much as you want to on a non-pregnant basis.

Gifts for Mom from Daughter

Mom and Daughter Jewelry Making Set
Why buy expensive jewelry for your mom when you can customize your own together? This gift idea may add a little bonding between the mother and the daughter. After all, in sickness and in health; in beauty and in jewelry – mothers and daughters never miss the opportunity to create a bonding.

Personalized MOM Birthstone and Diamond Heart Ring
Now if you can’t resist the pleasure of giving your mom something that sparkles (no glitters please), then this is a gift idea that may just work for the both of you. This is a special ring that has an engraved message inside: “My Mother, My Friend.” Who says only the dad has the right to use rings in showing affections?

Message to Mom Charm Necklace
This necklace does not deliver the message in verbatim. The image of the necklace – its intricate design inhibits a sense of purity that can be found only in the amour between mother and daughter.

50th Birthday Gifts for Mom

Hen – Chick Growing Kit
Now that she’s old (let’s admit it), it doesn’t mean that her lifestyle will become a drag. She may find some interest on gardening. If so, then this gift idea will be handy as well as cute.

Personalized Letter Heart Sculpture With Mom Poem
Because she will spend more time at home with the grandkids, she may find time to look at this display. It will be a constant reminder of what she is how important she is to her family. Setting aside the whites of her hair, she will always be the mother that her children owe their life to.

Personalized Wine and Cheese Platter Gift Set
Talk about the good life. Talk about royalty. Traditionally, this is the kind of food that the royalty eat on some occasions. It’s a perfect food combination. You may want to take your mother or grandmother for a treat in the garden and surprise her with a taste of England.

Last Minute Gifts for Mom

Stationery Set
I know what you are thinking. Aren’t stationeries out of the trend? Not quite yet. Stationeries have also leveled up. And by that, we mean the preppy designs. She’s surely love this even though you’ve only remembered the last minute.

At first, you may think: isn’t obvious that I forgot? Above all things, why tongs? Haven’t you ever thought, why do I have a thumb? Same thing with tongs – it has a million uses. Just as you thumb is essential in gripping and picking up objects, tongs are useful in salads and food buffets.

Flower Brooch
This is a great gift idea that’s vintage. Old fashioned brooches with contemporary designs never fail to make a woman bloom. Moreover, it won’t be obvious that this was a rushed idea.

Gifts for Mom to Be

The Parent Trip: From High Heels and Parties to Highchairs and Potties
I think the title says it all: well-explained and straight to the point. I think you get it. Five stars for this one. But just to translate the title even further, this is a book that explains the tips on parenting from a realistic perspective and of course, the crucial transition from a party lady to a mother.

Mommy To Be Gift Box
These are the must-haves during the whole pregnancy period – anti-stretch marks, baby oil, etc. she’ll need this to maintain her beauty and well-being during the pregnancy. The hormonal effects can be too much.

Mother Necklace
This gift idea is something of a reminder that the lady is now a mom. What are the perks on being a mom? Moms are the so-called light of the household. They are light when everything goes dark. Having a necklace that can feed the anticipated maternal pride will be most appreciated.

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