What is the first thought that hits you when you think about Halloween? Jack O’ Lantern or those cute, yet creepy mouthwatering delicacies lined up in the pantry? For me, it is of course the second… While the party attires and music as well as carvings do have a special place, the sweets and snacks do catch my attention.

Halloween Sweet Treats
Halloween Sweet Treats – 3boysandadog.com

Here are 25 such Halloween food ideas that is sure to leave you mesmerized…. Get ready treat those little ghosts visiting you with these creepy, yet yummy Halloween delicacies…

35 Must Try Halloween Desserts To Chill And Spill Yourself

1. Tombstone Brownies:

Tombstone Brownies
Tombstone Brownies – mummypages.ie

Give your favorite brownies a spine-chilling makeover by transforming them into these deadly tombstones… Make sure you add some ghost or skull toppers to add to the eeriness of the environment…

2. Witches Brew Cupcakes:

Witch’s Brew Cupcakes
Witch Brew Cupcakes – Dollarstorecrafts

So what’s your call? This doesn’t look so creepy, but it tastes fabulous.

3. Ghost Cupcakes:

Ghost Cupcakes
Ghost Cupcakes – ambrosiabaking.com

These marshmallow ghosts are not scary, but look inviting… Opt for  red velvet cupcakes for a more dramatic appeal…

4. Zombie Halloween Cupcakes:

Zombie Halloween Cupcakes
Zombie Halloween Cupcakes – Cupcakesgarden.com

Don’t stay away from those zombies…. Just enjoy them, one at a time, till you empty the whole baskets…. And let that zombie of guilt not restrict you from enjoying this devilishly lush delicacy…

5. Skeleton Cupcakes:

Skeleton Cupcakes
Skeleton Cupcakes – rhinestonearmadillo.typepad.com

Skeletons do look bloodcurdling, but these, in fact, are looking pretty cute. Popping out of those luxurious chocolate mud, they indeed look inviting…

6. Creepy Halloween Spider Cupcakes:

Creepy Spider Cupcakes – bakerella.com

I hate spiders, but these leave me drooling…

7. Witch Finger Cupcakes:

Witch Finger Cupcakes - skiptomylou.org
Witch Finger Cupcakes – skiptomylou.org

Let’s dump those fingers into our tummies…. They are just sticking their tips out from those yummy chocolaty goodness… Who wouldn’t want to gulp those delicacies down?

8. Brain Cupcakes:

Brain Cupcakes - dkscooks.files.wordpress.com/
Brain Cupcakes – dkscooks.files.wordpress.com/

This one does come its own dose of scariness along with creepiness… Do you dare to try it?

9. Eyeball Cupcakes:

Eyeball cupcakes - barefootkitchenwitch.com
Eyeball cupcakes – barefootkitchenwitch.com

Spooky, yet subtle, these eyeball cupcakes are going to be very much in demand!

10. Chocolate Bat Brownies:

Bat Brownies - sundaysweets.blogspot.in
Bat Brownies – sundaysweets.blogspot.in

Brownies shaped into the creepy creatures of the night, reminding you that ghosts do exist…

11. Witch Finger Cookies:

Witch Finger Cookies - recipegirl.com
Witch Finger Cookies – recipegirl.com

I can swallow a handful of them at a time… What are your thoughts about munching these cookies? Yucky or yummy? Lip smacking or nauseating?

12. Jack O Lantern Cookies:

Jack O Lantern Vegan Cookies - thespookyvegan.com
Jack O Lantern Vegan Cookies – thespookyvegan.com

Oh so cute… Words really fall short to describe these adorable darlings… The good news – it is 100% vegan!

13. Bat Cookies:

Bat Cookies - cookingwithkaren.wordpress.com
Bat Cookies – cookingwithkaren.wordpress.com

The day of the dead beckons you to remind the world of their existence…

14. Day of the Dead Cookies:

Day of the dead cookies -
Day of the dead cookies – theenchantedoven.blogspot.in

Let’s not forget that we are celebrating the day to remind ourselves that the evil does exist… But they look quite good! And, tempting too!

15. Bones And Blood Cookies:

Bones and Blood Cookies - bakingbites.com
Bones and Blood Cookies – bakingbites.com

It is time to munch on some bones… Pair it up with the crimson liquid… Nothing is more perfect to celebrate Halloweens…

16. The Snake Cake:

The Python Cake -
The Python Cake – the-cake-lovers.com

The Python is back in a new form to lure you into a world filled with lust and desire…Want to try eating him?

17. Casket Graveyard Cake:

Casket Graveyard Cake -
Casket Graveyard Cake – linearuniform1.deviantart.com

A tasty reminder of a person’s end… It is the simplest way of putting across this Halloween food idea…

18. Layered Pumpkin Cake:

Pumpkin Cake -
Pumpkin Cake – mysweetandsaucy.com

No Halloween is complete in the absence of a pumpkin. And, what more than this cute and adorable cake can be a better choice to celebrate this festival of dead?

19. Skull and Crossbones Cake:

Skull and Crossbones Cake
Skull and Crossbones Cake- cmingalls.wordpress.com

A pirate or something even more spine chilling? Anyways, looks does not always matter… or do they? It is up to you to decide!

20. Blood Red Candy Apples:

Blood Red Candy Apples
Blood Red Candy Apples – mthollywood.blogspot.in

Blood dripping from the apples? Anyone wants to try it?

21. Monster Pumpkin Cookies:

Monster Pumpkin Cookies
Monster Pumpkin Cookies – sweetambs.com

Aren’t these monsters really tempting? Oh, yes, they are! Then what are you waiting for?

22. Owl Cake:

Owl Cake
Owl Cake – cupcakepedia.com

“Oh guardian of the night, shall I eat you”? Don’t forget to ask this question to add more fun to your Halloween party…

23. Witch Hat Cookies:

Witch Hat Cookies -
Witch Hat Cookies – iheartnaptime.net

Do witches really wear edible hats? Anyways, I am sure the kids are going to gulp those down…

24. Ghost Stick Pretzels:

Ghost Stick Pretzels
Ghost Stick Pretzels- whosaidnothinginlifeisfree.com

Crunchy, yet slightly frightening looking, these are a must try among  Halloween sweet treats…

25. Halloween Ghost Pops:

Halloween Ghost Pops
Halloween Ghost Pops – amandaparkerandfamily.blogspot.in

Come on, they won’t harm you!

26. Black Cat Cookies:

Black Cat Cookies
Black Cat Cookies- lickthebowlgood.blogspot.in

Black cats or brown cats? These black cats are not scary. Opt for a darker chocolate in the baking process to deepen the creepy factor…

27. Dracula Cake Pops:

Dracula Cake Pops
Dracula Cake Pops – kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com

Ready to launch an attack on Mr. Count? Don’t worry; he has been trapped into those gooey chocolate ready to be relished on this day of the dead…

28. Creepily Smiling Apples:

Creepily Smiling Apples
Creepily Smiling Apples- caramelpotatoes.com

They remind me of prosthetics display at the dentist’s… However, one bite of these sweet delights are sure to leave you addicted… Do not hesitate to make them or you will lose a chance to enjoy some really cool stuff!

29. Messy Monster Cookies:

Messy Monster Cookies
Messy Monster Cookies- – shakentogetherlife.com

Easy to make as it does look messy… but they are melt in mouth… The butterscotch chips do the trick here and no wonder they look so chaotic… The exact representation of the minds of those wandering souls…

30. Mummy Cookies:

Mummy Cookies
Mummy Cookies- kivasminiatures.blogspot.in

Have you ever tried a weird looking, yet fantastically tasting cookie? No? Then try this… You can use any cookies of your choice. If you are very health conscious, then try an oatmeal cookie for that added healthy note…

31. Jello Shot Worms:

Jello Shot Worms
Jello Shot Worms – eyecandycelebrations.com

Yuck! That is the very first reaction that pops up in your mind when you see these Halloween sweet treats. But the taste of these delight are in complete disagreement with their looks. Doubtful? Why don’t you try making a batch on your own?

32. Pumpkin Rice Krispies:

Pumpkin Rice Krispies
Pumpkin Rice Krispies – mixandmatchmama.blogspot.in

Wow! A nice treat for the eyes and taste buds! Easy to make and great to taste, these are cute and adorable Halloween delights relished and admired by kids and adults alike…

33. Mummy Cupcakes:


Mummy Cupcakes
Mummy Cupcakes- mightydelighty.blogspot.in

These mummies won’t attack you. In fact you can launch an attack on them. They do taste fabulous. Make sure you get those marshmallows in the right consistency.

34. Dracula Cupcakes:

Dracula Cupcake
Count Dracula Cupcake – thecupcakeblog.com

You can any cupcake of your choice as the base for this one. My choice would be a red velvet cupcake with a royal icing to go along with it. Cut into half to dramatize the moment!

35. Werewolf Cupcakes:

Werewolves Cupcake
Werewolves Cupcake – bearheartbakingco.files.wordpress.com

Werewolves are frightening, but do these chocolate werewolves look so chilling? I feel you should grab a handful of them and shove them into your mouth before they can attack you!

The list is actually never ending. It is all in your creativity… So invoke your hidden creative element and just start making something really creepy to treat yourself this Halloween. These 35 sweet treats are my choices… What would you pick? A Dracula? Monster? Or a whole basket loaded with ghost and mummy cookies? Decide and do share your views…

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