Best New Year Wishes

October 29, 2014 wendy 0

When one year ends and another begins, there is a lot of expectation and hope in the air as people look forward to changes that […]

Awesome Rangoli Designs For Your Home On This Diwali

October 22, 2014 Prasad 0

It is Diwali. The day of victory of God. Hindus celebrate Diwali to remember the day when lord Rama re entered his kingdom after defeating demon king Ravana of sree lanka. Citizens of ayodhya celebrated his victory by lighting candles in their houses and streets and by sharing sweets and greetings each other. Now you may be looking for some awesome and unique Diwali rangoli designs to decorate your house. Here is 13 different Diwali Rangoli designs that will make your home awesome.