Tattoo art is attaining popularity these days. It is more like a form of expression then just a style statement. Different people from all around the world get inked their favorite symbols, patterns, designs, quotes on their body parts. There are endless options for a tattoo lover in terms of a tattoo designs. Of all the tattoo designs, music tattoos are the most common and loved tattoo designs.

With a music tattoo, you can easily express your likeness and craze for music. Even if you are not a music lover, you can get a music tattoo done, it looks really trendy.

There are many music tattoo designs that you can get tattooed on your body. It can be a musical note, music instrument, musical symbol, music quotes, lyrics, abstract musical design etc. In this post, I shall be discussing the top 15 music tattoo designs that you can get inked on your body. So, what are you waiting for? Check the stunning and trendy music tattoo designs below.

Top 15 music tattoo designs are as follows:

1- Stylish Musical Notes

stylish music tattoo

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This is a musical tattoo that is very stylish and super-trendy. It is a big tattoo that cannot go unnoticed by all. The floral effect added to the musical note in this tattoo is making this tattoo look more stylish. You can get this tattoo inked on your arms, legs or back, it will always make you look fabulously trendy.

2- Simple music tattoo

simple music tattoo

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This is a very simple, common yet appealing music tattoo. The simplicity of this tattoo is its plus point. It not only shows the love for your music but it also depicts your nature’s simplicity. This elegant music tattoo is evergreen and can never go out of trend.

3- Lifeline music tattoo

lifeline music tattoo

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This is small yet intriguing music tattoo. If music is your life and you cannot live without it, this tattoo is just perfect for you. This tattoo has a musical note with a lifeline connected to it. Either get it inked on your wrist just like the picture, or at any other body part, this tattoo will never fail to express your love for music.

4- New school music tattoo

new school music tattoo

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Do you like the new school tattoos? If you answer is yes, then this tattoo design might be a perfect option for you. This is an amazing new school music tattoo that is bold, catchy and has a music symbol on it. This tattoo is very popular amongst the teens and young adults. This dark shade of this tattoo will surely help you in catching the maximum eye balls.

5- Blue Bird Musical tattoo

blue bird musical tattoo

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The blue bird musical tattoo is a very elegant and charming music tattoo that is great for girls. What is making this tattoo unique is the blend of a bird tattoo and its wings with the musical notes. The blue color is making it look peaceful, calm and beautiful, though you can always experiment with colors in a tattoo design and choose your favorite color for it.

6- Dandelion music tattoo

dandelion music tattoo

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Dandelion (taraxacum) is a very beautiful flower that is very soft and delicate. If you are delicate and your love for music is never ending, then this tattoo is just for you. It is a design that is perfect for shoulder back. Musical notes coming out for a dandelion flower instead of its petals- this is something that is very unique and catchy.

7- Heart and music tattoo

heart and music tattoo

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This tattoo design is quite similar to the previous tattoo design, in terms of the theme. But the look is completely new. This is simple and small music tattoo which has some musical notes coming out from a heart. This tattoo clearly depicts your love and connection with music. It is a perfect wrist tattoo for you.

8- Rose music tattoo

rose music tattoo

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Rose tattoo are amongst the most loved tattoos. Wouldn’t it be great if you get a rose tattoo that has musical notes in it? This is a one such tattoo design. Look at the petals of the rose, it has notes, chords and frets inked on it. I seriously loved this unique idea which is making a simple rose tattoo more trendy and musical.

9- Maori music tattoo

maori music tattoo

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Maori art is common art form that is quite popular amongst the tattoo lovers from all across the world. This tattoo design is fusion of old Maori design with modern musical note design. The blend of traditional design with modern symbols is making this tattoo very unique. This is a big tattoo that is covering half of the upper body and arms. If you like unique designs then this is a perfect choice for you.

10- Key music tattoo

key music tattoo

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Music is your key to happiness? Express it with this super amazing key music tattoo. This tattoo has a golden key with a music symbol on it. The design of the key is somewhat similar to that of the old and antique keys that were used during the ancient times. This tattoo is suitable for girls and boys both. If you are searching for a music tattoo design that will look great on your arms, then you can consider this design for sure.

11- Bow music tattoo

bow music tattoo

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Are you looking for a music tattoo that is girly? This bow music tattoo will surely impress you. It is a medium sized music tattoo that is great for divas that can’t live without music. Though this tattoo is inked on the arms, but you can also get it done on your shoulder back, neck and ankle area.

12- Mic music tattoo

mic music tattoo

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Singing songs is a biggest form of music-love. If you are a singer and looking for a tattoo that can express your love for singing and music, then this Mic music tattoo will be the perfect design for you. This tattoo has a Mic (Microphone) surrounded by musical notes which makes this design just a perfect option for singers.

13- Piano tattoo

piano tattoo

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If you are a piano player and you are looking for a music tattoo that can depict your passion for piano then check out this amazing piano tattoo. This tattoo has a hand that is playing a piano. What is making this tattoo unique is its 3D effect. You can get your name or initials inked at the place of a rose flower that is made on the hands.

14- Text music tattoo

text music tattoo

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Here comes my favorite tattoo design. I am pretty much biased towards the text tattoos. This tattoo has a quote saying ‘Music saved my soul’ inked in beautiful fonts. You can choose your favorite quote on music and get it inked. The best part of this text music tattoo is that you can get it done anywhere on your body, may it be your hands, ankle, shoulder, shoulder back, neck, waist, fingers etc.

 15- Cassette music tattoo

cassette music tattoo

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Remember the times when we used to hear our favorite songs using cassettes and tape recorders? If you want to revive those moments and show your timeless love for music, go for this cassette music tattoo. Either you are a girl or a boy; this tattoo will perfectly express your love for music and will never fail to make you look stylish.

I hope you enjoyed browsing through these wonderful music tattoo designs. I would love to hear your views on this. Do share your views via comments section below.

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