New school tattoos are the tattoos that are bright, bold and catchy. The designs are contemporary and modern. These tattoos are now a days becoming a new trend amongst the tattoo lovers, especially with the young tattoo addicts.

You ought to have a new school tattoo if you are a tattoo lover. The designs are fantastic and trendy. It can surely help you in catching the eye-balls around. People have a myth that new school tattoo designs have only Gothic and horrific designs. If you want, you can get your favorite design tattooed on your body by giving it a twist of new school.

You can choose from the variety of themes like romantic, animals, text, nature, God, and the most loved Gothic. Get it either in color or plain black and white, these new school tattoo designs always look trendy. All you need to do is to expand the horizon of your thoughts and imagination and create a unique design that suits your personality.

In this post, I am going to share the best new school tattoo designs. You can pick up your favorite tattoo design from the list and get it tattooed. You can also play with size, colors and designs by adding your own twist to these designs to make them more interesting.

The best new school tattoo designs are as follows:

1- Eye Tattoo

epic eye tattoo

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Look at this amazing eye tattoo. It is one of the most loved new school tattoo designs. The colors used in it are vibrant and makes the tattoo look 3D. The glossy effect near the eyes gives an illusion that eyes are wet. If you are looking for a new school tattoo design for your arms, this tattoo is just perfect for you.

2- Angry Animals Tattoo

angry animals tattoo

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Tattoos are a way of expression. If you are a person with strong perceptions and tough personality, then this might be the perfect new school tattoo design. This angry-animals tattoo design has an angry tiger, angry money and angry snake that are covering full back of the body. The use of bright colors in the design is making the tattoo look lively and trendy.

3- Skull and Roses Tattoo

skull and roses tattoo

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Here comes the most loved new school tattoo design. This tattoo design is very famous amongst the young girls and boys. The tattoo has a unique combination of skull and roses which are making this tattoo look super cool.

4- Rose tattoo

rose tattoo

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Rose is amongst the most loved flowers and a popular tattoo design. If you are looking for a small new school tattoo design that can cover your wrist and fist area, you must opt for this rose tattoo. What is making this tattoo more appealing is the border of the rose petals that are highlighted using dark colors. This is surely one of the best new school tattoo designs.

5- Modern Princess Tattoo

modern princess tattoo

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This is a very trendy new school tattoo design. The design of this tattoo is sharp and vibrant. The dark tone of the colors used in it is making this tattoo more appealing and catchy. It is a big tattoo that is covering full arm area. Either you are a boy or a girl, this tattoo will surely make you look stylish and cool.

6- Owl Tattoo

owl tattoo

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Mostly tattoo lovers love to get an animal or bird tattooed on their body. Owl tattoos is amongst the most loved tattoo designs. This new school owl tattoo is way to express your innocence and mistiness. The big eyes of the owl are the best part of this tattoo. This is a perfect tattoo for girls. The other elements like a bow, beads, ribbons and flowers in this tattoo are making it look more girlish.

7- Scary Cat Tattoo

scary cat tattoo

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Cat always look cute, but not this one!! This cat is scary and dangerous, who is trying to kill the mouse by a deadly chemical. The theme of this new school tattoo is amazing and unique. If you love to try unique things and love to become the center of attraction, this tattoo design will be a perfect choice for you.

8- Back-piece New School Tattoo

backpiece new school tattoo

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This is a very interesting new school tattoo design. Though it does not have any colors in it, but the other elements like cherries, berries, stars, skulls, flowers, dice, etc are making it look super-trendy. You can get your name or favorite quote replaced by the text written on it, in order to personalize it.

9- Music Tattoo

music tattoo

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Show your love for music through this amazing new school tattoo. This splash of colors on the musical symbols and chords are making this tattoo trendy and stylish. This tattoo is great for girls and boys those who love music and possess a rockstar attitude.

10- Mom Dad Tattoo

mom dad tattoo

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There are some young adults who love to show their love for their parents. This new school tattoo design is a perfect design to express your love for your parents. The bright colors and designs like birds, stars and ribbons are making this tattoo look more cheerful and lovable.

11- Floral Tattoo

floral tattoo

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Girls are crazy for floral designs. This beautiful floral tattoo is a very girly and trendy new school tattoo design. It has pink flowers, petals and a cute little bird that completes the look of this design. This is the most favorite tattoo design of mine as I am more biased towards pink floral designs. I am sure, this design will surely enhance the beauty of your arms and shoulders.

12- Lets Paint Tattoo

lets paint tattoo

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Like music lovers get a music tattoo done on their body, people who love painting can get this amazing and colorful lets paint tattoo done. Though this tattoo is made on the legs but you can get it done on your arms, shoulders, back, wrist and neck.

13- Your Pet Tattoo

your pet tattoo

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You have a pet at your home? Want to show off your love for your pet? This tattoo design will be the best option for it. You can get the portrait of your pet tattooed on your arm, back or legs. This new school tattoo design is popular amongst the people who love their pet a lot.

14- Smiling Star Tattoo

smiling star tattoo

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Are you a kind of person who loved to spread happiness around? Do you love to make people smile by doing bright little things? If your answer is yes, then this tattoo is a perfect design for you. This is a new school tattoo that is bright, cheerful and happy. You can get it done on your arms and back. You can play with its size and get it done on your wrist too.

15- Abstract Tattoo

abstract tattoo

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Abstract tattoo designs are loved by all. The abstract new school tattoo designs look really trendy and cool. These designs have fresh and bold colors in it. This design has abstract flowers that are beautifully made on the arms of the girl. You can experiment with the designs and try getting an abstract heart, abstract rose, dragon, butterfly etc. tattooed on your body.

Aren’t these new school tattoo designs just amazing? I hope you enjoyed scrolling through the compilation as much as I enjoyed in creating this post. Stay connected with us for more interesting stuff and don’t forget to share your views via comments section below.

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