thanksgiving-dinnerAt this time of the year, you are probably out and looking for some thanksgiving dinner ideas to serve to your family on Thanksgiving Day. Whether you want to serve a traditional thanksgiving meal or want to try a new dish, you may be able to find some good menu here and help you plan your thanksgiving dinner.

In planning a sumptuous thanksgiving dinner, you must first decide what kind of meals you and your family want to share on Thanksgiving Day. You may choose whether a traditional thanksgiving meals, American thanksgiving dinner or easy-to-prepare meals. In choosing the kind of meal to prepare on thanksgiving, you may have to consider your cooking skills, time frame, preparations and the family’s preference.

Do you want to keep it classic? Then try the unbeatable traditional thanksgiving dinner recipes. How about those who want to keep it healthy on thanksgiving? Thanksgiving dinner with whole foods and less calorie meals are perfect. Some may also want to have some vegetarian thanksgiving dinner. Whichever recipes you choose, consider our thanksgiving menu list to make your preparations easy and hassle-free.

Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Menu


Nothing beats the classic, eh? If you are one of those who prefer to keep their thanksgiving dinner traditional and classic, we might be able to help you planning for a menu. Traditional thanksgiving menu usually include appetizer, turkey recipe, gravy, green beans, sweet potato, mashed potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Easy Thanksgiving Dinner Menu


Thanksgiving dinner is probably the biggest feast one could prepare in a year. There are so many different dishes and menu options to choose to serve a thanksgiving feast. However, not all of us have all the time in hands to work on complicated and time-consuming dishes and recipes. So, many of you may probably want to keep their thanksgiving dinner as simple and easy as possible.

You can actually choose any type of menu you want. Whether it is traditional, vegetarian, healthy, less calorie, or gluten free, you can still come up with easy to cook and prepare dishes. Here’s one easy and quick thanksgiving dinner menu idea.

Budget-Friendly Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Having a crunch on your pocket at this time of the year? Uh-oh, that’s too bad. But no worries. You can still prepare a sumptuous thanksgiving meal without spending that much. Here’s a budget-friend thanksgiving dinner menu you may consider.

Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinner


While most families want to dig in to a yummy and delicious turkey and meat recipes, some may want to keep their feast meatless. Take a look at our vegetarian thanksgiving dinner suggestion – from appetizer, to dessert. You may also want to try new meatless dish called ‘tofurky’ and still get the protein and minerals you need that you can get from meats and poultry.

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dinner

Corn Bread Challah Stuffing
Corn Bread Challah Stuffing

For people who have celiac disease, preparing a traditional thanksgiving dinner may be a little bit daunting. Most of us think that all of the meals in traditional feast contain gluten. But you will be surprised that in just a few tweaks in dishes, it is possible to prepare a delicious, mouth watering thanksgiving feast that are gluten-free. Here’s a suggestion for a gluten-free thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving Dinner Menu List

If you keep scrolling your page, it means that you’re not yet satisfied with the abovementioned thanksgiving dinner recipes and yummy treats. Well, that’s alright as we have different taste buds and desire. Now, you may want to try the mix and match game when it comes to your thanksgiving meal. So, let me give you some ideas and recipe suggestions that you can actually combine the create a perfect thanksgiving menu.

We have collected some of the best and sumptuous thanksgiving recipes categorized depending on the course. We have appetizers, main dishes, side dishes, turkey recipes, salads, desserts, pies and cocktails. Choose from these recipe suggestions:

Appetizers for Thanksgiving Dinner

Start your thanksgiving feast with a blast with these yummy and mouthwatering appetizers. From simple to classic meals, you will find the best choices of appetizers for your thanksgiving menu.

Holiday Bacon Appetizer

Side Dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner

Get some of the yummiest side dish recipe for thanksgiving. From fresh and crunchy veggies to delicious mashed potatoes, you will find meals that will suit your taste bud. Here are some specially-picked side dish recipes for thanksgiving meal.

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Main Dishes for Thanksgiving Dinner

And here comes the main event, errrr main dishes. This is considered as the center of the feast hence it has to be filling and delicious. In traditional thanksgiving feast, turkey is the main ingredient of main courses. But since we will be categorizing turkey separately, we ave included some of the easy main dish recipes which incorporate other meat products like poultry, beef and pork.

Cranberry Cornbread-Stuffed Turkey Roulade

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

And now the “star” of the holiday, Turkey! Choose from these turkey recipe suggestions. You can roast it, deep fry, grill, etc. Whatever you wish for your turkey, the option is quite unlimited.


Salads for Thanksgiving Dinner


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