As we know the Christmas is on the corner, we are busy in decorating our house, putting up Christmas table decorations, making up our Christmas tree, arrange party, Buy gifts for kids and friends in our budget. But what about you are planning a holiday trip? Well there are lot of tour packages are available. And if you are planning to stay home, you may want to throw a party with your dears and nears.

Then there is problem as you have to make the list of guests to be invited. Yes that is very important, because some guests can spoil the party after drinking some alcohol. You have to send invitations, arrange catering or make food listing. Has to do Christmas decorations. After all these you will find that Christmas table decorations has left out. So I am sure this post will help you there


Elegant Christmas Dinning Room


Traditional Christmas Dining Room


Beautiful Christmas Table Decorations


Classic Christmas Table Decorations


Some Christmas table Decorations are mesmeric. It spreads magic around the house. Along with that a wonderful photographer can click a beautiful pic of that to spread the Christmas Spirit around the web. Here NC Studio has done exactly that. Visit them to see more more beautiful Christmas images

Christmas Table Decorations Idea for 2014



Elegant Christmas Table Decorations Ideas




Christmas Table Decorating Ideas


Fresh pines and huge elegant candles can be your centerpiece at your table; it will surely give you the ambiance on the spirit of Christmas with all classic colors of the season. Other decorative items like glass candle stand and Christmas balls can also be used to achieve this kind of table setting for Christmas.

Table Decorations for Christmas

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Stay in your white Christmas holiday with this table setting. Feel the breeze through this snowy dining theme as the holiday season is coming. Candles, Christmas balls and crafty ornaments accentuated with fresh leaves made this table decoration one-of-a-kind.

Christmas Table Decoration

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Stay classy by throwing red and white roses as the center piece of your table along with porcelain plates. If you want a classy romantic feeling this Christmas, I think this is what suits you. Brass candle holders and silver plates match well on this table setting.

Christmas Table Decorations Ideas

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Classic Christmas table setting with a twist of antique. Top it with red roses at the middle and enjoy your classy Christmas table setting.

Christmas Table Setting

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Red and white are the colors of Christmas. Turn your table setting to this and top it with red candles at the middle. It will give an eye-catching setting to your guests. If you can notice, the items and decorations are quite minimal, yet the elegance and class was achieved successfully.

Christmas Table Decor

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This feels like you are out of the city, celebrate your Christmas with this rustic table setting and it will make you remember the old times! The gift basket filled with gifts is the center of attraction in this table setting. A set of plates and wares make the setting even more beautiful.

Table Settings for Christmas


Another classic Christmas table setting but with a balance of the traditional colors that makes it light and easy for the eyes. Throw in some miniature Christmas tree for your center piece and enjoy the festivity.

Christmas Table Centrepieces

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Kids will surely love this! Throw in some Christmas candies like candy canes, peppermint or the likes and place it at your dining table for a subtle touch. Candies of different colors can also be used. You can throw in some colorful M&Ms in a transparent glass jar and you’re good to go.

Christmas Dinner Table


Experiment with different colors of Christmas and make it wonderful as the holiday season. Red and gold plates will make you feel the joyous of Christmas with this table setting. And in this one, Christmas balls are not just for Christmas tree or hanging ornaments. It can actually be used on the top of your table as decoration.

Christmas Table Settings Ideas

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Bring the nature in! Make your dining table cozy with white chair cloth and place some garlands as your center piece for an outdoor feeling. Top it with flowers at the ceiling to achieve the nature-inspired theme.

Christmas Table Arrangements


Embrace the Christmas holiday by surrounding your table with Christmas decorations. This will make you feel the extravagant of Christmas.

Homemade Christmas Table Decorations


When decorating traditional Christmas colors, red and white always look good. You can achieve that simple but elegant look by just combining them. So, if you want your Christmas table setting to be that way, this perfectly fits you.

Christmas Dinner Table Decoration Ideas


The yellow table cloth makes the red plates bright and inviting to the eyes as they bring out the contrast in them. Place some garlands at the middle and top it with white candles.

Easy Christmas Table Decorations


This creates a graceful and elegant Christmas table setting as for the silver accents. You can also use this for different occasions as this is a non-traditional Christmas color setting.

Christmas Table Centerpiece


A grandeur effect to your dining table. This will make you look classy over the festivity with the chandeliers and candle lights present at the room. If you want a fancy one, this simply is for you.

Christmas Table Decorating Ideas

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This will make you remember memories back when you were still little. Create this rustic elegant setting and make new memories out of it.

Christmas Dinner Table Decorations


A glamorous way to make your table ready for the holiday season is to rely on gold as the primary color for Christmas. Excellent table napkins will surely make it over the top table setting.

Simple Christmas Table Decorations


Black and white table setting for the holiday instead of the typical holiday colors to match the modern setting of the place. Stick to colors white, silver and black if you want to achieve this look.

Ideas for Christmas Table Decorations


A romantic way to celebrate your Christmas with all the red rose petals over your table.  Add some romance to your table setting with red decorations and place some garlands or candles at the center to get the ambience that you want.

Table Centerpieces for Christmas

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This is more of a picnic Christmas theme with apples, nuts and pines spreading at the center of the table. All you need is imagination and creativity to achieve the look that you want.

Christmas Wedding Table Decorations


A long table to celebrate with your loved ones is probably the best thing for the holiday season. Keep it simple with a white table cloth and a yellow table runner along with white plates and crystal goblets.

Christmas Table Decor Ideas

This is more of a family Christmas celebration with Christmas cakes, cupcakes and cookies for the kids. This table setting would be perfect for the kids to remember when they grow up. So, create this look and make a memory with your kids for this holiday season.

Table Christmas Decorations

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Subtle holiday season touch with a little rustic feeling from the wooden table. The pine cones and candles as center pieces made it sophisticated along with the red napkins.

Christmas Party Table Decorations


A checkered red and black table cloth for a unique Christmas table setting, and white flowers/roses for a simple romantic feeling.

Christmas Table Decorations Centerpiece

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It’s green and red, the colors of Christmas! This is a great way to express the traditional Christmas colors; white plates, red table napkins and a green table cloth. Place something nice at the center like garlands or candle lights for an ambiance.

christmas table setting ideas


christmas party table decoration ideas

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diy christmas table decorations

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table arrangements for christmas

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elegant christmas table settings


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