thank-you-cardExpress your appreciation and gratitude with thank you messages. You can do it by writing a thank you letter or sending out thank you cards, expressing how thankful you are for the gift, card, support or love you received under different circumstances. You might not be able to repay it, but you might be able to convey how much you appreciated the thoughts and affection to the person. Also, it will increase the chances of receiving gifts next time since the sender felt that you love what he/she gave or offered you.

If you are looking for some samples of thank you messages for cards, friends or for gifts, you have come at the right place. Here we provide some good examples of thank you card messages for different situations. We have here birthday thank you messages, wedding thanks messages, thank you messages for gifts, etc. I hope that these words of thanks help you express your gratitude towards your giver.

Thank you Messages for Friends

It’s in the way you touch my heart
And let me know that you truly care
I’ve been so grateful right from the start
Thank you all love you shared.

Thank you because you were always there
Thank you because you simply cared
Thank you because you make me smile
Thank you for making my life worthwhile.

Being grateful is one way of saying
I will never forget the way you touched my heart
It penetrates deep within that I can’t afford to forget it
I choose to cherish and keep it within me
So I say a simple thanks that means a lot to me.

Thank you.
I simply do.
I want to let you know
That I feel blessed to have you.

Thank you for all the love you gave
Thank you for all the memories you impart
It may never be enough but I’m so grateful for that

Thank You Card Messages

Thank you note messages, thank you messages for cards


Thank you because you rock my world
In so many unforgettable and pleasant ways
It’s in the simple things you do or say
That makes me glad every single day

A day is not enough for me to elaborate
How thankful I am to have you in my life
May you always have joy in your heart always
Once again, thank you

Thanks for being the icing on my cake.
Thanks for all the memories we made
I could write it all down
But I’ll just demonstrate it with kisses and hugs!

You have always been a special person to me
I feel so blessed to have you around.
I just can’t imagine my life without you.
Thank you!

Big thanks for the wonderful person and that is YOU!
I am so glad that you were there.
Thanks a bunch!

Thank You Birthday Messages

Thank you messages for birthday wishes, birthday thank you messages


I surely had a wonderful birthday because of all your wishes.
I have such big smiles because of all your presents.
Thank you so much for coming to my party!

I count my years as I celebrate my birthday parties.
But now, I counted all my friends and loved ones like you
and my age has been outnumbered.
I feel so blessed!
Thank you once again for joining the party.
I hope you had a good time.

I am still nostalgic of the fun we shared on my birthday party.
I hope it will double the fun next year.
Thanks for your lovely gifts too.

Thanks for dropping by to my birthday.
Somehow, it was special because
I was surrounded by good friends and loved one.

Thank you so much for making my birthday so special.
Your birthday wishes truly inspire me and make me feel so appreciated and loved.
Thanks a bunch to wonderful people in my life!

Baby Shower Thank You Messages


Thank you for attending to our baby shower despite of your hectic schedule.
The gift you gave was so lovely!
Thanks again!

Thank you so much for joining in the celebration of the birth of my newest baby
I love the baby shower gift you gave.
We truly has a lot of fun in the baby shower because of your presence.

Thank you for hopping in to my party
Surely it was a blast for us
Thank you for taking time to rejoice on my day

No words that could fully grasp
So thankful for your gifts wrapped
Along with the wishes you uttered for me
Thank you for the embossed memories.

Thanks for all the love and fun you shared with me during the party.
This year is very exceptional.
Thanks for all your efforts to let me know how special I am to you.

Sympathy Thank you Messages

Funeral thank you messages, sympathy thank you card messages


You sympathy messages soothed my grieving heart.
I still use it to keep myself motivated every day.
Thank you for your sympathy.

I am so grateful to have someone like you in the time of grieving.
I can’t imagine myself grieving alone.
Your support and encouragement help me coped up with my loss.
Thank you so much.

Thank you very much for the support you offered to me and to my family
During the one of the darkest moment of our lives.
It was hard and painful, but your sympathy gave a little piece of heaven in our hearts.
Thank you!

The sympathy, love and affection you shared us calmed our grieving heart.
It gave us motivation to live and move on.
I appreciate the friendship. I am truly thankful.

Wedding Thank you Card Messages

Thank you Wedding Messages, Wording for Wedding thanks you cards

He popped the question.
And I said YES
Together we made it happen
From yesterday unto eternity
We’re both thankful for making part of it.

We just got married!
No words could fully describe how grateful we are
For all your help and undying support
You guys rock!
Thank you for everything.

Thanks big time!
From the bottom of your hearts
We’re so grateful for sticking with us
Until we both said, “I DO.”

The whole wedding thing just went smoothly
Because you were one of those who made it happen
From our hearts, Andy and I would like to say
Thank you so much.
We appreciate all your efforts.

Bride and Groom
Would like to say “Thank you”
For celebrating with them on their wedding day
Thank you for coming.

This card may not be enough
To express our heartfelt gratitude
For standing with us
And for making our wedding so memorable.
Once again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you Messages for Gifts

For Birthday Gifts – Thanks for picking up the best birthday present for me. The shoe is really awesome and I’d love to try it RIGHT NOW. Thanks for being a great friend and it is really a blessing to have someone like you around on special days of my life.

For Wedding Gifts – We are so thankful for the thoughtful gift. It will surely be so helpful as we start our own family. You just got something we planned to to get sooner – you just made us get them sooner. Also, we’d like to thank you for the support and encouragement you gave us.

For Christmas Gifts – I am so surprised with the Christmas gift you got for me. I am so glad that you have been so thoughtful in picking up Christmas present for me. I must say that it is definitely the best gifts I’ve ever received this Christmas. Thank you very much for making my day!

For Graduation Gifts – The gift you got for me on my graduation is totally awesome! I promise that I will put it in good use for my college. I am so thankful for you support and encouragement.

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