sympathy-card-messagesDeath is inevitable; yet every time it comes, it is unbearable. No words can express fully the grief and sorrow of losing a loved one, one who is dear to your heart. The void is there, empty and hollow, and it cannot be filled with anything or by anyone.
Expressing sympathy to someone who has lost a loved one is not very easy. There is no easy way to forget someone you love dearly, right? Yet, we should try our very best to inform them that we are by their sides in the time of grieving.

In giving our condolences and sympathy, our messages should be done wholeheartedly. With our words, we should make them know that it is not yet the end of the world—that the one who passed will still live eternally with the Lord, and that he/she will always remain in our hearts. In our sympathy messages, we should give them strength to carry on and let them know that they are not alone. Some examples of sympathy messages for a lost loved one are here:

Sympathy Card Messages

Sample sympathy messages, sympathy messages for cards

Writing the best messages for sympathy card may be a daunting task. you have to be very careful on your choice of words. It’s understandable that you might have some hard time thinking what to write in a sympathy card coz it is never easy. You have to consider lots of things. If you are out of words, you may consider choosing some of these samples.


This tragedy is only
A trial of faith.
Let us lift our hearts to Him;
Let us ask for strength and pray.

Life on earth is only temporary,
but the memories shared will live everlastingly.
My deepest Sympathy is with you.

In this time of sorrow,
Please don’t think you are alone.
You have me to lean on.

Let the tears flow, but know
That each one is a drop of love
A drop of love you send to above.

We reach our hearts to you,
Dedicate our prayers to you.
We wish to let you know
We are here for you.

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Father

Sympathy messages examples, sympathy card messages examples

It is hard to lose someone we love, most especially someone who serve as our superhero, our provider, our protector – our father. Consoling someone who lost his/her father may seem a little hard to do. But with the right choice of word and sympathy messages, you can convey the word of sympathy to them, telling them that you’re there to support.


He carried you in his arms,
Cradled you in his heart.
He’s now with the Protector, away from harm.

He protected you when you were still not strong,
Afterwards he watched you grow.
He is one great man, a great hero.

He tucks you to bed when you fall asleep
He picks you up when you’re not happy.
He will always be remembered;
let us express our deepest sympathy.

He stood beside you through it all
Now we’ll be here with you,
Not to leave you at all.

We’re sorry for your loss
He is now in the up in the heavens
In the hands of our eternal Father.

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Mother

Deepest sympathy messages, sympathy card messages loss of mother

Mother is one of the most important person one can every have in his/her life. Without her, life is simply incomplete. Losing her is truly devastating. Imagine a life without someone to turn to for you to cry, confide, and tell secret, someone who cared for you the second you were born. It’s really hard. Console someone who lost his/her mom with these messages of sympathy.


She guided you in your first steps in life,
Embraced you each time you cry.
Now she has left,
But she still watches you from up high.

She was a mother, a friend and a teacher.
She was there when you need her.
Remember her lesson:
to get up and stand tall after you fall.

No one can fill the void of her absence.
Let us express our deepest condolences.

We send our prayers for you to recover
In the loss of a loving mother.
She is now with our Maker,
The greatest life-giver.

The loss of a mother is not easy.
She will be missed very dearly
Our deepest condolences.

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Husband

Losing a partner in life, a beloved better half is never easy. It is earth-shattering. It is as if you lost half of your life. If you a family or friend lose her husband, make sure you convey your sympathy to them. This may not ease the pain but this might at least help them alleviate the sorrow, knowing she has friends and family to turn to in the time of sadness.


Losing someone you love is the greatest test.
He cannot be replaced, yes.
But we’re here for you, nonetheless.

With his passing, we know you were hurt the most.
Please know, we feel for your loss.

Love knows no boundaries—
Even those that divide Heaven and Earth.
So whenever you feel sad,
Just remember, your hearts are connected together.

No words can express how you feel,
But we will never leave you through this whole ordeal.

You were together through thick and thin.
No one wanted him leaving.
Please know we’re here in this time of grieving.

Religious Sympathy Messages, Christian Sympathy Messages


No words can ever express how much pain you have right now
But never forget that God is always there.
They may not be there physically but God will let you
Be together by hearts and soul.
My deepest sympathy

If tears could build a stairway,
And memories a lane,
I’d walk right up to Heaven
And bring you home again
~ Unknown

May God’s love guide you
And light your life
As you get through with your darkest moment
I pray that His love pours on your heart
And filled with peace and grace.
My thoughts are with you…

Losing someone you love is indeed a painful moment
Just want you to know that in your moment of grieving
My thoughts are with you and I am holding you in my heart.
May God bless you and give peace to your heart.

May the everlasting love of God be with you
In the time of your grief.
May His love give you comfort and peace.
My heartfelt sympathy,

Sympathy Messages for Loss of Pet

Losing a pet is like losing a friend so it is never a so-so matter. Sending some warm sympathy messages for the loss of a pet is one way to let that someone know that you’re there to lend some empathy and support.

God sent an angel
to bring us joy and happiness.
He said that he did his job well
And that now it’s time to rest.

He was a guard,
A playful watcher.
Now he’s with God;
His memories will last forever.

We say goodbye to a faithful friend,
but not to the memories you shared.
My heartfelt sympathy is with you and your family.

Let him fly now, up to the heavens
He is now with the Maker, our little friend.

He left a mark in our hearts
In the shape of a paw.
Now angels fly down from the heaven,
To give wings to our little friend.

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