get-well-card-messagesSometimes, unfortunate things happen to us or to our family and friends like getting sick or getting into an accident. No one wants to be in an awful situation. However, it seems unavoidable. Our fate is not in our hands to control. When bad luck befalls us or our friends or relatives, all we can do is to show them our support. We show our love and make them feel that they are missed, that they can get strength from us in the moment of their weakness.

A good disposition helps in the recovery of an ill person. Thus, as a friend or a colleague or a relative, we can contribute to his overall wellness, as long as we make them feel that we are wishing for their welfare through our heartfelt and well-meaning get well messages. Below are some samples of get well soon messages that we hope you will not write to anyone you know:

Get Well Card Messages

Get well soon card messages, get well soon text messages


One, two…
we’re missing you
Three, four…
what is this message for?
Five, six, seven…
why did I sudden become inconsistent?
Eight, nine, ten..
counting’s done!
Hope you’re already well and I’ll see you again!

Hope you’re not feeling lonely…
because I am.
I miss you. Please get well soon!

I don’t hope that you get well soon…
I hope that you get well SOONER!

I don’t know what’s more terrible,
You being sick…
Or me missing you.

You know what?
Sending “Get Well Soon” cards
Is just another way of saying “I miss you”.

It feels so lonely and quiet without you,
Please get well soon,
I miss you so.

I woke up this morning feeling empty
Not having you around is just so lonely
Wishing you a speedy recovery
Get well soon honey!

Get Well Greeting Card Messages

What to Write in a Get Well Card, samples of get well messages


It pains me to know that you are sick
I pray that you overcome your illness soon.
You are stronger than that, I know.
Get well soon, or make it SOONER.

You have a lot of reasons to recover,
Family and friends, loved ones and co-worker
All of them are wishing one thing,
For you to have quick and speedy recovery
Take care and get well soon, I miss you.

I know you don’t like hospital and doctors that much
that’s why I’m praying for your speedy recovery
and soon see your smiling face again.
Get well soon, buddy!

I pray that you get well soon and receive all the comfort
And encouragement that you need in the meantime.
Wishing for your speedy recovery!

There is a saying that goes knowing
That someone cares about you helps the healing process.
Well, if that is the case then you should be feeling better already.
Get Well Soon.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages

Funny get well messages, get well soon funny messages


They say laughter is the best medicine.
Why don’t you try laughing?…No?
Just say HA-HA-HA.

I wish you a happy birthday!
Now make a wish that you’ll get well soon.

Just heard you were sick.
I did not know “excessive laziness” is an illness.
Just kidding. Get well soon!

Hey, aren’t you sick of the food in the hospital?
Oh yeah, you’re already sick. So get well and come back soon!

Here are 5 steps for you to get well soon:
1) Sleep
2) Eat
3) Drink your meds
4) Repeat steps 1-3.
5) Get well.

There’s a saying, “when the cat is away, the mouse is out to play”.
That’s what I do now! So if you want to catch me, get well SOONER
Let’s play together!

Religious Get Well Soon Messages

Christian get well messages, get well wishes messages

May the Lord bring good to you and keep you.
May the Lord make His face shine upon you and be kind to you.
May the Lord show favor toward you, and give you peace.
Get Well Soon!

We pray to God for your illness to go away,
And your strength to come back right away.
Wishing you to get well soon!

As you go through this whole ordeal,
always know that there is nothing
that prayer cannot heal.
Get well soon and take care!

You are not alone in this time.
God is always here, and so are we.
Get well soon!

Take your dose of meds, you’ll heal.
Add a little prayer, you’ll heal sooner.

Keep a little faith and pray.
You’ll go through this and will be well right away!

Get Well Soon Messages after Surgery

inspirational get well messages, get well messages after surgery


What you had through is never easy
That’s why with prayers, we wish you a speedy recovery
For you to get well after the surgery
Come back to your full glory.
Get well soon! We miss you.

In this hard time, always know that we are right by your side.
We’re hoping for your speedy recovery.

It pains us too, to see you in pain.
We hope you recover fast and well!

We hope everyday you feel a little better.
Time flies fast, you should be out and about soon!

As you go through this ordeal,
Remember we’re right by your side,
Telling you to fight! fight! fight!

Hope everything’s getting well.
We hope you feel a lot better.
Take care!

Get Well Messages for Kids

Get well soon messages for kids, get well greeting card messages

Just heard you’re sick.
You get to skip classes and stay in bed, cool.
But you know what?
It’s not cool for everyone who misses you in school.

Medicines don’t taste good, but being sick isn’t any fun.
If I were you I’d just to drink my meds and have fun.
Get well soon!

You’re sick today so you can’t play.
Better rest well so that tomorrow, you’ll be okay!

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”
so eat your apples after you get well so that you will be well always!

Rest well today, get well tomorrow!
Don’t forget to drink your medicines and eat your healthy food.
Take care!

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