successEverybody defines success according to their own mental set. Your definition of successful is likely to be different from another person’s definition of success. It is a universal fact that each and everyone one of us wants to be successful, regardless of whatever criteria of success we may have. Sadly, there is no short way of achieving it; there are no shortcuts to being successful. Being successful is a pretty time consuming process and it requires patience, hard work and above all, a lot of commitment.

There are a lot of approaches that you can adopt in order to become successful. You will find so many self-help books out there in the market today, telling you how to become a successful businessman, how to become a successful teacher and some may even provide you with the guidelines on how to become a successful person, over all.

Success and the Importance of Goals:

There is no denying that without setting your goals, your journey to success would be a pretty ambiguous one, for you will not know exactly what it is, that you are striving for. Having goals can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Having a goal can help you in developing a sense of direction, for you will know which direction to move in to reach it.
  • When you know what your goals are, choosing the right strategy to get that goal will also become increasingly easy for you.
  • Knowing your goals can also help you in developing the right plan of action.
  • You can only achieve a goal, when you have one. The more you achieve your goals, the more successful you will be.
  • Make sure that your goals are realistic. A good idea would be to divide your goals into short term goals and long term goals.



Lately there has been a lot of boom regarding ‘life coaching sessions’. What happens in a life coaching session is that there are motivational speakers, which speak about their own personal endeavors regarding their life and how were they able to achieve success. Motivational speakers or ‘life coaches’ try to inspire people with their own stories, they try to motivate them in how to become better people and enjoy a successful life.

However, determining what factor will influence your success rate, depends on what goals you have, or what motives you have. For example, if your goal is to lose a few pounds and get fit, then spending long hours at the office, working at a pending task, will not really help you in getting to your goal. Similarly, if the situation is reversed and your goal is to become more successful at work, then eating less calories would not exactly be the most smart idea.

Therefore before determining what factors can influence your success rate, it is crucial that you identify your goals. Once your goals have been identified, only then will you be able to work for them.


Following are just a few of the success factors that can yield great results for you. Try to incorporate these factors into your daily life and see how much you benefit from them:


NON-STOP WORK: Not Always a Smart Idea:

Most of us have this misconception that if we want to achieve success, we must work endlessly for it. Hard work and going the extra mile for what you believe are crucial to success, but learn to know when enough is enough. Do not become obsessed about it. Work is important, but so is rest.

Working long hours can have some bad effects on your health, too. You may become sleep deprived and that would only result in poor efficiency level on your part. Your work will not benefit from it, rather it will suffer. Like everything else in this world goes with the principle of ‘too much of anything is a bad thing’, the same rule can be applied to here, as well. Work hard, but every once in a while, take a break. Go out with your friends and family. Do not be so consumed with work that you forget to enjoy all the free, good things that life has to offer you.

It has been observed that employees, who work overtime in their offices, are more frustrated than those who do not. That frustration which builds up then comes out in other distasteful ways, like becoming angry and argumentative, over sensitivity etc . To avoid such situations do remember to take a few days off, where you can just sit back and relax. Offices or other work places which have the ‘no vacation’ culture, their policies are now being speculated.

Psychiatrists have now started to emphasize more on the concept of energy management than time management. It has been noted that employees who get 6 hours of sleep are likely to be more productive than those employees who are getting less than 6 hours of sleep. Sleep is obviously very important, your body becomes tired with too much of working and it needs time to revive itself back. Lack of sleep can make you feel hazy, unfocused and inattentive. All these things will backfire your success journey, rather than promoting it.

CONSISTENCY: Continue Your Efforts.

There is nothing worse than quitting your efforts in between your struggle. Most of us feel like giving up when we are continuing with our efforts, but are not exactly getting the desired results. The thing to remember is that it takes time before you start seeing your results. Like mentioned earlier, achieving success takes time. You need to learn how to be patient and continue with the efforts; sooner or later, when the results will start rolling in, you will be very proud of yourself that you did not give up when things were not exactly looking up.

Remember, it is easy to give up, it is always more tough to hold on. Every time you feel the impulse of giving up, remember how far you have come. Even if you have not achieved much, yet, do not despair and keep striving towards your goal.

Confidence: Believe in yourself and your abilities.

This factor is simple, if you will not believe in yourself, the chances are that nobody else will believe in you, either. You need to realize your importance and your worth and not let anyone take advantage of you. Only when you will believe in yourself, you will be able to work properly. Have faith in your abilities, do not adopt the attitude of learnt helplessness.

Learnt helplessness, according to Psychologists is that state of mind which a person adopts, when he she feels that no matter what they do, there are certain things that they cannot perform at all. This is not true at all. While you may not be able to be perfect at it, you will be able to do it, at least. Before jumping to conclusions about whether or not you can do a particular task, it is always a good idea to actually do it and find out.

Being confident is one of the top factors which contributes to becoming successful. You will not find any successful person who is low on confidence; it simply does not work that way. In a way, we can say that having confidence is like a pre requisite of success.

Be Realistic- Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground.

It is one thing to dream big, but it is a completely different thing to make castles in thin air. The goals which you should set should be realistic and achievable. They should not be too farfetched. Making realistic goals will help you in achieving them, rather than make them seem totally unachievable. There may seem no apparent problem in setting unrealistic goals except for this that when you will not be able to achieve them, you will be sorely disappointed. This will have a very bad effect on your confidence and self esteem.

Positivity: Adopting the Right Attitude.

Another one of the major factors which contributes to your success is adopting the right kind of attitude. By this it is meant that you focus on the brighter side of things, you try to develop a positive mindset. A positive thinking and attitude will not only help solve almost half of your problems, but will also help you in developing a positive image about your own self. It is definitely going to boost your confidence.


Organization: Assemble it All.

Becoming successful is a pretty time consuming process on its own, let alone if you are not organized it can even take twice as more time! Get organized, plan things before hand, think before hand and be punctual.

So, these were just some of the key success factors. Individually, they may not seem much, but if you consider them as a whole, these are all the tools you need in becoming that successful person, you have always dreamt of becoming. Life is short, when you want something, go for it. Seize the day!

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