Baby showers parties are a lot of fun. They give you time to meet your girl friends, catch up on the gossip and play the perfect host.

When you have finally decided to throw baby shower party, next step is to decode your budget and the amount of work you want to put in to clean your house! Nobody wants to do much of cleaning, do we? So decide which party you want to have so that you prepare your things to do list well before. Don’t forget to check with the party theme with mom-to-be as you don’t want to do anything that she won’t like. Nothing spoils the mood more than a badly planned party. Here we bring you few party ideas. Suit yourself.


  1. Themed party – have a themed for the party. Let it be jungle book, Alice in wonderland or even angry birds. Ask your guests to dress up accordingly. These themes will get you guests on their feet. Creativity will come out flowing and you will get to see some colors in the party. Arrange the food and decoration according to the theme. There would be nothing better than a cake of Alice stuck in the wonderland. Do not forget other dishes too. Cupcakes can also be forest themed. The venue can be made interesting by lighting different kinds of light which give you a jungle feel. Have some planters shifted to the indoors. Have fun while people enact their favorite characters out of the book or the series. Discuss the characters. Maybe you will get a hint as to what you want to name you kids. Click pictures of your guests in their outfits so you can show them to your kids when they grow up.
  2. Potluck party – potluck party is the best when you are feeling too lazy or want to keep the party very simple. Why should you be doing all the work, right? Ask your guests to get something made from home which they are good at. Ask them to get the recipe along with them. You can take baby food ideas from them. Discuss about how to keep the babies interested in the food. Play a few games in the party. Sprinkle some gossip here and there and your party is a hit. In the end you can also vote for the best dish and present them with a gift. This way the guests are happy and do not accuse you of being lazy from head to foot at your back.
  3. Mock tail/cocktail party – have a cocktail or mock tail party (in case you want to keep it alcohol free). Get more blenders and pitchers. Try out different recipes and flavors. Ask your guests also to participate. Invent your own perfect mix. Provide some finger food too. Have some music to dance on and you are good to go. Oh, and do not forget, vote for the best drink in the party and present a gift to the person who invented it. Talk to them about how to take care of babies and how dealt with phase. You can have them write a word of advice for guest of honor can read it out over drinks. Here You can use the  guests for providing valuable advice for mom-to-be.
  4. Pizza party – pizza can be fun too. Order pizzas from your nearest pizza store or even make different pizzas at home. Try out different toppings and different cheese. Ask your guests for their favorite toppings and you can serve them accordingly. These pizzas can be more fun with a boost of carbonated drinks to along with. You can heat and reheat the pizza while guests are up to singing and dancing. You would want to burn the calories to make up for it won’t you. Some more singing and dancing will add splash of fun to the party.
  5. Celebrity party – ask your guests to dress up like their favorite celebrity. Pose in front of the camera and have their pictures taken. They can sit around the table and enact their favorite scene. Decorate the house like a award ceremony venue. Have titles for each of your guest. Call them to the stage to award them and ask them to give a thank you speech. This would be fun when you include the babies in the talk. For example talk about what they are going to be to the baby and how will they spoil them or discipline them. What you want them to teach your kids etc.
  6. Venue – have a destination party. Ask them to come to a certain place for example a resort, or a party hall or even a car showroom. Yes, car show rooms can be fun when you number of cars for display. Your guests are going to enjoy sitting in those expensive cars and pretending to drive around. Throw some facts and figures around and your destination party is a hit. Party halls or resorts can be a great option too when you do not know the tastes of your guests. You can do a lot of things in a resort which will not limit the guests to one thing. They can do what they want and you do not have to worry about tidying up you house once they are gone. It is all being taken care of!
  7. Pool party – pool party might sound like a high school thing but trust me. Grownups love it too. Ask your guests to get their swim suits along. Thrown in some snacks and music and let the pool mania begin. You will discover that even the most cultured animal like to just lie around in water not giving a damn. You can play some pool games too. Volleyball is everybody’s favorite in the pool. Shortlist two names for the baby and divide the team according to who likes which name. Now have them fight it out on the field. Winning team gets to keep the name and the loosing team can eat some more snacks.
  8. 8.       Down the memory lane – this party can be held for your childhood friends and friends who know you really well. Ask them to bring something from their home which reminds them of their childhood with you. It can be a baby picture of you. Or a tiny hair clip which you gifted your friend because she liked it so much. You can ask them to write down qualities of you which they would like your kids to inherit or even something they would wish your kids never get to know of. Arrange the food and decorations accordingly. Take out the baby pictures of you and your friends. Tell them what you like about them the best and what you would like to them to teach your kids. Give them nicknames already. It will help you recreate the special bond which you used to share with your friends once upon a time.
  9. 9.       Fun games party – engage you guests with a series of games. Divide the group in pairs. Ask them list down five movies to watch before having a baby. The pair which has most movies in common wins. You can also blindfold them and ask them to taste different baby food. Let them guess the ingredients of the food. Choose the winner based on who gets most ingredients right. Ask your guests to bring their baby pictures along. Put them up on the pin board and ask others to guess who that is. Person who gets it right the quickest wins. You can pull out two cards. Blue and pink and ask them to write down how the best things for a baby. It can include their secret baby recipe. Ask them to decorate a baby plate or a jar. Then have a voting. And the best one wins. You can also invent your own games or you can choose to keep the party interactive by just talking to your guests and learning from their experiences with the babies. They can also write down few tips for the mother to be. They can also tell you about their childhood and what to expect when your kids grow up.  Provide them each with a baby vest and ask them to write a message for the baby.


Parties can be thrown for any or no reason. You can also invent your own themes for the party. You just need to close your eyes and think. You will realize that the idea was all along there. Okay, let’s play thing simple game. Think of a place you have visited recently. Say Paris. What did you liked the most in Paris? Art galleries, museums, paintings…. Paintings. Yes! Have a painting party. Ask your guests to paint something for the baby. You can put it up in the room and have pictures clicked along with the painter. This way you can bring in some color to the party. Literally! And also, have your guests do something more substantial than gossiping about their neighbors.

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