simple-mehndi-designsAll over the world, there are very unique and special cultures that people adhere to and one of them is the mehndi culture which is related more to the Indians. Mehndi is used to adorn the hands and also feet during marriage ceremonies and other unique occasions that might come to mind as well as special family gatherings. Generally, mehndi designs are very inspirational and unique that they shoot women out to look and feel very gorgeous for the occasions they attend. Henna is mostly used in this mehndi process. The leaves of the henna plant are dried then grounded into a form of paste.

Later, they are used in the form of a natural dye to use as temporary tattoos for hand decorations and also feet decorations. They are also used to color the hair. Indian women use henna to beautify themselves for special occasions and also to show how glamorous they are and can be. This article will be making known some of the elegant but simple mehndi designs Indian women pride themselves in on a daily basis. Mehndi designs is very popular in Muslim world also and there are lot of beautiful arabic mehndi designs can be seen on the internet.

1. Contemporary Simple Mehndi Designs


This first mehndi design is designed to come with very detailed designs. This design is quite uncommon. Also, the patterns and designs are not very traditional but they are classy, unique and also very lovely. A bride will have the best look with this design and this will attract people from everywhere.

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2. Simple Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs


From the number 1 which is a simple but contemporary design, this is a very popular and unique Indian Bridal mehndi design for your hands. A design such as this one looks very nice on the hands and are perfect not for only weddings or marriage ceremonies but also elegant evening events, etc. With this traditional design, you are able to have it cover your full arms with its unique ending design. This design is simply elegant and very glamorous.

3. Simple Mehndi Designs for Feet


The hands are not only the part of the body where mehndi designs are adorned but also the feet. The feet can be the best place for natural art and artistic designs which is why this mhendi design is loved by so many women. It is very lovely and appropriate for favorable occasions. It has fragile details within its design which makes it very attractive and appealing.

4. Simple Traditional Mehndi Designs

Image: Hamaripkweb
Image: Hamaripkweb

This mehndi design stands for both the traditional and also the modern way of style. Unlike the normal traditional Indian mehndi designs that only over the tips, this does not. This design is designed to be open at the tips to give more clarification to the main design. Indian brides completely adore this design and they feel very superb when they have it designed on their hands. The design is very unique from the many others and also they are not the same designs on both hands which give them a lot of uniqueness. Bride to bees love this design and the uniqueness they come with.

5. Simple Mehndi Designs for Hands


This design is extremely traditional and it is designed to fill up the hands without making the hands look too messed up or all over the place. With its simple and attractive mehndi design, it is considered perfect for every man or woman. Even the mother of the bride can decide to have this mehndi design on the day of her marriage. This design however does not leave the finger tips open.

6. Simple yet Unique Mehndi Designs


This is another simple mehndi design with the very best traditional details. Apart from its uniqueness, it is a very exciting alternative to try if you are tired of having the same traditional designs. It comes with very fragile motifs so, you can even do it on your own. Also, the hand will not end up looking all messy and all over the place with its detailed motifs.

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7. Simple Mehndi Designs for Beginners


If you want to have a limited or less mehndi motifs on your hands, you will simply love this design. It comes with floral designs in the middle that are drawn slantways with unique designs on all fingers individually. If a bride wants to have a unique look but also a very simple motif, this can be the best alternative to go in for. To make it look better and very attrctive, colorful stones are included to the complete the entire design and create a glamorous look which works.

8. Latest Unique Mehndi Designs


It is normal if you are one of the women tired of having the same traditional and old mehndi designs. If you are truly tired, there will be no harm if you add some unique designs ad also different stone colors to create a new look unique to your creativity. The unique stones that can be added to make your mehndi style unique come designed in different shapes as well as sizes. These stones will add so much beauty and sophistication to your mehndi design. In this picture, it is clear how unique and very elegant the bride will feel in such beautiful adornment.

9. Simple Indian Mehndi Designs for Feet


If you love mehndi to be designed on your feet, there are so many styles and designs you can go in for. This picture shows a simple Indian mehndi design on the feet. Not all designs cover much space on the feet like this design in the picture does. However, designs that cover the feet like the one in this picture is mostly for weddings or marriage ceremonies, naming ceremonies, and very important celebrations. When you have this design, make sure you have on very beautiful nail polish color to enhance the look of your feet and make it more beautiful.

10. Simple Mehndi Designs for Full Hand


Just like mehndi can be from the wrist to the finger tips, it can also be just for the palms and from the elbow to the fingers too. This picture shows us a mehndi design that is for the full hand and is designed uniquely for all those who prefer to have full hand mehndi motifs. What makes this mehndi classy is the fact that, you do not find it adding designs on the tips of the fingers. Yes, it leaves that side to give a twist to the full hand design. They can be designed for marriage ceremonies and other special events.

11. Simple Bridal Mehndi Designs


This mehndi design is one of the very simple designs for the hands. This style will suit every bride perfectly without any problems whatsoever. In this design, red mehndi is used to make sure the designs are shown out perfectly well and to make the bride the center of attraction when she enters. What makes it unique is the fact that, its design has not only floral designs but also the designs on the fingers are very classy.

12. Simple Bridal Mehndi Designs for Feet


For every bride, this mehndi feet design is simply perfect and the very best. This is because it has may details that are fragile and classy. The entire feet of the bride will be covered very well with designs not only to make the design look good but also to enhance the look of the bride. The unique feature at the front which is the cheque outline is what makes the design stand out.

13. Simple Back Hand Mehndi Designs


If you want an example of mehndi designs that are very detailed on the top of the hands, you can check out the picture below. In this picture, the design is unique because it has all fingers showing diverse or distinct outlines. This helps to make the design very unique.

14. Simple yet Colorful Mehndi Designs


This is also anther simple mehndi design with colorful beadings and also very unique designs. For a modern bride who wants to have everything contemporary or for an event where you want to turn heads, this mehndi design will be perfect. The contemporary motifs and stones used for this design will always make you stand out. Making an effort to add other accessories will improve your look in every way.

15. Simple Feet Bridal Mehndi Designs


There are also some simple mehndi designs that you can always try on your feet as a bride to be or bride. You can even try this for an important event or marriage ceremony. What makes it unique is the mixture of both traditional and modern outlines or patterns blended to achieve a unique look.

16. Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs


This is a very simple mehndi design that will suit and look amazing on every individual. Also, it can be designed for various occasions like festivals, marriage ceremonies and others. To make this design very appealing and better looking, darker mehndi is used which is simply the best.

17. Latest Simple Mehndi Designs


Have you been wondering if you can get a medium outline and distinct style, this is the best option to go for? It comes designed with the use of two different types of mehndi. The mehndi types might differ based on your preferences. However, this picture is designed with black and red mehndi. In this picture, the red mehndi is used for filling in the designs while the black is used to design the borders. The finger tips of the design are also very distinct because it comes with different designs like heart shape, oval shapes, and others. The added use of beads in distinct colors makes it more adorable.


Above is the list of some of the simple mehndi designs that are used by brides, brides to be and Indian women on special events. You do not have to be Indian to try any of these artistic styles and enjoy the perfection they bring.

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