Peacock-mehndi-designsArt and beauty comes in different ways based on cultures and beliefs of people all over the world. In every country, there are very unique artistic symbols that show how glamorous women are and how beautiful they can be. Well, in the Indian culture, mehndi designs are very popular. Since ancient ages or times, peacocks have taken center stage in culture of the Indian people and due to the beauty and pride that peacocks represent, women are mostly seen relating more to these animals in various artistic ways.

Just like peacocks are adored in India especially by Indian women, mehndi has also been a part of the Indian people for so many centuries and has become more detailed and noticeable over the years. Mehndi designs can be seen in different colors all over the world and this means so much variety and uniqueness. There are so many different types of mehndi designs however, this article will be combining the peacock and mehndi designs – all in one. Yes, this article will be giving you a list of some of the best and most unique peacock mehndi designs for the hands.

1. Beautiful Peacock Mehndi Design for Hands Inspired by Indian Culture


It is mostly designed on the hands and can be seen more on Indian brides with some people from other countries also using them for beautification purposes. This mehndi peacock design comes with some features of both the Indian mehndi as we know and the Arabic mehndi too. There are different mehndi colors that can be used. However, the use of the black mehndi and also shading gives is an enhanced and more adorable look. Brides will never fall short of the beauty mark when they have this design on their hands.

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2. Best Mendhi Peacock Designs for Hand

This is medium sized and it is very beautiful and can be taken to any occasion. If you want to enhance the looks of your hands, you can always do so with this peacock mehndi design because it looks very cluttered which enhances the look of your hands.


What makes this mehndi design breathtaking is the spiral and abstract styles that are designed on the fingers. Also, the small dot outlines on the open side of the palms give a very collective uniqueness. This design is truly attractive and stands out distinct from the others. It is however rare to find it being used for brides on their day of matrimony. In this design, we see the way black mehndi is used to make the hands look elegant and very beautiful.

3. Bridal Peacock Mehndi Design for Hands

It is designed with a pair of peacocks that are adorned inside both hands. This is mostly designed for bridal occasions which show the true pride and worth of the bride with its glamorous design. In this peacock mehndi design too, the superiority of black mehndi in the mehndi designing world is made known.

Other unique features that make this design stand out are the bangles on the wrist of the woman and also the hands. These designs help to make the bride stand out and feel like the queen of the day for her marriage ceremony.

4. Unique Peacock Mehndi Designs


In this design, the design of peacocks is very evident and crystal clear. Although the peacock design is not so detailed like the other design above, it is clear to see only in the palm of the woman. It is mostly designed in the palm to make it very clear to see and also for those who do not like big designs on their hands or in their palms. The black mehndi takes center stage once again and it does justice to the entire design which makes it look very unique.

5. Small Peacock Mehndi Designs for Hands


This beautiful and artistic design has a peacock design inside or in the center of the palms. What make it unique are the small details that have been designed on the palm as well as the fingers. In this design, the wrist is left to be open and with the bangle-like design, the hand looks very attractive. This design is very visible and enchanting and this can make a bride or any woman look and feel on top of this world.

6. Large Menhdi Peacock Designs for Hands

Also, it is done with black mehndi and not red. This does not mean it is not adorable and lovely like it should be. The black mehndi did justice to make its larger look very attractive. Also, all details and designs are clearly shown and stand out. You will also notice that the peacock design is very unique and stands out from the many other outlines and motifs in the design which is perfect.


The number 5 design is for those who want to keep the design small and this for those who want to make a loud statement with their mehndi designs. For brides, this mehndi design will simply be the best way to tell the world how ready you are and also to show some class and style at your marriage ceremony.

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7. Mehndi Henna Peacock Designs

If you love tattoos and love designs that speak to people as well as tell them how elegant and strong you are in personality, the peacock mehndi tattoo always works the magic.There are so many different designs of tattoo mehndi that you will love to have on your arms. However, the peacock design is unique and very elegant.

Image: Fastmaza
Image: Fastmaza

What makes tattoo mehndi loved by many is the fact that, you can get a tattoo without any pain whatsoever. Also, the fact that they are not permanent like tattoos that are painful and permanent makes them loved. A tattoo mehndi can be cleaned or removed when you get tired of having it on your hand or arms. This particular mehndi design was done with black mehndi and also features the peacock design clearly.

8. Beautiful Indian Mendhi Peacock Designs


Here is another elegant and very beautiful peacock mehndi design that most Arabic and Indian brides have designed on their hands. When this design has a lot of detailing, it looks very elegant and appealing especially with designs on the fingers. The tips of fingers are left without any designs to give more specification and detailing to the other parts of the hand where the main designs show.

9. Simple Mendhi Designs for Hands

If you love and will love to have a peacock design for hands without adding the large and detailed designs, this is the best design for you. With this design, the wrist is adorned and designed with a bangle-like design which gives your hands a very unique look. Also, they are glamorous and not too all over the place due to the spaces that are left in the palms. The peacock design in this mehndi design is very clear and extremely elegant.


However, it can be for both bridal occasions for marriage ceremonies and for beautification reasons. The black mehndi is used here to make sure the design has a very compact and packed in look. There is so much to love about this design and also it can be designed with red mehndi for a different but very strong look.

10. Modern Mendhi Peacock Designs for Hands

This is the tenth and last peacock mehndi design on the list.This design is mainly for the new age or modernized bride who does not want to be seen as only a traditional woman but also as a very elegant and modern woman. This design is loved by so many brides due to its angled and very sophisticated look and also how the mehndi is designed on the hands.

Also, the peacock design here adds a lot of uniqueness and style to the hands and fingers. The way in which the fingers are designed is quite unique compared to the normal finger designs with mehndi. This is what makes it the best choice for a modern and contemporary Indian bride with class and the traditional upbringing too.

This list above shows some of the amazing and unique designs that Indian and some Arabic brides as well as women use these designs to beautify themselves. What makes these designs loved include;

  • They are not painful to get done
  • They are not permanent and can be removed easily.
  • They are not expensive to get designed on your hands.
  • They can be designed on any part of the body.
  • They can be designed in different colors and shades.
  • They can be designed to come in very different designs.

Image Sources: Google and Pinterest