Eyes speak the language of your heart. Eyes have an ability to express your mood and emotions. The first thing that we see when we meet someone is the eyes of that person. Therefore, it is very important that you make your eyes look beautiful and attractive.

eye makeup tips


In order to make your eyes look more beautiful, expressive and attractive, it is important that you apply proper eye makeup. You can apply mascara, eye shadow, pencils and liners to beautify your eyes.

Doing a proper eye makeup is very important. So in this post, we will share some amazing eye makeup tips that will surely make your eyes look more beautiful and expressive.

The basic yet most important eye makeup products that one must use are as follows:

1)    Eye Shadow

2)    Eyeliner

3)    Mascara

Now we are going to share the important eye makeup tips for these makeup products. If you will be able to apply these eye makeup products perfectly, you are surely going to make your eyes look gorgeous.


Tips To Apply Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow is a cosmetic which is applied on eyelids and under your eyebrows. This is used to highlight the eye-lid area. Eye shadows are available in many colors. You can choose an eye shadow according to your choice. There are mainly two forms of eye shadow available i.e. Cream eye shadow and compact powder eye shadow. Read on to know the basic tips to apply eye shadow.

simple tips to apply eye shadow


Tip 1:- Before applying eye shadow always match the color of eye shadow and your eye color to get perfect eye makeup. Even contrast eye shadow also looks beautiful. E.g.: if you have green eyes than apply burgundy eye shadow. Make sure, you don’t apply that shade of eye shadow which looks weird with your eye color.

Tip 2:- Always use proper brush to apply eye shadow to get nice finish.

Tip 3:- Apply mascara and eyeliner after eye shadow to get perfect eye makeup.

Tip 4:- To last eye shadow for throughout day, apply shadow primer.


Tips To Apply Eye Liner

Eyeliner is a beauty cosmetic which is used to define your eyes. Around the contours of the eyes, eyeliner is applied which gives aesthetic effects. This will not only define the shape of your eyes, but will also highlight your eyes and make it look more dramatic. Read the best tips to apply eye liner which would surely help you.


simple tips to apply eye liner




Tip 1: Always keep your hands steady before applying eyeliner.

Tip 2: Never support your hands on table if you want straight line.

Tip 3: Initially plan what type of look you want i.e. Thin or Thick. Then apply the liner accordingly.

Tip 4: To avoid ringed eye look, be careful while choosing thickness of eyeliner.

Tip 5: Always take time while applying eyeliner as short time may lead to mistake.

Tip 6: Always apply eyeliner 1st and then mascara to avoid mess up.

Tip 7: Giving outward stroke while applying the liner is always a good option.

Tip 8: Check applicator before buying the liner. Always choose brush that is thin and not chunky. Liquid liner is hard to apply and if you choose bad applicator than it’s impossible to get a thin line.

Tip 9: Always keep your eyes closed while applying eyeliner. Avoid opening your eyes until the eyeliner is dried up

Tip 10: After applying the liner, use a dark brown or skin color eye shadow to hide the imperfect ripples formed by eye liner.


Tips To Apply Mascara

Mascara is used to enhance the eye lashes. It may thicken, darken, define and lengthen eyelashes.  To make eyes look attractive it’s necessary to apply mascara in a proper way. In the market, there are many types of mascara available. It is always a good option to pick up the waterproof mascara. Read the following tips to apply mascara is a perfect way.

simple tips to apply mascara


Tip 1: Always look straight while applying mascara.

Tip 2: Move the mascara wand back and forth motion while applying on the lashes. Then sweep it upward to get a curled effect.

Tip 3: Never shake the mascara bottle vigorously, before applying mascara it. This will drench whole of the wand with mascara liquid. It may spoil your hand or even your eye makeup.

Tip 4: To avoid clumpy lashes, make sure to scrap off excess mascara from the wand while removing from bottle.

Tip 5: You can hold a business card beneath your eye lashes. This will provide a proper base to you and you will be able to cover up all the lashes properly.

So, these were the tips for applying the various eye makeup products. The proper eye makeup can do wonders to your look. Many women prefer wearing eye makeup only. This means, they don’t apply heavy makeup on their face instead they simply put on a proper eye makeup. This is really a good idea if you want to highlight your eyes and attain that naturally beautiful look.

It does not matter how heavy or light your eye makeup is, but what actually matters is the way you put it on. Hope you found these eye makeup tips useful. Feel free to express yourself via comments section below.

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