That urge to attain a flawless beautiful face is every woman’s desire. Every woman wants to become the center of attraction of the crowd, and we cannot ignore the fact that proper and flawless makeup is something that is always helpful in this. No matter what is your skin complexion, no matter what is your face shape or eye shape, if you put on proper makeup, you can surely look gorgeous. By doing a flawless makeup, you will be able to highlight and beautify your facial features and hide the undesired and unfavorable ones.


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Now you must be wondering that flawless makeup can only be done by professionals!! No, you need not to hire a professional makeup artist for flawless makeup. You can do it by yourself. In this post, I am going to share some important flawless makeup tips that will surely help you in putting on that desired flawless makeup. Putting on flawless makeup does not demands hours of hard work. Once you have learnt the tips and tricks of flawless makeup, you will easily be able to put it on within few minutes.

Amazing flawless makeup tips



Flawless Makeup Tips

Here are some important flawless makeup tips that you must know in order to attain that gorgeous looking face. These tips are really simple and you can follow them easily.

1-      Hiding the Eye bags

Eye bags can make your face look dull and tired. Mostly women put on a concealer to hide the eye bags. But that is not the correct way to hide eye bags. Instead, you should highlight the crease line of the eye bags. After that, you should apply a darker shade of concealer than the color of originally puffed area in order to cover the eye bags.


2-      Eyebrows

Eyebrows play a very important role in defining the beauty of our face. You should always highlight your eyebrows according to their shape. Giving an outward stroke with an eyebrow pencil is very important. But make sure the color of eyebrow pencil is apt. Choose the color that is neither so dark which makes your eyebrows look artificial, nor so light that it kills the original shape of your eyebrow.


3-      Hiding the blemishes

Blemishes are a common skin problem. But putting on a thick layer of concealer is not the solution for hiding the blemishes. This will make you face look cakey. Instead, you can use an eyeliner brush to hide the blemish marks softly with light hands. This will also help you in making the concealer shade match up properly with your skin tone.


4-      Creating a perfect base

All of your makeup will depend on the base you have created on your face. The base makeup can enhance the beauty or it can kill the look. Women often put on concealer or foundation to create the base. This can again, make your face look cakey. The best way to create a natural and flawless base is mix your BB cream or moisturizer with a small amount of foundation or concealer. This will provide a natural and flawless tone to your face.


5-      Getting the Lush Lips

Not all women are blessed with a perfect lip shape. But this does not means that you can’t have the lush and luscious lips. Simply before putting on your favorite lipstick, use a lip liner to line your lips. This will help you in giving your lips a perfect shape. But make sure you don’t over-do it as that will make your lips look artificial.


6-      Highlighting your eyes

Highlighting your eyes will enhance the beauty of your makeup. Some women love to use dark eye makeup and light face makeup. This is no doubt a good idea. But it is very important that the placement of highlights is correct. Always put the light shades of eye shadow in the inner corners creating a curve alongside your brow bone. Then put the darker shade by giving outward strokes. Use cotton to dab and blend the line between the two shades.


7-      Blushing Blush

Blush is used to define and contours your cheek bones. It is very important that you apply blush according to your face shape. The best way to use blush is it give outward stroke making a curve. Choosing a right blush shade is also important. If you don’t have any option, you can use lightest pink color or skin color. It always looks great.


8-      Get rid of clumpy mascara

Over the time, mascara becomes clumpy. It dries out to form lumps. The first thing you should keep in mind is to avoid pumping the mascara tube. This will make your mascara drier. Make sure you replace your mascara in every 3-4 months. But still, if you mascara becomes clumpy, do not apply it directly. Instead ass two drops of eye drop in it and mix well. This will make the mascara liquid soft.


9-      Using Lipstick 

Often women apply lipstick directly on their lips. After few hours, this makes your lips look patchy and cracked. Instead, use a petroleum jelly or lip balm before applying the lipstick. Lip balm or jelly will exfoliate your lips making them lipstick ready.


10-   Foundation

The color and shade of foundation is very important for flawless makeup. If the color of foundation does not match your makeup, it will look weird. It is important that you choose a color that perfectly goes with your face, jaw line and neck. This will help in bringing the flawlessness.


11-   Eye liner trick

Eye liner has an ability to enhance and define the shape of your eyes. But putting eye liner with perfection can be a tough job. To hide those liner-ripples, you can use a metallic brown or dark skin color eye shadow over the liner. This will diminish the imperfect strokes of your liner.


12-   Tight-lining for natural and flawless eyes

Tight-lining is a technique of applying eye liner. Here, the eye liner is applied in between the eye between your eye lashes. It makes your eyes look bigger and gives an illusion that you are not wearing any eye makeup. This natural and flawless look of the eyes enhances the beauty of your face makeup.


13-   Upper-Lips swatches

Upper-lips are another important area of your face which needs to be focused while wearing a makeup. After all, it looks really weird when moustache marks appear on the face of a woman. For this, you can mix your face cream with foundation or concealer and apply it using a soft cotton tissue. Do not darken it, as then it would highlight the upper lips part and that will obviously look weird.


14-   Applying Mascara

Most of us find it really difficult to wear mascara. The best trick to apply mascara is to hold a business card beneath your eye lashes. Then apply the mascara giving outward swatches. This helps in covering each and every strand of your eye lashes and will also make your lashes appear thicker.


15-   The downward stroke trick

Many women have tiny hairs on their face. This is a complete natural thing. But in order to have a flawless makeup done, you need to hide these hairs. In order to hide these hairs, you can apply your foundation and powder with downward strokes. Actually, upward strokes causes to strait up those tiny facial hairs which makes it more noticeable. Try this downward stroke trick and you will surely feel the difference.


16-   The final touch up

This is the last but the best tip for wearing a flawless makeup. Final touch up is very important for a flawless makeup. The best way to give the final touch up is, pick up your makeup brush that is dense yet soft. Take out a small amount of talcum powder on your hand. Rub the tips of your brush on it. Blow the tip of the brush so that the extra powder buzzes off. Now apply the powder on all of your face with extreme light hands. This will cover up all the imperfect lines and swatches of your makeup, making your face look flawless.


These were the most important flawless makeup tips. Though these tips are really simple to follow but as they say ‘Practice makes a person perfect’, you should practice putting on your makeup regular. This will turn you into an expert from just an amateur one. Another benefit of achieving expertise in doing makeup is that you will save a lot of your time.

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