referenceletterRecommendation is a kind of reference through which a person with good reputation recommends another person to engage a particular individual/entity. Recommendation letters could be written for various purposes like employment, awarding a contract or to support a cause/mission. Recommendation letters should be informative but not lengthy, precise and conveying the facts rather than glorifying the persons or entities.

A letter of recommendation written for a job should not be a flattery but must be written impartially by mentioning the strengths and weaknesses of the job seeker. Similarly a recommendation letter for charity should be able to explain how and where the funds would be spent and who the beneficiaries are. Such succinct yet precise details will enhance the value of a recommendation letter.

Writing a recommendation is letter is a big responsibility and hence one must ensure that everything is perfectly placed before writing it. The below recommendations and samples would be of some help in drafting a good recommendation letter.

Steps involved in writing a recommendation letter

There are certain common parameters that need to be kept in mind before writing recommendation letter of any type and they are:

  • Knowing well about the target person/entity being recommended.
  • Familiarizing about the nature of the profile of the person or entity.
  • Holding personal interactions with the target person or entity to assess the need.
  • These meetings would help in knowing the future goals and aspirations of the person/entity.

Some of the sample recommendations have been given here for you to get the gist of writing such letters.


Sample Recommendation Letter for Individuals

Sally Simpson

123, Albert Lane,

City Center, NY23456

August 15, 2013

Abraham McMahon,

567, Brooklyn Boulevard,

NY 23459


Dear Abraham,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Tim Robinson regarding the position of a Law Associate with your law firm. Tim has been known to me since his childhood and after his graduation at Lincoln College of Law he is practicing with me in civil law suits. Now, he wants to gain expertise in criminal laws and I could not think anyone else except you.

Tim was an outstanding student and always stood as topper. As I am seeing him as an employee for the last four years, I can vouch for his professional sincerity, loyalty and best practices. He is a quick learner and open to learn new things. His voracious reading keeps him abreast of latest rules, regulations and laws etc. of which I have always taken an advantage. He has exhibited leadership qualities while he was with me and I am sure he would become a thorough professional under your able guidance.

With this relentless efforts and zeal to learn more, I am sure that Tim would do value addition to your firm. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to call me or drop an email.



Sally Sampson

[email protected]



Sample Recommendation Letter for College Applicant

Dr. James Joyce

Professor, Asia and Middle East Studies



Phone: 111 222 333 444                                                         Email:[email protected]

Prof. Bernard Shah

Dean, Asiatic Studies


Wisconsin 56789


Dear Bernard,

I am pleased to write to you this recommendation letter for Susan Tait for Master’s program in Asiatic Studies at WisconsinUniversity. Susan has been a student of mine for last three years and has completed graduation in Indian and Sufi philosophy. Recently I came to know about her keenness in studying Zen philosophy and given a chance at your University she can pursue her interest.

Susan has been a bright student who scored excellent marks during her graduation. Her track record from schooling up to graduation has been highly consistent with good scoring. She never missed the classes, homework and tests. Susan’s writings have appeared in many journals and newspapers including New York Times. She writes a blog about her favorite subjects and hundreds of readers are following the blog.

Her aspirations to learn Zen philosophy can be fulfilled if she gets admission in to the Master’s program that your university is offering. I recommend her as an excellent candidate with great aptitude and intelligence. I have no doubts in saying that Susan could emerge as an outstanding student of WisconsinUniversity and thereby make you proud.


Dr. James Joyce


Sample Recommendation Letter for an Ex-employee

Christopher Canty

Vice President – Corporate Affairs

Samaritan Sales Inc.,

#24, Sully Complex,

New Jersey 12345

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 111 222 333 444


John Smith

Executive Director

Horizon Shipping Corporation

#123, Church Street,

New Jersey 12345


Dear John,

I am pleased to recommend Lisa Margaret for the post of Executive Assistant at your organization. I know Lisa for more than a decade and she had worked with me directly as Executive Assistant until recently. I find Lisa as an excellent coordinator, loyal associate and a wonderful person. Her modesty and manners are pleasant and professional.

Lisa had exhibited her skills in secretarial functions like calendar management and administration functions like hotel and travel arrangements. She is proficient in French, German and Spanish languages which helped me a lot while she worked with us.

During her tenure Lisa won Best Employee award for five times for conceiving and implementing innovative ideas at our business. She was liked by many peers and superiors. Her helpful nature and excellent communication skills have made her the right fit for secretarial functions and I am sure that she would be the ideal person for the position that you are looking to fill. Lisa, if hired, can become an asset for your organization and can play a crucial role in coming days.




Christopher Canty

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