sample-resignation-lettersThe word resignation is the antonym of ‘defiance’. That means it is the acceptance of a certain facts that have made an employee to move on with other job with another employee. Hence there is no need to look down the resignation letters. On other hand they are helpful to the employers to reassess the internal conditions that have triggered a resignation from an employee who until recently served the company with dedication and loyalty.

Apart from professional and organizational reasons, resignations can happen on personal grounds as well. An impending ill health or pressing domestic needs or longing to go back to the native place etc. are some of the commonly cited reasons by the employees.

Resignation letters should be written in highly professional manner and should never tarnish the image of the employee. This is because the relationships must not severed fully even under the most unfortunate and distressful conditions. Resignation letters should never become the vents for bad anger and should never be written in offensive tone.

If you are thinking to resign from the present job and are about to write a letter then here the most important points that must be kept in mind before writing a resignation letter.

  • Letter should be written in courteous way.
  • Do not allow your personal emotions to overtake the professionalism.
  • Never narrate the problems that triggered the resignation. This feedback can be given during while submitting the letter to your boss and/or in exit interview.
  • Do not take the names of the person(s) though they would have shown indifference towards you during the employment.
  • Cite the personal reasons as the grounds for the resignation and thank the management for giving an opportunity to work in the organization.
  • End the letter on pleasant note.

There are other aspects where you have to demonstrate your professional attitude.

  • You should give sufficient notice period and the same has to be mentioned in the resignation letter.
  • Extend the cooperation with the reliever and do the proper handing over and knowledge transfer.
  • Keep away the bad feelings till you complete the handing over and never pass negative comments on the company before the new incumbent.

If you exhibit the above qualities before and during the resignation phase, no employer would ever talk bad about you. It must be borne in mind that these points matter a lot for those who are working niche sectors where the employers are few in numbers.

Types of Resignation Letters

Though it appears that a resignation letter is monotonous one, actually it is not. There are subtle differences that make the employees to vary the style, form and language of their letters.

Hereunder you can read through some of the samples and choose the right one that suffice your need.

Sample of Basic Resignation Letter


Robert Smith

123, Becker Avenue,

City Center, NY45678

Phone: 111 222 333 444

Email: [email protected]


McMillan & Co.,

555, McMillan Estate,

NY 45689

Dear Mr. McMillan,

I wish to inform you that I am resigning from the post of Marketing Executive from the McMillan & Co., with effect from June 1.

It was a pleasure working with you and I am thankful to you for providing an opportunity to work in the organization. During my stint I have gained experience and acquired new skills.

I request you to relieve me by accepting one month notice period and I shall do my best during the transition.


Robert Smith

Sample Resignation Letter for Managers


Ms. Dorothy Perkins

Chief Executive Officer

Dorothy Fashions

New Jersey 12345


Dear Ms. Perkins,

I am writing this letter to notify you that I am resigning from my position of National Sales Manager with Dorothy Fashions. Please be informed that the last working day of my employment will be August 31.

My sincere thanks to you for giving a wonderful opportunity of overseeing the national sales operations and I also wish to thank all my superiors, peers and support staffs that have rendered great support during my stint.

I wish that the company would scale great heights in time to come under your able guidance.

If I can be of any help during the transition, I am glad to do it.




Joseph Morgan


Email Resignation Letter

Sometimes you might be in station or unable to write a letter but you have access to email you can prepare an email and send it as a resignation letter or you want to make an email announcement for your colleagues after submitting the formal resignation letter to the boss. Here are the samples for email resignation announcement and email resignation letter.

Sample Resignation Announcement

While writing email announcement, use the subject line to give the gist of the announcement.

Subject Line: Resignation Announcement

Dear Mike,

I wish to let you know that I have resigned from my position as I have got better opportunity with Lovelace Investments Inc.

I had a good time in Luxury Advisory Services and have thoroughly enjoyed the relationship that I share with many of the peer at Luxury. I would be missing you and Tim in particular but I would be carrying the sweet memories of our companionship.

We are not far away as you can always connect to me via email or through Facebook or call me on my hand phone number.

Thanks to you and Tim again for rendering the unconditional support and guidance.

Best Regards



Sample Email for Formal Resignation

Subject Line: Resignation

Dear Mr. Parker,

I wish to notify you that I am resigning from my position of Customer Service Manager with Excellent Infosystems Inc. I am providing two weeks’ notice period and the last day of working will be September 14.

Please let me know how can I help you in the transition and I would be glad to support the same.

It was indeed a great pleasure to work with you and other colleagues and I would be carrying rich experience and memorable moments with me.

I wish all the success for Excellent Infosystems in their future endeavors.

Best Regards



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