Gucci-men-contrast-bi-fold-walletWomen are known to be very thoughtful and attentive beings but they are occasionally puzzled about what men really want, most specifically when it comes to the perfect gift to give to them. If you are looking for gifts for New Year you could give to the significant men in your life but do not know where to start, here are some great ideas you could try from a man’s perspective.


Most men enjoy the thrill of a fine adventure but more than that, men love a good surprise because it adds zing to everyday life. Why not give your man both by surprising him with a train ticket to somewhere he has never been before. Aside from the sheer excitement he will get out of it, you will both get the chance to spend a lot of alone time with each other and rekindle your romance, that’s if you have been together a long time.

Tickets to The Game

It cannot be denied that nearly all men are interested in sports whether it may be football, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis or even mixed martial arts. For the New Year, why not take him by surprise by purchasing front row tickets to his favorite game. Because games during the holidays tend to be a little pricey, make sure to purchase the tickets in advance.

Home Made New Year Card

And another personalized items that you can give to your man is personalized New Year Card with heat warming New Year messages . A simple stuff that you personally created would surely give him a heart-warming emotion. Homemade New Year cards would surely make him feel loved and remember.

Gift certificates/coupons

Another great way to quench the fascination of men to sports is to give them gift certificates or coupons to a sports store in the nearest mall. This way, they get to choose the things they like at your expense. What more can a guy ask for.


Men enjoy being in groups where they can discuss common interests such as sports. One surefire way to please your man for the New Year would be to present him with a membership voucher to a club of his favorite sport. This will allow him a venue to express his thoughts and expand his friend base.

Electronic Gadgets

Another fascination that a lot of men have is tinkering with electronic gadgets. As the saying goes, “Men enjoy their toys.” One neat gift you could give during New Year could be an electronic gadget that your man has been aching to buy ever since. Such gadgets include a PSP, remote-controlled helicopters and such.

Personalized Items

You can never go wrong with personalized gifts, no matter what the gender of the recipient may be. Personalized gifts show how much thought you placed into the gift to make it uniquely for the recipient alone. These gifts could either be a leather wallet, a watch or a simple coffee mug that have his initials engraved on them.