We just love the idea of winter weddings. After all, could there’s nothing more romantic than the setting of a blanket of snow for exchanging vows?

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So if you have selected winter for your wedding, look no further. Below, we’ve gathered some of the most stunning winter wedding ideas for you.

Most Beautiful Save The Date Sign:

winter wedding ideas 1This is truly one of a kind save the date sign. You can do it yourself, take a picture of it and attach to your invite.


Give Your Invite A Natural Touch:

winter wedding ideas 2A beautiful invite made entirely using natural elements.


Put Your Cake On A Log:

winter wedding ideas 3Everything about this idea is perfect, right from the pristine white buttercream to the berries.


Give Pinecone Candles As Return Gifts:

winter wedding ideas 4

Send your guests home with pinecone candles. It will warm their hearts with love, exactly what’s written on it.


Birch Wood Vase:

winter wedding ideas 5

It looks like a tumbler, isn’t it? But it’s a vase and would make a perfect holder for your flowers. It would make an excellent addition to a rustic wedding.


Winter Themed Wedding Invite:

winter wedding ideas 6

A beautiful wedding invite idea. The white dots are giving the appearance of snow. And the color contrast is also stunning.


A Cute Wedding Signage:

winter wedding ideas 7

“To have and to hold in case you get cold.”  This is hands down the cutest signage ever.  You can customize it anyway, you like. But decorate in a similar way.


Cozy Couple Photo:

winter wedding ideas 8

Just a glance at this photo is making us feel all mushy. Wrap your loved one in a blanket and get clicked.


Napkin Holders:

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This one’s selected keeping winter in mind. And it’s quite simple to replicate. Just pair some winterberries and cinnamon sticks together and wrap them with your white napkin.


Winter Wedding Tablescape:

Pure Weddings Winter Wonderland

When you’re having a winter wedding, you have to make the table arrangement according to the theme as well. So here’s a similar one for you.


Pinecone Seating Card:

winter wedding ideas 11

Pinecones are typical winter and Christmas ornament. But it can become a wedding ornament too, if you use it correctly, something along the lines you see in the picture.


Mug Wedding Favor:

winter wedding ideas 12

Is there anything cozier than a hot drink in the winters? Even your guests would want something to warm themselves. And this personalized mug wedding will definitely make them feel fussy.


Cozy Cookies:

winter wedding ideas 13

The wedding is the time for indulging in cookies. And this cute cookie, reminiscent of Christmas would make a perfect addition to your dinner table?


Cake Filled With Berries:

winter wedding ideas 14

This one got us salivating. A pristine white cake is decorated generously with berries.


Cotton Ball Bouquet:

winter wedding ideas 15

It seems that it’s made for a winter wedding. This flower bouquet is beautiful, distinctive and wintry.


Hang A Lantern From The Tree:

winter wedding ideas 16

We know that winter weddings need loads of light. So add an element to your fairytale wedding by hanging a lantern from the tree.


Hand Written Wooden Rounds:

winter wedding ideas 17

These adorable hand-written rounds would make lovely super-festive cards. You can hang it with green and red ribbon to give it a festive touch.


Knits For Decorating Chairs:

winter wedding ideas 18

This is truly unique.  Tie cozy and neutral colored knitted blankets to the guest’s chair with the nametag. Guests can use the blankets if they start feeling cold.


Decorate With Sled:

winter wedding ideas 19

Is there anything that says winter more than sledding? The antique sled here is decorated with a cute wreath along with escort cards.


Warm Drink:

winter wedding ideas 20

A warm drink is a must during the weddings. After all, you need to keep the guest warm while you wed. Warm mulled wine, hot cider or good old hot chocolate are classic picks. You can add mini donuts too, if you want.


Magical Table Arrangement:

winter wedding ideas 21

Indeed, a magical table arrangement. The white and cream flowers in metallic vases are looking stunning.


Hot Cocoa Stand:

winter wedding ideas 22

Set up a hot cocoa stand where your guests can indulge in before or after the ceremony.


Designated Seats For Bride And Groom:

winter wedding ideas 23Decorate the designated seats for the bride and groom with an evergreen wreath. Do not forget to top it with a handmade sign.


Boots For Weddings:

winter wedding ideas 24-min

This one’s for the badass bride. A bride wore boots with pink laces for her wedding. Would you try something along the lines?


Flower Bouquet With Acorns:

winter wedding ideas 25Never, choose tropical flowers for a winter wedding. They are not just expensive, but also feel out of place. Choose flowers like roses, carnation, winter jasmine, irises, and cyclamen. And put some acorns in between to give it a winter touch.


Jewel Toned Bridesmaid Dresses:

winter wedding ideas 26

Jewel toned dresses would make a stunning backdrop against the white winter wonderland. And this color scheme would go well with every skin tone.


Evergreen Crown Instead Of Veil:

winter wedding ideas 27

A magnificent idea would be wearing an evergreen leaf crown instead of the traditional veil. The berry lips are looking even more stunning.


Sequined Table Cloth:

winter wedding ideas 28Winter is the season to use loads and loads of layers. So how about this sequined tablecloth? If you find it over the top, you can use sequined table runner or napkins.


An Elaborate Dress:

winter wedding ideas 29Stay warm in the freezing weather with this warm and fuzzy dress. The faux-fur cape is the highlight. And the dress looks beautiful too.


Tree For The Background:

winter wedding ideas 30If you want to give a winter wonderland like feel to your venue, decorate the backdrop with the painted tree or tree wallpaper.


Cupcake With Icing:

winter wedding ideas 31

It couldn’t get wintrier. It seems that this cupcake is topped with snow and milk icing.


Berry Napkin Holder:

winter wedding ideas 32

This idea is perfect for a rustic plus winter wedding.


White And Copper:

Ruffled - photo by Singler Photography http://ruffledblog.com/white-and-copper-winter-wedding

The color combination is simply fantastic.