Love is always in the air. Love is spread out in the four corners of the world. Love is the greatest miracle in the entire human race. Take ideas in what to write for the special someone of your life. Love messages may never be enough to fully express how you feel. However, words are also important to let them know that they are loved and cherished.



For all those love struck out there, this page is right for you.  Send your loved one a special love messages to let her/him know about what you truly feel.  This involves a variety of tones that best suits what you’re heart wants to express.  Feel free to find your perfect love messages for him/her. This page incorporates a collection of emotions that lovers, regardless of how far or near they are from each other, go through every single day. Don’t miss out to tweet or text these messages and express what you truly feel.

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Romantic Love Messages


As I sit alone in my room, I am looking at our pictures.
I’m patiently waiting for that day when I won’t be gazing at pixels anymore.
Instead, I won’t let my eyes slip off to yours.
I’m missing you so badly. I love you.

Since you walked out through my door, things have never been the same for me.
I still want you back my darling.
Please know that I still love you.

When you’re in the momentum of a relationship,
Nothing and no one can come against it, not even a speeding bullet.
I am enjoying this momentum with you my love.

You’re a tidal wave. You sweep my heart way.
You have rescued me from the whirlpool of loneliness.
How many sandstorms do I have to endure just to prove my love for you?
I’m overflowing with gladness because of you.
I love you.

Each time I wake up I can’t help but frown.
For it surely means that I’ll have to start another day without you by my side.
I wish you’re here so when I’ll wake up, I could find you near.
I miss you my love.

It took me half a lifetime to find you.
I’ll spend the other half to cherish and love you.

I could count all the stars in the sky when you’re beside me.
And when you aren’t, I’d surely be lost in space.

Love Messages For Him

We were able to withstand strife after another.
Thank you fighting for our love my baby.
It means a lot to me.
I love you.

You have always made me special and loved me for who I am.
Thank you, darling, for being a part of my life.
I just want to tell you that I have longed to be your wife.
A ton of kisses for you.

I remember everything when we first met.
Everything just stood still within a few minutes.
I recall our first kiss and our first date,
Loving you is surely my fate.
I love you.

I don’t have to wish each time I see a falling star.
My wish came true when my eyes first gazed at you.
I have found what I have been looking for.

We couldn’t turn back the hands of time.
But if I can undo everything, I will still choose to be with you.
That’s a fact.

They say that a prince charming only exists in fairy tales.
They got to be kidding me.
You’re presence proves them all wrong.
I love you my prince!

You are a man with a few words.
I am a girl who is a babbling brook.
This is just one of our major differences
But you were always willing to reach out and bridge the gap.
This is why I love you dear.

Love Messages For Her

I’d rather lose you after confessing my feelings than spend a lifetime hiding my love for you.
I can’t contain it anymore.
I am deeply in love with you.


I love you- it’s a fact. I play with words but not with my heart.
So girl, please believe me when I say I love you because I really do.

You are the best girlfriend in town.
It surely makes me the luckiest man! I love you sweetie.

Success, wealth and prestige mean nothing if you aren’t here besides me.
I’d trade everything this world has to offer so I can hold your hand forever.
I love you.

If your love is an ocean, I couldn’t save myself from sinking.
Thank you for everything dear.
I promise to make you happy always.
I love you.

You’re smiles simply take my breath away.
You’re kisses would always knock me off my feet.
I’m so blessed to have you as my lover. I love you.

We may be thousand miles apart,
My love beats violently inside of my heart;
Longing and dreaming for your sweet kisses,
You are my only happiness.
I want to wrap you in my arms forever.

Your lips are like cherries. They always taste sweet.
Your smiles are like radiant sunshine. They brighten up my sky.
I love you dear.

I want hug you so you can hear the pounding of my chest.
It’s calling out your name sweetie.
I love you.

They say that falling in love can be a bumpy ride.
However, I lift a smile each time I see you for I know
That I’m never alone in this bumpy road.

I live my life to love you.
I love my life because of you.
I love you because you are my life.

Sweet Love Messages


Love knows no borders.
Love knows no limits.
Love sees.
Love never fades.
Love for me is you, my one and only.

A day without you is living in desolation.
You mean the whole world to me darling.
I need you because I love you.

I searched for words to tell you softly,
Wrote it down to express it frankly;
I wouldn’t care if these lines would rhyme,
I will love you until the end of time.

I do believe that God has allowed me to meet a few wrong people along the way
so when I meet the right one, I’d be thankful for the gift.
I was hurt in the past but now you’re here, I want to make my future with you.

Since you came into my life,
I dreamed to be you wife;
Know that my love is true,
I want to spend forever with you.

You came as a stranger in the night.
But as I came to know you more, you made my heart melt.
Now, this is all your fault for making me fall for you.
It is the sweetest fall though.
I love you.

Cute Love Messages

The more I get to know you, the more I like you.
The more I like you, I am convinced that I have fallen for you.
I just came to say I love you.

I don’t want to blink.
I might lose you in a second.
Just hold my hand.
I’ll never let you go.

Distance is just an amount of space between two people.
But the minds and hearts are inseparable just like yours and mine.

Nothing is more amazing than to love and be loved in return.
I’m happy to have you in my life.

If it takes forever to love you,
I’d live one more day just to love you.
I’d always be here.

Honey is for bees.
Bees are for flowers.
Flowers are for you.
You are for me.


There are only two things that do not change in this world.
Change itself and my love for you.

I’m simply going in circles for love knows no borders.
Love knows no end.

There are no formula when it comes to love.
Chemistry has nothing to do with it too.
It just takes a heart to feel it.

Sad Love Messages

It took me a while to realize that you
I was the only one fighting for this love to survive.
But at least, I’m the last one standing.

It’s easy to utter forever when you are standing in love.
But it’s easier to break that promise when you are falling out of love.

I waited this long only to find that the one I’m looking for is already happy in someone else’s arms.

Indeed, I’ve let you go not because I have fallen out of love
But I know you’ll be happier with her.

I have survived a lot of battles in life.
But there is one battle I can’t seem to win…
And that is your heart.

There are many times that I’d like to give up
But I can’t bring myself to.
Giving you up is like giving up my life.
As for me, you are my life.

Funny Love Messages

My love for you is like a fart.
Something so strong that comes from the inside.

They say that love is not blind, lovers are.
Could you still see me now?

When we meet, you always stop and smile.
Would you like to take a picture?

I didn’t understand how it feels to fall in love with someone
Until I tripped the first time I saw you.

It’s totally free!
But no return, no exchange.
It’s also tax free.
What a jackpot!
You won a kiss from me!