The application of Mehndi dates back hundreds of years and is loved by young girls and women alike. For the beautification of hands there is nothing better than applying mehndi; whether it is Eid or an Indian wedding, mehndi is an essential part of it. The latest mehndi designs are intricate and elegant to make the hands look not only beautiful but thinner too. Who doesn’t want thin, beautiful hands! These new designs can be applied with red mehndi for occasions like Holi or black for applying Arabic styles which look amazing in the color. The designs have lovely flower patterns and adorable betel leaves so anyone can apply them.

Latest Arabic Mehndi Designs

Arabic mehndi designs are probably the most popular designs and the most worn too. If you want to have a unique look then you should definitely try these patterns. Arabic designs consist of flowers in beautiful patterns linked together to form an astonishingly beautiful structure. Flowers have always been a woman’s weakness and these designs are no exceptions.


Whenever you apply Arabic mehndi designs, try to use black color as it makes them more prominent.


The modern ones are traditional patterns but modified in a small but obvious way to make them look more contemporary. These designs are such that every bride should wear them to get the one in a kind look.

Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs

Every girl wants her wedding to be the best day of her life and for that to happen she wants to look perfect. Just the dress and the venue do not make a wedding perfect; Middle Eastern and South Asian brides look perfect when they have the perfect mehndi. The new bridal mehndi designs are so amazing that they make me want to cry and put them on at the spot.


The designs are full and intricate, and they are symmetrical which makes them even more pretty.


The latest designs are not as full as the previous ones but they are elegant, and make the bride’s hands look different in a good way, and not boring and repetitive.Also, bridal designs are magnificent with richness so you won’t be able to forget it in jiffy.

Latest Pakistani Mehndi Designs

If there is one thing Pakistani women don’t like it is a special occasion without mehndi; it is an important part of the cultural heritage of Pakistani women. Pakistani mehndi design is one of the best in the world and has a wide variety of symbols and art.


Pakistan as a part of subcontinent as been greatly influence by Indians so their designs have touch of India in them. Whether it is Eid or a loved one’s engagement, you do not want to go without putting on the current style.


The heart patterns mixed with betel leaves and the colored tips of rings are quite popular. I know many women who love the circular designs, on the palms especially, because of their symmetry.

Latest Simple Mehndi Designs

Simplicity is sometimes the best policy; when you are bored and want to do something, fun you can apply the simple designs. The modern designs can be worn anywhere whether it is college or get together with friends.


Simple doesn’t necessarily mean boring and the same goes for these designs because they are intricate and stunning but easier to apply. The new styles are fashionable but preserve the ancient beauty.


One amazing thing about them, other than the ancient beauty of course, is that they can be put on for casual parties’ without getting the feeling of being overdressed. Sometimes you get tired of the customary styles which are heavy and intricate; you just want things to be simple and that is when these designs come in and save our day.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Wedding

Weddings are an occasion to be happy and to celebrate without stopping. No Pakistani wedding is complete without mehndi and I’m not talking about the bride but her sisters and cousins and the groom’s family.



Applying mehndi on weddings is not only important because the hands look beautiful but also important because of our cultural heritage; it has been a part of the wedding rituals for as long as anyone can remember.


The most popular are the latest Arabic designs but in weddings red mehndi is quite popular too perhaps because red is the color of passion. The latest designs are better than ever and consist of contemporary styles.

Latest Mehndi Designs for Legs

Brides who have to look perfect from to bottom mostly apply leg mehndi. The traditional motifs are being used now but with a hint of modern designs so the legs look lean.


Since there’s a lot of space on legs, designs with beautiful and big butterfly patterns are used but they do not make the calves look messy.If the space is less, in case of those with thin legs, then the same pattern can be used again but it still wouldn’t make the pattern look boring.


Current leg mehndi designs are classy and adorable; the simple ones can even be applied on your own but it is better to ask someone to do it for you so there would not be any mistakes on your special day.

Latest Mehndi designs for Feet

Mehndi applied on feet is now absolutely gorgeous. You might think that it would be weird to apply it if it isn’t a wedding but the designs that are “in” these days are perfect for casual wear too.



The designs give a sense of uniformity; if the betel leaf or some other leaf motif is used then it is used throughout the design. If you’ve applied it for a wedding then the pattern would look even sweeter if your dress had the same pattern.

Latest Mehndi designs for Eid

Everyone loves eid but no one more than young girls and women because it gives them a chance to put the latest henna designs on because eids cannot be complete without mehndi. You might think that girls should get bored with all the mehndi every year but it is quite the opposite, we look forward to such occasions where we can boast about with the latest designs.


On eid days we look at each other’s mehndi and compare it with ours being secretly pleased if ours is better. If you are a middle-aged woman then you might think that you are too old for mehndi but you are wrong there because it makes you look young and full of energy.


A few of the designs are simple enough that they are self-applicable but most require another person to put it on to be on the safe side. Your mehndi depicts your personality and style so make sure that you get the current designs. These designs are trendy and appealing to all women.

Latest Henna Mehndi Designs

With the regular change in fashion of clothes, there is also a regular change in the mehndi designs. What is “in” and what is not varies season to season. Now you can apply it, go to office, and not feel out of place. These designs are apt for office workers and plain but wonderful; they make the hands and feet look graceful.


Small leaves, thin stripes and mehndi-coated fingertips are now quite favored; circular designs with stripes at the wrists are also fashionable.

Latest Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

There is no mehndi better than Indian mehndi (some might disagree). It is intricate, flowing in a regular manner with beautiful patterns of flowers, leaves, shapes and symbols. Everyone loves the traditional designs; they cover the whole hand but they might not be suitable for office workers.


For them the latest designs will be perfect because they are neat and stylish but with negative spaces; you might think that leaving empty spaces in designs makes it look kind of incomplete but the Indian designs have a beauty about them that makes them look even more beautiful with the spaces.

These current designs are glamorous and can be applied with red or black mehndi. You can even use black just for the outlines and it would not look any less exquisite. The good thing is that you have a very large variety and it varies from occasion to occasion but all are equally appealing to women.

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