Christmas Holidays and New year Holidays

Chaliyar_RiverWe all like to have Christmas holidays. I never has an opportunity to travel when I was a kid. Most of my holiday memories in in my mothers house or aunts house. Pluck mangoes and cashew nuts and eating it. We use to roam around all those areas. Another my holiday memories is catching fish and wild birds at the river behind my house. The river is known as Chaliyar  river It is one of the big river and we kids will go and keep trap for birds inside the forest. Some times people seen leopard there and they will inform the Forest Guard to catch them. Recently I visited there and I could not believe that I use to travel all over this forest alone in my child hood days to do fishing and catch wild birds. Only in that age. not any more.

Christmas Holidays is one of the most expected events for mankind. Every year millions are waiting for it planning for their vocations and select some great place to celebrate the christmas. Since Christmas is a global festival when some one going for Christmas Holidays is not for missing Christmas Celebration, Instead he is participating in a Christmas Celebration in different culture and traditions. Somebody travel from United kingdom to India for Christmas will not miss his Christmas Celebration. Instead he is participating Christmas celebration in Indian way.

Last Minute Christmas Holidays

Some time we may not have planned for holiday or we simply changed our mind to have a holiday in last minute. Some time it may have happened that our planned holiday has to be cancelled due to situations not in our control. Please some places where you can do holdays without much early notice


taman-sentosaSingapore  is one of the great place to do Christmas holidays.  Accommodation is not a big problem at any time in Singapore as it is not only a holiday spot but also a commercial hub. So at any given point of time we would be able to find accommodation in Singapore. If some place is only tourist spot then the accommodation will be pretty much full in peak season. But Singapore the accommodation demand stay stable in all over year and it will be much easier to find an accommodation.

  1. Food: Food is of very high quality in Singapore and it is very reasonable price. Never forget to try Singapore noodles, and local food like mee gorang, nasi gorang etc
  2. Places to Visit:- Taman Santhosa, underground water park, and shopping, lase show. Never forget to travel by singapore metre.


pleasure-boat-cruises-melbourne Melbourne is another good place you can visit. Normally on Christmas season the weather is hot making it great time for vocation. Remember if you want to enjoy this holiday you have to be ready for travelling as the places are spread all over the Victoria. Do not plan for sydney also along with melbourne unless you have enough time. Otherwise your holiday vocation will end up as holiday travel.  And most of the Melbourne holidays facility is arranged for the local travelers.

  1. Food:- Due to high food quality regulation food is little bit expensive here. But the food is of exceptional quality. But for holidays it will better to visit near by supermarket, buy sausages, marinated meat and do the barbecue at near by parks. Barbecue facilities are available in almost all parks. Some places it is free and some places you will have to put 1 dollar. Whatever may be it will be relaxing and enjoying time for you. Best thing is that we need not carry our food. Just buy ready to cook fresh item from safeway or coles.
  2. Places to See: Crown Casino, Gee long water park, Puffing belly, Dandenong mountains, Lake entrance, Great Oceania Drive and ferry trips, Beach.

Penang Malaysia

Penang_hill_funicular_railway Penang offers the one of the cheapest and finest holiday spot for travelers who is interested to enjoy the home made food and easy going life. It has been located in  island and the place is so beautiful to see. And the exotic seafood, that penang offers is so wonderful. The beach in penang is so wonderful that you will not feel to finish the vocation and when you come back you will feel as if you are coming back from home. The food in Malaysia is normally served through food courts which is mixed with Malaysian, Chinese and Indian cuisine. The majority of these is owned by local residents who looks for small volume of trade. Due to this food will feel like homely food. To have homely food in Penang you do not have to cook.

  1. Food: Exotic Indian, Malay and Chinese varietees available in almost all food courts. Almost all food courts is having beer parlor making it a real relaxing place. The food courts are open up to 12:00 clock some times with disco and karaoke songs. You can also select seafood restaurants located at tourist places where you can get live crabs and fishes cooked or steamed
  2. Places to see: Beach and ferry trip is one of the attraction. Penang tower and other areas add more attraction to it. Arrange a tripe to langkawi Island if possible and stay there over night.

Kovalam and Kerala Backwaters India

houseboat-kerala-backwaters Kerala is one of the best tourist attraction in India. The house boat experience in Kerala Backwater is the one of the greatest vocation feelings you can ever get in your life. And coupled with near by well famous Kovalam Beach makes it a real tourist attraction. Kerala is well famous for its exotic recipe and you will love to have it again and again. The food cost is very negligible when you compare with other places, yet it is very clean and healthy. When you visit in Kerala you must take care not to travel in night as the community is not used to it. So better plan for all your trip for day time. Also it is a great idea to look for some festivals in  local temple where you can have unforgettable and colorful memories of Kerala culture, like decorated elephants, pooram, theyam etc.

  1. Food:- Exotic south Indian Dishes, lake fishes and sea food. Almost all dishes are spicy so you must ask them specially if you want to have mild variety. If you are youngsters it is a good idea to visit local toddy shops and have some local toddy (Local beer made from coconut tree), and have some special fish curry. Food is very cheap in kerala.
  2. Places to see: Kovalam Beach, House boat stay in Back waters, Pooram, temple festivals