21th-birthday-ideasYour 21st birthday is the most important and exciting; you’re finally allowed to legally drink and celebrate the way you want. This is also a time to enter new chapter in life, like you can get your driver’s license , you can vote, etc. So, this is something that calls for celebration. I will be providing a few ideas for your 21st Birthday – since it’s such an occasion I would highly recommend that you celebrate to make memories to look back on over the years. You might need to un-tag Facebook pictures for a few days, however!

21st Birthday Party Ideas

For your 21st birthday, you should secure venue. Here are some creative ideas for locations:

Home – A home birthday party may seem less thrilling, but it’s an intimate setting for a small party with family and close friends. House parties are wonderful occasions, and you can still have a blast by planning exciting festivities for your guests to enjoy

Club or Bar

Your local pubs, nightclubs and bars are a classic way to hold a birthday party in style. Consider renting a room or perhaps a hall so that your guests can celebrate with you in comfort.


Restaurant Birthday Party

 Reserving tables at your favorite restaurant  can be special for your loved ones. Keep in mind that a restaurant can also be a good setting for everybody to meet before a night out.


Hotel – If you’re looking for a quiet environment, you can hold your function in a hotel room. Since some hotels host themed nights, you’ll never have a shortage of ideas to entertain your guests.

Ideas for 21st Birthday Party Theme

Birthday parties don’t have to be pricey; having a unique party theme can bring you and your guests together for an unforgettable experience. Here are some theme ideas to make your party as fun as possible.


Alphabet Party 

Instruct your guests to dress up as anything starting with an alphabet letter. You will be sure to see some wild outfits!

Pajama Party 

Everyone dresses in their most comfortable set of sleepwear. Remember, some people will dress more risqué than others.


Decades Party 

Your most nostalgic decade can lead to a birthday bash to remember!

Celebrity Party

You never know who will be at your 21st birthday when everybody comes as a celebrity!

Bad Taste Party 

If every guest dresses in tacky clothes, all of you will have a good laugh and a fun time.

Masquerade Ball 

A ball is sure to keep your friends into the mood as you dance the night away.

Murder Mystery 

Murder mystery games a good idea for a cheap festivity, and everybody gets to play a part in your own game of Clue!

Christmas Birthday Party 

Christmas party  is just what you need if you have a birthday in December. Your friends and family will surely be in the holiday spirit!


21st Birthday Gift Ideas

If your friends and family call, but you don’t know what you want as a gift, don’t worry; I have some great gift suggestions for your day! Giving a great birthday gift along with matching 21st birthday wishes is really great thing to do. you can look at this gifts below

Spa Package-If you are a woman, a spa package would be a wonderful gift to request, considering you can feel refreshed for your birthday by the time the festivities start! In fact, any man can use a good massage and spa treatment, so this is a great idea for anyone!

professional massage with snowflakes #2

21st birthday Gift Cards, Cash and Checks

An indecisive individual could use extra money when he or she finds the perfect item. Cash is a thoughtful idea, and spreading the wealth is always good: Tip your bartenders with a portion of your gift, and you may get a free drink.

A gift card to your favorite store can be the greatest gift, especially if the person who gave it to you does not know your style. Like any gift, send a thank you card to those who were kind enough to give you a gift card as a token of appreciation.



Sight Seeing Trips

Arrange an helicopter trips around the city


  • Alcohol– Exercise your right!

Other Ideas for 21st Birthdays:

Breakfast in bed is good to start the day right, since today is your big day. Getting up early is not always a good idea; you might regret being ready in the morning once you have your first drink later that evening.

Once you’re up and ready to go, you can spend the day with your family, looking back through old photos. Perhaps you should shop for a new outfit for the night.

In the evening you should invite your friends for dinner before heading out to a club. Bring your identification everywhere and tell the club employees it’s your 21st; they might have gratuities for you!

Remember to ensure that somebody is around to take photographs for the evening. Even though there are plenty of people to take embarrassing snapshots of you for your birthday, you should assure there’s at least one person to capture your most celebratory moments.

The most important advice I can give you is to enjoy yourself no matter where you go for any of these ideas – celebrate and relax!21st-birthday