India is known all over the world as a place of various lip smacking and diverse cuisines. If on one part there is rich culture of Veg dishes on the other part people thrive on non veg items. It’s the difference of cuisine which makes India a treasure trove for a foodie. Rice and wheat are one of  the most consumed grains in this part of the world and rice topping the list. Rice is prepared by Indians of different commnities and each of them are different from the others . If you are a foodie and love Rice like most Indian’s do then join in as we make you aware of some popular rice recipes of india. Here are our top 10 indian rice recipes for you:


Tamarind Rice :

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Tamarind rice is a very popular South Indian Rice recipe which is also known as ‘kari huliyanna’ in Kannada Language or ‘puliyogare’ in Tamil Language. The recipe needs spices like asafoiteda, fenugreek, mustard seeds, cumin , coriander and other spices to be roasted and then added with Tamarind to make a Spicy and Sour rice.

Lemon Rice:

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If you love the flavor of lemon then this zingy sour Lemon Rice is a perfect choice for you. Lemon rice is quite popular in India and also makes for a great and fast recipe for a lazy day or for your child’s lunchbox. Fresh lemon juice is used after the rice is cooked to give it the sour zingy flavor. It’s a nice way to make use of your leftover rice.

Indian Fried Rice With Egg:

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There are days when you are out of time and need a quick and simple rice recipe. If you’re looking to make a simple and easy lunchbox recipe or a quick lunch then the Egg fired rice is your best bet. The rice for this recipe is pre cooked and kept aside. The ingredients needed are quite simple with soy sauce, red chilli paste, chilli flakes, spring onions and vinegar being the most common items in your kitchen. You can use brown basmati rice as well as white basmati rice. Brown one will be a bit more healthy .

Massor or Brown Lentil Rice/Pulav:

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We know many of you love cooking and are always looking out for new and interesting recipes. Well, this Masoor or Brown Lentil Rice is a great way to surprise your kids or guests and serve them something which is wholesome and makes for a great lunchbox addition for your kid. To make this lentils(Massor Dal) is used along with rice. The Lentils are soaked overnight and cooked with rice. Typically Ghee(a type of clarified butter) is used to make this rice and is very healthy and is wholesome .

Tomato Rice:

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Tomatoes are a nice way to add color and as well as a different taste to your daily rice. This Tomato Rice recipe is easy to make with leftover rice and makes for a great lunchbox rice. All you need are some mustard seeds, cumin, bengal gram, green chillies, tomatoes ,sambhar masala and a bit of leftover rice. The rice tastes best when cooked with pure ghee.


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Though it’s not an original Indian Recipe but Indian Biryani is very popular and is delicious.  It’s cooked rice with lots of spices and chicken/meat pieces with potatoes and other spices. Biryani remains as one of the favorite Noth Indian dishes and can be prepared in many ways. There are many different types of it too- like te Dum Niryani (Made inside a Handi) , Hyderabadi biryani as well as normal Chicken Biryani.

Raw Green Mango Rice:

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Raw Green Mangoes make for great Green Mango Chutney but they also can be used to make some mouth watering Green Mango Rice. South Indian dish like this rice is very easy to make and tastes very earthy with the flavor of the raw mangoes intact. Try it Here

Spinach Chickpea Pulao:

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Make a very healthy and tasty rice recipe with this Spinach and Chickpea Rice Recipe. The rice is quite healthy and wholesome. It’s got spinach, chickpea as well as many spices. Recipe HERE

Cumin/Jeera Rice:

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Jeera rice is one of the most popular rice preparations in india. It’s very easy to make and tastes good with most side dish combinations. All you need for this is a bit of cumin seeds, cloves, onions,cinnamon and a bit of ghee along with rice.

Coconut Rice:

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Coconut is a very popular and widely used ingredient for South Indian dishes. The coconut dishes are prepared by adding dried coconut flakes with spices and rice. It’s a simple and easy recipe to try at home. Recipe Here


So these were some of the Indian Rice Recipes we wanted to share with you. There are many more Indian Rice recipes like Garlic Rice, Curd rice, Coriander Rice, Beetroot ice and more. The list is endless as different part of the Nation loves it’s Rice and has invented rather amazing dishes . We hope you will let us know your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.