Indian curry meal with rice, nan and begetables
Indian curry meal with rice, nan and begetables

Hi friends, did you know Indians have rich tradition of food. India is an exotic country that has its own set of unique beliefs and traditions that go way back from the start of civilization 5,000 years ago. Indian cuisine is as diverse as its people and is influenced by the many cultures, traditions and religions that add a dash of flavor that is unparalleled by any cuisine in the world. Indian food techniques and recipes differ from region to region due to the diversity of its people and the environment they live in.

Add a kick of spice in your life and experience India’s history and culture in your plate. Explore the countless regions of India right in your very own kitchen! Indian food caters to a wide variety of tastes—from vegetarian dishes to delicacies made out of chicken, beef and various meats, you will surely find a dish that is perfect for even the pickiest eater!

Step out from your comfort zone and from the lull of boring, everyday food and experience the rich culture and diversity that can only be found in Indian food. Bring the heat back into your kitchen with a range of spicy food that can be found nowhere else in the world. Bring the excitement back into your meals and get a taste of the wonder that is Indian cuisine and I am sure you will change your taste concepts forever.


chicken biryani

Biryani is a special dish usually made for special occasions. It takes time to prepare, but all will be worth it once you get a bite of this great dish. It is popular due to its unique flavour and spices and its captivating aroma. It can be made with chicken, mutton, fish, eggs or vegetables.

2. Tandoori Chicken


Tandoori Chicken, a dished named after the bell-shaped oven it is cooked in, is known for its red color and its beautiful marinade of yogurt, honey and spices. It is usually made with skinless chicken thighs and legs to keep it nice and moist after grilling or roasting.

3. Palak Paneer


Palak Paneer is a very popular vegetarian Indian dish. This beautiful green spinach puree is dotted with pieces of Paneer or Indian farmer’s cheese in a thick curry sauce. This nutritious homey Indian dish is perfect with rotis, naan or rice.

4.Naan Bread

Yummy naan bread

Naan bread is leavened, oven-baked flat bread that is traditionally cooked in a Tandoor oven or anearthen oven. It is chewy with dark, charred bubbles and a crispy bottom. It is usually served hot and brushed with ghee or butter, but it is also perfect paired up with your favourite Indian food.

5.Puri (poori)



bhatoora even though it looks like Pur which is made by using wheat flour, bhatura is made by mixture of plain flour (all purpose flour), baking soda and yogurt

7. Butter Chicken


Butter chicken or Murgh Makhani is a popular rich, creamy and buttery chicken Indian dish found in Northern India. Like Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken is traditionally cooked in a Tandoor, a bell-shaped earthen oven, but it is also perfect pan-fried, grilled or roasted.

8. Vindaloo

mutton vindaloo

This Indian curry dish hails from the Indian region of Goa. This dish is greatly influenced by the Portuguese stew called “carne de vinhd’alho”. The heavy use of vinegar and the use of pork in this dish reveal the strong Portuguese influence of this region. In cooking Vindaloo, Chicken, lamb, pork and beef can be used.

9.Madras Chicken Curry

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Madras Curry originates from the south of India and is named after the place called Madras. It is known for its red color due to the heavy use of chili powder. There are many variations of this dish. It can be made with vegetables, chicken, pork or beef.

10.Chettinad Chicken Curry


11. Naadan Chicken Curry


12. Chicken Tikka


Chicken Tikka or Chicken Tikka Masala is a dish with boneless pieces of chicken marinated in a special blend of yogurt and spices, skewered, and grilled to perfection. The chicken is then added to a sauce with yogurt or cream, tomatoes and spices.

13. Chicken 65


14. Chilli Chicken


15. Rajma

Rajma - North Indian Style (Easy Indian Cookin Book)

Rajma is a famous Punjabi vegetarian curry dish from Northern India. It is made with red kidney beans which were brought to India from Central Mexico and Guatemala, and Indian gravy sauce with lots of spices. This dish is perfect with rice or roti.

16. Chana Masala


Chana Masala is also known as Chole Masala. It is another popular vegetarian Punjabi dish made from chickpeas and a hearty tomato sauce. This dish is best served with rice, roti, poori or bharute. This fabulous dish can be found anywhere in India—from the street vendors to the upscale Indian restaurants.

17. Keema Masala (Minced Meat Curry)


Keema Masala or minced meat curry is a versatile Indian meat curry dish that is popular as a side dish in many Indian restaurants. This unique curry dish can be made with any meat of your choice—be it chicken, beef or mutton.

18. Idli-Dosa-Vada with Sambar


This is a very popular Indian breakfast dish in Southern India. Idli is a soft and savory Indian cake. Vada is similar to fritters. Dosa is a fermented crepe or pancake. These are served with Sambar, a vegetable stew or chowder made with a tamarind base.

19. Pani Puri

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Pani Puri is a popular Indian street snack. Puri are small balls made out of flour and semolina and deep fried until golden brown. They are served with pani or a mixture offlavored water. The whole thing is eaten whole and results in a burst of flavors. Recipe:

20. Bhelpuri

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Bhelpuri is a famous savoury snack from Mumbai. It is mainly made with puffed rice and should be eaten right away before it gets soggy. It is usually served in a cone-shaped folded paper and a spoon.It can also be eaten with papdis or crispy fried puris.

21. Ghee Dosa

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Ghee dosa is a popular snack dish from Southern India. Dosa is an Indian pancake or crepe made from fermented black lentils and rice. Ghee is a clarified butter originating from India. In this dish, dosa is fried with ghee instead of the usual cooking oil.



23. Aloo Gopi

aloo gobi
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Aloo Gopi or Aloo Gobi is an Indian dish made with potatoes, cauliflower and a beautiful blend of spices. It has a signature yellow color due to the turmeric and the occasional kalonji and curry leaves. It goes great with rotis, parathas, puris or even with your favourite curry dish.


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This dish is a very sought-after delicacy in Kerala and is one of the many great Indian dishes highly recommended to foreigners when travelling India. It is a Pearl Spot fish marinated in a magical blend of lemon juice, red chillies and other ingredients then deep-fried to perfection.

25. Fish Molly

fish molly
Recipe and Image fromKitchenCorner

Fish Molly or Molee is a popular fish curry dish from Kerala. The fish is stewed in coconut milk and a light masala. It is not a very spicy dish and highlights the flavour of the fish. It is highly recommended that fresh fish be used in this recipe.

26. Pakora


Pakora is a very popular yet simple Indian appetizer. They are similar to fritters. They can be made with soft cheese, potatoes, onions and spinach or any of your favourite vegetables. They are served alongside chutney, tomato sauce or hot tea.

27. Gulab Jamun


Recipe Here.

28. Rasgulla


29. jalebi


30. Kheer

Kheer -Rice-Noodles-Pudding

31. Kulfi


32. Burfi


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