If you love making things by yourself and have time to make something for you and your family , then Crochet Knitting is for you. Crochet knitting is a great way to make use of your free time to make something productive and fun. It’s a great hobby and for making new and innovative things you will need some great inspiration. Here we have some unique and fun inspiration for your next crochet project. Check out these Crochet patterns which will vary from simple designs to complex designs.

Crochet Scarf Patterns:

Crochet pattern for scarves are really useful if you’re planning to make one for yourself or to gift to someone special. Here are some crocheting patterns for you:


This crochet scarf pattern is great for any occasion . The hat and scarf combination looks pretty and the main stitch used here is cable stitch. The large crochet flowers make it appealing and add to its beauty


Pink has been one of the most loved colors by women and this ruffle lace stitch pattern looks beautiful and will be perfect for any occasion. The pretty girly pink color and the large woven crochet flowers make it beautiful.


Flower striped crochet scarf pattern shown here is quite unique and will require a bit of expertise in crochet knitting. The combination here is lace crochet pattern and the orange flower patterns. The ruffles at the end make it more appealing and unique.

Crochet Hat Patterns:

If you’re planning to make a hat for yourself o your loved ones next then we have some unique patterns to show you.



Babies love to stay warm and look pretty in little baby beanie hats. This cute beanie hat pattern is very attractive and easy to make . The main crochet pattern used here is the cable crochet pattern and the small daisy flower is cute . You can also change the small flower ad replace with a rosette.


Love to make crochet clothes for babies ? Then try this cute and comfortable crochet hat. the pattern is very easy and will be quite easy for beginners too.



Spiral Ribbed Crocheted pattern here is quite attractive and fun to make. Even beginners can try this design. The combination of grey and maroon makes it look perfect for winters.

Crochet Blanket Patterns

Afghan stitches are the most favored crochet pattern for making large items lie blankets and bed covers. The afghan stitches are quite popular among beginners as well as pro users. Here’s a few of the crochet blanket patterns:


This afghan stitch blanket is perfect for a gift or for your own use. The design is easy and simple for everyone to try, and the blanket will be great as a gift too.



This elaborate granny square blanket is perfect for a beginner’s project and looks colorful. If you’d like an easy to do pattern for your blanket try this one.

Easy Crochet Patterns:

Never feel left behind because you could not make that crochet project as it was shown. It may be that you are trying out pattern which are to be done by pros ad advance users.  So here we have a few very easy and simple patterns for you to try.


Crochet mandala like this one is not only a symbol of religion but a very common and useful crochet project in today’s time. They are easy to make, are quire useful and are meditative crochet pattern .



Basket weave crochet patterns are attractive and are widely used . This one here is used to make a small baby blanket in a solid color. The basket weave pattern is simple and looks attractive.


Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns

Crochet baby blankets are a great way to make the little one in your family be welcomed into the family. Not only are these crochet baby blankets a great gift for children but they are very comfortable for the baby too. The baby blankets help keep them warm and protected. Here are a few baby blanket patterns we found interesting:


If you’re looking to make a baby blanket for the little one in your family or are utilizing your free time before the little one arrives then this beautiful crochet baby blanket pattern will be perfect.


This wavy crochet baby blanket pattern is so colorful yet looks very suitable for the little one. The unique wavy pattern and the use of colorful yarn to make this crochet are unique ideas.


this shell patterned crochet baby blanket is just what may be looking for to make for that little angel in your family. Along with the blanket you may also want to make a matching baby hat . This pink and white combination looks very girly and is perfect for a newborn girl.



This baby Afghan pattern is so pretty and is perfect for the baby . The white blanket has a baby pink border which makes it very attractive and girly.

Crochet Patterns For Beginners:

No matter what your crochet skills are you should not feel left behind by attractive and beautiful designs. Here we have some easy and fun beginner crochet designs.



Afghan pattern stitch is very easy for beginners too and this one here is very beautiful. The pink and creme afghan stitch baby blanket here is great for personal use or for gifting .


Crochet seed stitch pattern looks beautiful and is great as a beginner’s pattern . The seed stitch is easy yet look quite advance. This blanket here is made with easy seed pattern crochet stitch.

Crochet Sweater Patterns:

Crochet sweaters are not really very popular but they were quite popular in the earlier times and are still as favorite for those who want to add some vintage feel to their dresses.


This full sleeved and collared sweater is perfect for casual sweater and makes for a great gift. The attractive color here makes the design stand out and it will be wise to use a bright color for this design.


Crochet cardigans look very vintage and make for a great alternative to modern cardigans. This lace three-quarter sleeves crochet top is beautiful and has flower patterns made over it.


This children’s sweater with friendship knot is a lovely choice if you’re looking for unique sweater patterns. The knot pattern in the middle of the sweater is the main USP of this design.

Crochet Shawl Patterns:

If you’re longing to make a crochet shawl and are looking for some patterns then we have a few to share:


This triangular crochet shawl pattern is attractive and unique. This will make for a perfect handmade gift and will be ideal for evening wear.


If you love crochet shawls then this one will be surely a nice choice. The shawl is perfect for wearing as an evening wear or to be used a prop .

Crochet Flower Patterns:

Crochet flowers look pretty and are easy to make for beginners too. Some crochet flowers can be used to make cute flowery hair clips and bands; the flowers can be used as decoration s well as to make dresses and other crochet projects look pretty. Here are a few flower patterns which are unique :


This maybelle lace flower pattern is fit to be used on anything. You may use it on your clothes, bags, headbands, hats as well as make crochet hair clips with them. these are one versatile flower design you will need forever.


This large poinsettia flower pattern is a great way to decorate any cloth or dress as well as use a table centerpiece decoration for christmas.


This multi layered crochet flower patter looks great for any kind of decoration. The two colors used here go along well and give the flower a unique look.

Crochet Headband Patterns:



This big hair bow crochet hair pattern is super stylish and is easy to make. This makes for a great ear warmer.



this headband is made from a tangled headband crochet pattern which will fit all sizes. The pattern is very easy to make and the best part is it’s stretchable.



this easy crochet headband looks perfect on children and can protect your ears from the cold . the pretty rose pattern makes it so adorable and it’s very easy to do.

Crochet Purse Patterns:


Crochet bags are really nice for a casual outing and look very summary. These bags are study and can be handmade . This one here is a three colored afghan crochet bag with a crocheted handle.


This Vintage irish roses and creme crochet bag is a perfect choice if you’re opting for a vintage look. It’s elegant and looks great as a prop too.



If you’re wanting to make a crochet purse for yourself then this cute heart purse will make for a perfect choice. The design is quite easy and looks cute. It can be used as a prop for photography , as a baby bag or even for your own use.


We hope these crochet patterns were useful to you ad you found them useful. Don’t forget to share your valuable comments and let us know if you use any designs. Have a happy time crocheting .