Indian women are no doubt the most beautiful women in the world. The elegance and charm that Indian women possess can not be found easily. Even non-Indian women desire to look as beautiful and as elegant as Indian women. The culture and traditional followed by Indian women is one of the major reasons behind their charismatic beauty. The Indian beauty regimens are considered as the best beauty regimens of the world.

Supple skin, beautiful eyes with long lustrous hairs has been a perfect picture of an Indian woman since centuries. The beauty regimens of Indian women are amongst the most-talked and awe-inspiring in the whole world. The secret behind the Indian beauty regimen is the use of home remedies and natural products.

Beautiful Indian Woman
Beautiful Indian Woman


In this post, I am going to discuss the Indian Beauty Regimens which are the secret behind the mesmerizing beauty of Indian women. These regimens are easy to follow and you can adopt then as your daily beauty regime.

The Sleeping and Waking up Regimen

This is most important Indian beauty regimen followed by Indian women. They sleep timely. Staying awake late night makes the skin harsh and unhealthy. Sleeping on time and giving required rest to the skin makes the skin rejuvenated and healthy from within. Indian women also try to wake up before sunrise. Doing a Surya-Namaskar or The Sun Salutation is an important part of the morning regime. This not only makes our body and mind sound, but also provides an extra shine and charm to the skin.


Yoga is commonly practiced by mostly all Indian women. The regularly learn yoga and practice it. The Surya-Namaskar is amongst the most common yoga that is done for beautiful skin by Indian women. You need to get up early before sunrise in order to reap the best from Surya-Namaskar.

Taking a Walk

Whether Indian women are a housewife or working women, she always manages to go for a morning or evening walk. Now you might be wondering how morning-walk is or evening walk comes under a beauty regimen. Well, Morning walk and evening walk helps in maintaining the balance of the hormones. This is helpful in making your skin soft, supple and beautiful from within. This is amongst the major reasons behind the natural beauty of Indian women

Use of Spices and Herbs

Using natural beauty products is a far better option than using chemically treated products. Indian women commonly use spices and herbs like Turmeric or Haldi, Saffron or Kesar, etc. on their faces. Turmeric is an Indian spice that has been used since ages. It is known for its medicinal properties and beauty benefits. We Indian women rub turmeric paste on our skin and face in order to purify and cleanse the skin. This also helps in curing various skin problems like rashes, inflammation, itching, redness and infections. Turmeric also helps in getting rid from skin tan and naturally improves the skin complexion. Another important spice that is majorly used by Indian women is Saffron. Saffron is grown in Kashmir in India. It is a very expensive spice that is known to make your fairer naturally. Consumption of saffron with milk can make you beautiful naturally. One or two strands of saffron in a day are enough to affect your skin is a beautiful way.

Use of Rose Water

We Indian girls prefer to wash our faces with Rose water or Gulab Jal. The rose water is made using fresh rose petals. The fragrance of the gulab jal is addictive and mesmerizing. You can directly wash your face with rose water or you can use to in a face pack, it will help in providing a natural glow to your skin. This also acts as a skin toner and relaxant. Not only this, but Gulab-jal can also help you in getting rid from the dark circles naturally providing you a flawless face.

Using Neem Leaves

Neem leaves are well known for its medicinal and antiseptic properties. Neem leaves can heal the various skin problems. The best use of Neem leaves is in treating pimples and acne. Beauty regimen of Indian women also includes the use of Neem leaves. You can either make a paste of Neem leaves to apply it on your face or add few Neem leaves in your bathing water or bath tub. This will protect your body from impurities of the environment and heal skin problems.

Aloe Vera for Anti-aging

Even though an Indian woman has crossed her 30s, she manages to look young and beautiful. In order to maintain the charm and charisma of the skin, Indian women use aloe-vera for anti-aging. They apply aloe-vera directly on their face. Even natural aloe-vera face packs are also available in the market. This helps in protecting the skin from pollution which prevents the early-aging and aging marks. It also makes the skin look spotless and clear.

Using Sandalwood or Chandan

Chandan is yet another important part of Indian beauty regimen. It is a kind of fragrant wood that is power-packed with beauty and skin benefits. It is golden-yellow in color. Indian women apply a natural face pack made of Chandan on their face in order to attain that desired flawless glow. Not only this, but chandan oil is also used to treat with skin spots, pimples, blackheads and rashes.

Using Amla, Reetha and Shikakai for Hair

Using all natural products to treat your skin and hairs, is the basic mantra of Indian women. We Indian women avoid using harsh chemically treated shampoos. Instead, we prefer using a mixture of Amla, Reetha and Shikakai to wash hairs. This strengthens the roots of hair naturally. Not only this, but it also makes our hair darker, denser and longer. It boosts the growth of hair and helps to cure dandruff and lice too. If not in the purest form, then we prefer buying shampoos and conditioners that are made using the natural products like Amla, Shikakai, Reetha, Neem, Tulsi etc.

Herbal Products Over Pure Cosmetics

The most important point of Indian beauty regimen is the use of herbal products over pure cosmetics. In India, herbals products are commonly available and widely used. May it be the soaps, shampoos, creams, hair colors, lipsticks, powders or even face packs, we prefer using the products that are not chemically treated and are herbal and Ayurvedic in nature. This helps us to take care of our skin in a natural way.

Aren’t these Indian beauty regimens just wonderful? Now you must have got an idea, why we prefer using all-natural beauty products than the chemically treated products. Indian women love their skin and they do not want to spoil it by using chemicals. And if, you have a natural remedy to look beautiful, why on earth would you take a risk of using chemicals on it. I hope you found this post informative and interesting. Stay tuned and stay connected… As more interesting stuff is coming right away!!

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