Koreans are known for their flawless face and beautiful skin. They are very skin-conscious. They love to nurture and pamper their skin a lot. Not only this, but they also spend their money in skin care and make up products in order to look beautiful. And no doubt, they look really beautiful.

In this post, I am going to share the best Korean flawless makeup ideas. You can surely get inspired from the ideas listed below and adapt them in order to attain flawless and beautiful skin.

Beautiful Korean Girl
Beautiful Korean Girl


1: Light but effective makeup-

This is the most important flawless makeup idea that Koreans love to follow. Makeup is important in order to look flawless. But this doesn’t mean that you put on heavy makeup that snatches away your original beauty and makes your face look cakey. Put on light makeup that can compliment with your skin tone while making it look radiant and beautiful. It is also very important to apply light base makeup before putting on main makeup, in order to cover up the imperfect marks on the face. So, the gist is put on light but effective makeup in order to look flawless.

2: Using the BB Cream-

BB cream or blemish balm is a common beauty trend now days. The use and craze of BB creams originated from Korea. Korea has a trademark on the word ‘Blemish’. This cream is an all-in-one makeup solution for women. You need not to buy a different serum, foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen or fairness cream for your face. BB cream can replace all your products and can provide wonderful results. Using BB cream on your face can also improve your skin complexion providing naturally flawless face. You can easily avail BB creams in the market and use it as a perfect makeup and skin care product.

3: Lots of mascara-

Mascara plays a very important role in Korean style makeup. Koreans love to apply mascara that can make their eye lashes look dense. Firstly, apply lots of Mascara on your lashes then use a lash-curler to curl your lashes. This will make your eyes look bigger, better and beautiful.

4: Eyebrows-

You must have noticed that eye brows of Koreans look tidy and perfect. This is because they get it plucked timely. Another secret behind perfect eye brows is the use of brow gel. Koreans apply brow gel on their eye brows to keep them tidy and in shape. Small brushes are available in market for brushing your eye brows. After applying brow gel, use a brush to give a proper and perfect shape to your eye brows.

5: Eye-liner-

Koreans love to highlight their eyes. And therefore, they apply thick liner to beautify the eyes. They also use the technique of tight-lining to apply eye-liner. Here eye-liner is applied in between the lashes very carefully. This gives a very natural look to the eyes and makes it appear as if you aren’t wearing any eye makeup. This nude eye makeup technique is great for highlighting the eyes in a very natural way.

6: Light blush-

Mostly Koreans avoid putting on blush to highlight their apple cheeks. They think it snatches away the natural beauty. But if, they use blush they apply the lightest shade of pink for flushed cheeks. This highlights the apple cheeks beautifully and perfectly goes with the skin tone and the best part is, it doesn’t looks artificial.

7: Lippy lips-

Koreans have lippy and luscious lips. Reason behind it is their regular lip care. They regularly apply tinted lip balms on their lips to keep them soft and supple. Apart from this, while putting on makeup they prefer applying light and natural shades of lipstick. Natural and light lipstick shades makes the lips look gradient and youthful. They also prefer glossy lipsticks over the matte ones in order to make the lips look like baby lips.

So, these were some of the most important flawless makeup ideas of Koreans. Aren’t these just wonderful? You can easily follow these ideas in order to look like a flawless Korean girl. For more amazing updates, do visit us back!!

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