dating-with-a-guyIt can be pretty hard to strike a conversation with a guy you like. When an unexpected chance surprises you to say something to your crush, you might end up nervous, excited, and tongue-tied. The worst scenario would be when you uttered the wrong words with the wrong timing or said nothing at all! It would be too embarrassing to just keep quiet and obviously rattled in front of your crush. It is equally mortifying to chatter endlessly or succumb to meaningless talk. It will make you look thoughtless and that would be unattractive.

Of course, when you start a conversation with your guy, you would want to appear interesting and attractive. Your first words will make or break your hopes of dating him for real. Consider these tips on how to initiate or make conversation with your dream man.

Phone or Personal


  • First, you have to seriously think it over how you prefer to start your talk—through a phone or in person? Planning on which way to talk to him can help you whip up a great recipe for an interesting conversation.
  • Texting your guy can be advantageous because you can structure your words ahead to sound smart or witty. It can cover up any nervousness you have in meeting him in person. You can appear confident and clever when you choose to message him through text. Keep your message light and friendly. Avoid obvious flirtatiousness and keep your text short and simple. You may send some love quotes for him, but make sure that they are not overly romantic or sweet or else it will turn out as flirty.
  • If, however, you choose to meet him in person, you can prepare yourself by looking into the things he likes like movies he prefers and music he loves listening to. When you are caught off-guard with a sudden meeting, control your nervousness and panic. Appear calm and friendly. If you could not speak intelligible words at this sudden meeting, hit the rescue button by saying casually dropping the “see you later” line.

The Vitals

  • Give Compliments. If girls love compliments, so do guys! Be genuine when you compliment him. Say it when he least expect it and do it subtly. Avoid over doing it or complimenting him in almost all he does. You might appear too eager to please him.On the other hand, smile when you give your compliments. It will be so awkward and improper to remark appreciatively with a so serious expression on your face. Or else he would be wondering if you are really complimenting him or actually complaining. Compliment him by saying simple lines maybe bout his hair, his shoes, or how he dresses up.
  • Do a Little Teasing. A little teasing can turn on your guy. Do this like a friendly bantering and not with a consistent putting down. The guy must feel that you are just teasing him and not putting him down. This can jazz up your connection.


  • Work up Mystery. Play hard-to-get! Let the guy chase you and work out in getting to know you. You will be spoiling his interest on you when you drop it all at once.
  • Be Interesting. No guy likes a boring conversation. So make sure to come up with a memorable talk with him so he will not easily forget you. When you are able to start and maintain a good conversation with him, he will most likely want to talk with you again. If you think that you are nose-diving into a boring conversation, simply cut it by saying “it was nice talking to you…” Say it in a friendly tone. This will save you from being remembered as a boring person.

The Don’ts

  • dating-mistakesSaying it All. You do not have to feed him with your whole biodata and resume at your first talk. If you do so, you might suffocate him with details he prefers to know later or to acquire by his own efforts. Generally guys love a mystery so be mysterious! Allow him to get to know you in stages.
  • Being Overly Smart. It would be intimidating for a man to meet a girl who knows better than him or who corrects him. When you are the know-it-all type, you give your man the unspoken message that you do not really need his opinion and this will turn him off. If, indeed, you are the smart type you can tone down your conversation so as not to appear too smart for him.
  • Going into the Unessentials. There are lines that girls should never utter to a guy and things that are complete No-nos if they do not want to ruin a good conversation. Be sure to steer clear of the following.
  • Talking about your Ex. Your guy does not need to know things about you and your ex-boyfriends. And you do not need to tell him that you are friends with your ex’s. It will send a different message to him and he might think that you are already thinking on how to dump him or already setting rules for possible break-up.
  • Beating him in a Game. Let your guy feel that he is good at what he does. If you are playing a game with him, Evade being too serious at beating him and ending up winning on most of your games. And there is no need to emphasize that you beat him in the games when you win. Loosen up and give your guy the chance to win. Guys like to feel that they have the upper hand even in games.
  • Letting him Feel like a Second Placer. Though it is natural to adore Brad Pitt or David Beckham, do not make him feel as if he is just second to them. It would be a total disappointment for a man to know that he is competing for a second place in your life. Let him feel that he is the only one you are pining for and let him wallow up in that idea.

If these rules do not work for you, then maybe, it is better for you to straightly speak up that you like him. A friendly and simple line, though, straightforward, may catch your guy’s attention. Good luck!