long-distance-relationshipHaving doubts if a long distance relationship could work? Knowing how to bridge the distance between two people is the secret ingredient. Many couples have gone through this challenge. Whether you are still in the dating stage or you have been married a few years, being in a long distance relationship can be quite daunting. The distance is definitely not enough reason to end a beautiful relationship but it does make your heart beat nervously.

So, here’s some tips to maintain and keep your love stronger despite the distance. Take a look at my list of long distance relationship advice and I’m really hoping that they will help you make your love stronger.

First Things First

We all know that relationships by themselves are not easy to begin with. It is a constant commitment to make things work. Somehow, when you don’t see each other physically, the drive to keep this commitment going can be a little more difficult. There must be that extra push from inside each party to work this out. In fact, almost all of the tips below may be applied to couples who are not exactly in a long distance relationship. However, as social beings, humans need to be affirmed by the physical presence of people every now and then. For long distance relationships, there is the dire need to double the effort as each side of the coin compensates for the lack of physical affirmation.

Important Virtues


Trust and patience are important virtues that both parties need to have. If you can’t trust the person on the other side, you will always think of stories of betrayal. These are poisonous thoughts that will dominate the relationship and lead you down the drain. Believing that the other person is worthy of your trust also strengthens your resolve to make things work. To be able to stay true and committed day in, and day out, definitely demands patience.

You also need to be very honest with other person. What’s the point in staying in an extra difficult situation if you cannot express your true feelings for each other anyway? Share your dreams and your tears. These things shape you as a person right now. If you can’t express these, you will soon transform to someone that the other person cannot recognize well. There will be times that you need to tell about big decisions or highlight important experiences. When your special other knows what’s on your mind, it is easier to understand the reasons behind big decisions later on.

Thanks To Technology


Just like ordinary couples, make sure you send each other SMS for quick updates every now and then. You may think that updates such as going out to pick up the laundry are meaningless but it helps you keep yourself real to the person on the other end. If there is a need to pick up the laundry because your machine broke down then this SMS becomes important even more. Take note that the message being sent here is not just that of a chore but more of exasperation. Sending your partner a love message is also essential. You can send some love quotes for her or him. That can express your care and love for your partner despite the distance.

Take the time to hear each person’s voice. It can be a weekly call or as often as three times a week. It’s important to hear the person’s voice and have a real conversation exchange without the obstacle of your typing speed. We need to engage the most number of our senses. Being able to actually listen and talk to your loved one in real time bridges that gap even just for a short time.

If phone calls are expensive, try the web applications with voice capability. There are so many options over the internet nowadays. You can even do video conferencing. Seeing the expression on the faces of the person you love makes you feel that they are there in front of you. This will surely ease the heaviness collecting in your heart.

Of course, there’s the ever reliable email. In the course of your 24 hour day, there will be those experiences that you can’t encapsulate in an SMS or would probably be too long if you talk about it over the phone. This lets the other person know that you took the time to think about them while writing this message down. You might say, “Is there anything left for us to talk about if I email everything?” Well, you know what the problem is? It’s when you think your experiences are not worth sharing with your significant other. So write, speak, and type. You can also write a romantic love letter for him/her. Constantly express yourself unless you suffer the consequence of not being comfortable to express much anymore.

Person To Person


Make sure you meet personally at least twice a year. This should be a big getaway and it has to be extra special. Remember that you are trying to make up for all the lost time and you are also trying to fill your memory bank for the next months that you won’t be seeing each other. Take lots of pictures and videos that you can keep on watching after your getaway. Ensure that your schedule will allow you to be fully present to each other. Work calls and emails are a no-no during this time. Surprise trips are also most welcome especially for special dates.

When Is Your Birthday Again?

Keep a list of important dates. Getting into fights because you forgot that it’s her birthday or it’s your anniversary is not easy. Just try to avoid it. Remember, use your technology. Use your phone, use a web application, and a mobile application. Just don’t let it slip through the cracks.


Making Time

As cliché as it may sound, you just have to make time for the other person. It is the only way that you can prove to the other person your commitment. You can’t get too caught with chores and too much work. Always keep things in perspective when you prioritize. Anything that will matter more in 5-10 years should be at the top of your checklist.

Something New

Remember not to be afraid to try something new. Whether it’s new technology to help you keep each other updated or a new experience during your trips, just try it. Trying something new together keeps the relationship exciting.

Long distance relationships are definitely not easy but if both parties would really like to make the connection then it’s worth it. Always have that mutual reciprocity and you will get through this.