house-warming-invitationHave you been looking for good housewarming gift ideas? Still, do know what kinds of gifts can make the housewarming truly a moment that will make him confident on a place that will shelter him? Do you want a gift that will mark a long-lasting impression? You have ideas in your head but you are not confident on whether these will truly share hopes of hearth and home. You want to make this housewarming last. You want to make the gift to be a symbol of your wishes of good luck and happiness. After all, a house is where your friend will cocoon himself for the next few days, month and year.

Make this gift and this housewarming party last. There is a variety of stuff to choose from. A housewarming gift doesn’t have to expensive. But you can make it meaningful. Make a new house a home. Here are some housewarming gift ideas to begin with:

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

Pressure Cooker

pressure-cookerimage:  Presto 01362 6-Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

One of the best and great housewarming gift ideas is the pressure cooker. You will never go wrong with this and the couple will surely be delighted receiving such a wonderful present for housewarming. You can find online sellers for discounted pressure cooker items.

Bonsai Trees

9GreenBox – Juniper Tree Bonsai Best Gift
The Bonsai is a native Japanese tree that grows only a few feet tall. The presence of this in a home somewhat gives an aura of peace and balance. For the Japanese, this is a reminder of longer years to come.


It’s advisable to have at least three of this in a house: one for the entrance door; one for the bathroom and some for each private room. Having doormats will keep the floor clean. This is handy for a person who likes a house with squeaky clean floors.

Wall Clock

Time is a critical component in the advanced capitalist world. A wall clock is a must in every house. You want to make the house a home, but you shouldn’t be late for school or work. A wall clock keeps you in track of your schedule.

Rapid Ice Wine Chiller

When the refrigerator takes too slow to chill that most needed wine for an occasion, this will really REALLY come in handy. This is also more portable and transferrable.

Image: Amazon

FoodSaver Vacuum-Packaging System

A FoodSaver machine will come in handy especially to avoid spoiling food and keeping them fresh. Other than this, the FoodSaver machine comes in different sizes to accommodate all sorts of food from vegetables and fruits to large chunks of meat.

Image: Foodsavercanada

Housewarming Gift Ideas for Couple


One of these days some friends or family members would want to check out the new house and spend a night of two there. The aerobed is a must especially if a person is very sociable and likes to have plenty of visitors all the time. A spare bed to accommodate guests, expected or unexpected, is a must-have. To have their stay memorable, an aerobed can be a solution.

Image: Aerobed

Ice Cream Maker

You’ll probably wonder, why didn’t I think of that? Everyone loves ice cream, including your neighbour. Having an ice cream maker can create new ideas whether you want to be friends with your neighbours or create a small business. There are a couple of ideas to choose from when you have an ice cream maker.

Image: Amazon

Electic Can Opener

That was not an error. Yes, it really reads electric can opener. The era of manual can openers is over. This elective can opener saves time and effort especially in a working day.

Image: Amazon

Housewarming Gift Basket Ideas

Gourmet Gift Basket

This is perhaps the most common bets when it comes to housewarming gift baskets. You will never go wrong in giving them the best goodies and munchies. You may include gourmet items such as cheese, canned goods and jellies.

Wine Gift Basket


Of course, a new house calls for a celebration. And celebration is much more fun with some chilled wine. Have fun with the celebration and give them the best choice of wine with a gift basket. Fill your gift basket with fine choices of wine and include a set of wine glasses.

Caffeine-Addicts Gift Basket


If the couple love to spend their time bonding over a cup of coffee or tea, why don’t you indulge their liking? Fill your basket with the choices of coffee and tea brands. Including some personalized coffee mugs will make the gift basket even more special.

Image: Basketbyrita

Gift Baskets Filled with their Favorite Stuff


But you really don’t have to make a themed housewarming gift basket. You can basically find a basket and fill it with whatever you think they really want. You may include towels, flower vases, clock, curtain, etc. Spa gift basket can be a perfect housewarming gift as well.

Image: Blissfulbalance

Housewarming Gift ideas for Men

Coffee Maker


This is something that is useful on a daily basis. What a better way to start a day than with a fresh hot exquisite cup of coffee.

Image: Amazon

Tool Kit


This is a handy must-have at home that will provide a do-it-yourself means whenever you need some small fixings such as adjusting the light switch or the door knob.

Image: Amazon

Shot Glasses


If your friend is the party person type, this kind of gift truly fits the personality. Surely, this will really last a lifetime use and will create a lasting impression, so don’t be surprised if the housewarming party turns gaga the moment you put this on the table.

Key Rack


Whether this is for the car key or the spare door, a key rack ensures that you don’t forget the most important thing to bring when you go out of the house.

Housewarming Gift Ideas for Women

Scented Candle and Candleholder


Pleasing the senses is a way to feel hearth and home. This gift will make the house more relaxing and pleasing to stay at. What’s better way to spend at home than with relaxation?

A Set of Kitchen Knives


No, you will not use this in case of burglar intrusion (although it may also come in handy for that). A kitchen is not a kitchen without a complete set of knives that will make perfect cuts for meals. A set of kitchen knives that range differently on the occasion will make every meal perfect and exquisite.

Image: Amazon

Dish Container


The first thing that will worry someone with a new house is how to get things in order. A dish container will come in handy, especially under a hectic schedule. Surely, everything in your house would need to be put somewhere including those dishes.

Yogurt Maker


You’ll probably wonder, why yogurt maker? This is a housewarming gift that will help in creating a healthy lifestyle. Instead of buying yogurt in supermarkets and look for the perfect preference for those taste buds, why not make your own healthy yogurt at home? Yogurt-making is also a means to bond with family members.

Image: Amazon

Potato Peeler


Save your fingers from the teeth-clenching potato peeling. Use those kitchen knives to cut foods with a wider range. A potato peeler is a life-saver for a new house. This saves time, including your fingers.

Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas

Automatic Trash Can


Keep the house clean. If a person is the time who likes to clean but is not too keen as to throwing everything out all the time, an automatic trash can is a must-have. This makes cleaning convenient and fun to do.

Image: Amazon

Robotic Vacuum


Now this may be the best you can give for a housewarming event. This will truly make a lasting impression. This makes sure that as a friend, your presence is felt even in the most challenging moments of his life: cleaning. With this, you can make an impression that you are truly a person who is there to clean up after his act. Now isn’t that sweet?

Image: Amazon

Vita-Mix Blender


Every house should have a blender to make the perfect meal unforgettable. There are lots of meals and beverages that a blender can make. The Vita-Mix blender is a housewarming gift for families who want a healthy lifestyle. This can make soups, vegetable juices and gravies. If a person has a baby, this blender will be very useful.

Image: Vitamix

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