30th-birthday-ideasEvery year we’re looking forward for our birthdays to come. But what if it’s your 30th birthday? Would you feel the excitement or would you feel ashamed of garnering that age? These feelings have been given justice every year. Every year there are people who come into this point. The point where you just wanted to turn back times or maybe hold the clock’s hands just to avoid its tick. Well, all of us will experience this kind of thing, the only difference is in how react with this kind of thing and how can we let others see that being at the age of 30 must be treasured like the mines and diamonds on Earth.
You can do this through celebrating it with them. You can have parties or anything that can make your happiness overflow within that day. If you still don’t have any idea on what will a 30th birthday should be you can have mine.
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30th Birthday Party Ideas

  1. 30th-birthday-party-ideasBeach Party- you can do it in a beach if you wanted your party to be so sensual and romantic.
  2. House Party- you can do it at home if you wanted to share it with your family and your closest friend. And this would also do if you prefer a safer venue.
  3. All Boys/All Girls Party- you can have this if you wanted to do everything you wanted for we are more honest and true if our colleagues have the same thinking with us.
  4. Alcohol Party- if you wanted to show others that you’re already independent and that you already have freedom at this age then you can have this. But just prepare for hangovers and fatigues for the next day.

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30th Birthday Gift Ideas

Gifts! Gifts! Gifts! Always never ending gift. This is what every celebrant awaits. You might think that a person celebrating his/her 30th birthday doesn’t want any of this? Well, stop that thoughts and have time visualizing some of my ideas on what will I give to somebody who celebrates his /her 30 years of existence in this world.

I have two suggestions, whether you can have serious gift or a humorous one.
Serious Gifts:

  1. Pearl or Diamond (for Girls Only) – well this sounds too expensive but if it’s someone whose really important (like your wife or girlfriend), you can find ways to make this possible.
  2. Relaxing Stuff- being at the age of 30, relaxation is what does this age really wants to it would be good if you give him/her these kind of stuff: books, bed sheets, pillows, DVD movies (probably not horror) and music collections (preferably classical and jazz.

Unforgettable Humorous Gifts:

  1. Calendar- you may think that it doesn’t make sense but when you emphasize every 30th day every month, it will make the celebrant burst out. There are really people who are so ashamed with their so you can use your wittiness with this.
  2. Anti-aging Solutions-¬ if you wanted to put a tickle in every visitors bone, you can give this kind of gift. This may sound insulting but as long as you know your limits and how to cool down that person, you can give this to him/her. It will really fit to those celebrants who are really curious of their age. You can use this with your wittiness.

30th Birthday Messages

Gift and presents have been a part of every celebration (as always), but every gift always comes with messages. Messages will be the one to give delight to the celebrants. Even if you give the most expensive gift you could afford, but your message sucks you’d better stay at home and open the gift by yourself. If you wanted to have a message that you can incorporate with your gift or you would send to somebody, you can take messages as an example.

Messages for Your Partner

All of us have a special someone in life. That person doesn’t need any gift our presence is enough but if you wanted them to realize how you love them you can follow my ideas if ever their 30th birthday will come.

“Today your age might be added another fold
And with this number you might look old.
But don’t worry, within the past years my heart I mold
Now I give it you to love and hold. Happy birthday babe!”

”I just wanted to be with you even if you’re 30, 40, 0r 100.
The age will never ever matter for my feelings will never flatter.
I just wanted us to be together and to be at your side forever.
Happy birthday sweetie.”

“You’re already 30 years old right?!
Well your eyes are still like the sun that does bright
It’s still responsible for giving my life its light
With your beauty my love for you I can’t fight”

“I know today is a special day. We’ll spend it with our overflowing love with our never ending caresses and touch. Hun, I am all yours during your birthday. Happy Birthday Hun.”

“Another year is added into your age.
I’m still stuck in your lover’s cage.
In your heart is the place where the past years I spent.
I can stay here for life if it would be your judgment.”

“You really posses the essence of 30
For as I see you my heartbeat increased 30x faster
Your skin seems like 30 years younger.
I admit, now that your 30, you’re a lot better.”

“You served as the pearl of this life,
You’re like a pearl that was perfectly nurtured through the times.
Can I be your shell to protect you through rough times?
Happy birthday my precious.”

“You have been running through my mind the whole day.
Can’t you stop and just stay by my side. Just now at your birthday.
You can start another lap tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry I don’t have any gift for you. Just get a knife in your kitchen.
You open my chest and get my heart. I reserved it just for you.”

“Thank you for serving as the key to my heart. Now, I don’t need any key to open it again. I now lock you in so that you can’t escape from me ever. Happy birthday my prisoner.”

Messages for a Friend (Classmate, Playmates, Close or Best)

Friend is always present in our life. They serve as listeners and our relief’s once we are in pain caused by our loved ones. They never get tired listening from our unending repeated stories. So, when their birthday comes, they deserve to be given words that can make them realize how important they are.

“We’ve been through a lot of things, through cheating, backbiting, flirting and more. Now, I would just like to tell you that I am always here for you. Happy birthday cheat mate.”

“You’ve been with me trough my good times and bad times. You always make me smile every time I cry. Thank you for being my clown. Now, it’s your birthday I will make sure to give you your widest smile. Happy birthday friend.”

“I witnessed your downfalls, pull ups and success. I idolize you for standing up once you fall. Thank you for giving me a hand for me to stand up. I may not pay back as much as that but I will always be here for you. It may be your birthday or not. Happy birthday idol.”

“I choose to be your friend, not because you’re different.
Not because you’re rich, not because you’re kind.
I chose to be your friend since I know you’ll invite me at your party.
I really like to eat during birthdays. Happy birthday true friend!”

“Thank you for accepting me, for what I am. I hope you will never stop understanding me as your friend. Happy birthday best friend.”
“I think I can’t stay with you now. You’re already old. I don’t have any old mate. Oh I forgot, you’re not my friend. You’re my best friend, so you’re exempted. Keep growing OLD best friend.”

“Happy Birthday April, or June, or September, maybe November? What would you prefer? As you can see your age are like the last day of this month. You’re even older than February. So what would you choose my birthday calendar boy/girl?”
“Others told me that I am a not a good friend for you. Well no, it will never be true. Once you became my friend, I turn out showing the goodness in me. So if you don’t want me to be a fool again don’t ever leave. Happy birthday my best friend.”

“Being 30 doesn’t mean you’re already old and weak. It just means that you’ve been fighting for struggles destined for you for the past 30 years. Be proud of your age and keep fighting and living my friend.”

“Age is just a number that doesn’t really matter. As long you’re my friend and yours. Let that age pass by until it’s old. Happy birthday young friend.”

30th Birthday Wishes

Wishes have been a great part of every celebration. It seems like a birthday without a wish is like a whole year of incompleteness and misfortune. A friend, brother or sister, husband or wife, mother or father or whatever connection, you can make some wishes for the celebrant. Just like these wishes of mine.

“Your goodness should be equated with the best gifts and presents in this world. Being the best person I have ever known, I can offer my days and life just to make you happy. I hope you’ll gain the endless strength and health a person could ever have. Happy birthday.”

“I wish that you’ll always treasure me as your friend for I will always see you as the most precious mine I have ever found. I know this wish is already granted but I’m just reminding you. Happy birthday and have a prosperous year dude.”

“Your birthday happens once every year. I can be your genie on that day. Just tell me your wishes and I’ll grant it. Just 3 wishes for I’m just a genie, remember?”

“I wish you can find your light towards the dark path for seeking the future. I as well hope that you once you’re there you will never hesitate to turn back to me and give me your most charming smile. Happy birthday.”

“A person like you deserves to find someone who would treasure and love you more than anyone in this world. I wish you can find that person during your most special birthday day.”
“At the age of 30, you should decide what you really want to do. Start finding yourself and happiness. I may just be your friend but I am willing to lend my time for to be able to meet your happiest. I wish I can put a smile in your face at this very special day of yours. Happy Birthday!”

“Thank you for loving me for the past few years. Your age will probably change but every beat and sound of this heart will always shout and be longing for your most beautiful name. You deserve to be given more years of healthy living life, don’t worry about your for I will be feeding it with my never rending love. Happy Birthday babe.”

“I can’t give you 30 cars, I can’t even give you 30 cakes, and I can’t even give you 30 gifts. There are more than 30 things that I could give you but there is only one thing for sure I could offer you, more than 30 years of loving you and following what you would tell me to do. Happy Birthday love!”

“May your birthday lead a way for you to have the smile in your most adorable face, a way for you to have success in your most valuable life and a way for your most loving heart to find its longed happiness. This is a wish from your cutest friend. Happy Birthday!”

“Wishes have been given to you by everybody. Everything anybody could wish was already sent to you. Me, I only wish that the wishes that were given will find its path to possibilities. I am always here wishing the best for you. Happy Birthday!”

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