halloween-costumesOne of the most exciting things about the Halloween season is the Halloween costume ideas that allow us to let out the inner creativity in all of us. Next to Christmas, Halloween just may be one of the highly-anticipated events that are being celebrated by some countries around the world. This is the occasion when costume playing was an excuse and not considered as crazy. You may want to start thinking about your Halloween attire from this point on because October is fast approaching and the legitimate moment of costume playing comes only once a year.

Of course, people dress in outrageous costumes during the occasion, but as more trends come and go Halloween costumes also sail with the flow. There are several costumes today that vary from sexy to bizarre. You don’t want to miss the fun this season. After all, it’s not every day that you are going to wear your worst nightmares or sweetest fantasy. It doesn’t matter if you want to dress up as your favorite Game of Thrones character or Twilight fantasy – different modern Halloween costume ideas are always welcomed.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Adult Witch Body Shaper Costume


This costume has an idea of making a sexy witch look. Of course, this comes with a broom to complete the look. In case, you’ll need a corset, a short skirt, fishnets / long sexy stockings, shoulder reveal top and a small witch hat.

Image: Amazon

Adult Huntress Costume


You can find this costume idea in the local store. But in case you may want to do some customizing, here are a few tips: put on a black stocking, knee-high boots, tank top dress, hood and a toy bow and arrow. To add some effect, tie your hair in a braid that falls on a shoulder.

Image: SpiritHalloween

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas


Plastic Green Army Man

For this costume idea, you’ll need green paint: lots and lots of green paint, both body and latex paint. You will also need an army costume with matching army safety hat and toy gun. For your attire, paint every single detail with green and let them dry before you use them. This includes the gun. While allowing your costume to dry, use the body paint to color your body in full green. Once you and your costume have dried, you’ll be set to go.

Office Space


This will not be your regular office look. When we say Halloween costume with an office space theme, we mean something that will make you look like Bill Lumbergh and a total workaholic geek. In this light, put on some pin-striped polo, which you’ll button up to the last one, with matching tie and horn glasses. Also, part your hair in the middle to make you look a bit uptight. Add your costume idea by holding a cup of coffee.

Image: Lehighvalleylive

Derek Zoolander


You have to watch the Hollywood film Zoolander in order to understand the humor that comes with this idea. You’ll need a dark eyeliner, dark lipstick, zebra-designed headband and hair gel to have this look. Spike your hair using the hair gel then pull it further by wearing the headband just above your forehead. Then, trace your eyes with the dark eyeliner. Put some lines on each side of your face to achieve the Zoolander look; then, add some dark lipstick to make the finishing touches.

Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Target Costume

To achieve this idea is simple. Have a black shirt ready for the craft. You’ll also need a red, black, blue and white duct tape to make the target. Also, get a parchment paper ready with assorted plates, bowls and glasses, wire cutters, wire hangers and two plastic straws.

How to Make your own Target Halloween Costume

  1. To make the target, stick the strips of the duct tape to the parchment paper.
  2. Trace the paper plate on the red, blue and black tape as well. The diameter should decrease dramatically each tape.
  3. Cut the traced lines and peel them.
  4. To create the arrow, cut the bottom of the hanger with the wire cutters and bend it to an arch. The trim should be about 1 1/12 inches from the straw.
  5. Then, trim the duct tape. The feathers should still be shown.
  6. Slip the straw at the end of the wires.


The needs for this costume can be readily found at home. For this, you’ll need an old shirt, tool belt, hand tools, brown face paint, work gloves, hard hat and a toy walkie-talkie. First, cut the sleeves from the old shirt. You’ll wear this on top of the thermal shirt. Wear the rest of the costume to complete the look.



All you need is a trip down your closet to achieve this idea. You’ll need flowery skirts, old scarves, costume jewelry, lipstick, face paint and old purse. Of course, you’ll know where to put the lipstick. The main effect is on the skirt. Put on the flowery skirt and layer the old scarves and costume jewelry on it. The face paint will come in handy to add some face mole, which is stereotyped for a gypsy look. Tie a scarf around your head – and gypsy look done.

Image: CostumeCraze

Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Britney Spears Look


Are your peeps a fan of Britney Spears? No? It’s still alright to try this idea because Ms Spears has been famous for her exotic and trendy outfit, especially in her music videos. It’s simple to get this idea, check out her videos; then, you and your friends could check their picks.

The Wizard of Oz

If you don’t know this classic film, then you are missing half of your life. Moreover, this film can provide you with a great group Halloween costume idea. You’ll need a group of four to bring the tin man, the lion and others to life.

Image: Costume-Works


Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Princess Kate and Prince William

How can we forget the famous royal couple? You may want to try this idea this Halloween season. The instructions are also simple. If you’ve watched the live coverage of the royal couple’s wedding, then you can have an idea on what to wear as the royal couple.

Image: Annban10.blogspot

Ken and Barbie


Yes, the guy has to comply with the girl’s desire to become Barbie for a day. It’s actually simple to achieve this couple look. For the girl, you’ll have to pick a pink cocktail dress and a long blonde wig (curly, wavy or straight) and light make-up in the shade of blushing pink. For the guy, you’ll need gel – lots of gel to achieve Ken’s debonair style. Then, pick a trendy polo shirt that you’ll wear buttons down (if you don’t have abs to display, draw one. This is not a joke) and white pants that will make you look like a beach body wonder.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Iron Chef

And we mean that literally, because this costume idea involves three things: a chef’s hat, apron and an iron (the one you use for ironing clothes). This costume idea will immediately give stunt recognition for the audience.

Image: Stampvamps

Fork in the Road

This is another costume that lives up to its literal meaning. For this, you’ll need a dark shirt, white duct tape and a fork. First, cut the duct tape into such a way that they’ll make dashes on the shirt. The dashes should start from the ankle to the neckline; then, stick the fork under one of the duct tapes to make it look like a “fork in the road.”
Source: RealSimple

Easy Halloween Costume Ideas


It’s amusing how great things come with simple objects. This idea is not only cheap. It is also hilarious and witty. While the rest of the treaters are designed epically in expensive costumes, yours don’t have to cost a penny. What you’ll need: an empty bottle and a string. Tie the string around the neck of the bottle and create a loop for your neck – obviously: bottleneck.


Now why didn’t we think of that? This is perhaps the easiest (and laziest, unfortunately) idea you can come with this Halloween season. Simply grab a large, empty picture frame (without glass) and carry it all around as you go begging for candies.

Paper Bag Costume

Here’s another easy Halloween costumes that you can get for you or your child. All you need is paper bag, some colored construction papers and glue. No need to have skills in dressmaking. Just make sure that every holes will fit to the right place.

Image: Liberty Biberty

Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Cat Out of the Bag

This costume idea is anything but expensive. It’s unique as well – so unique that people will think that your idea is postmodern: the meaning depends on the interpretation of the beholder. You can wear cat ears then hold an empty bag – again, what this costume idea means depends on interpretation. One thing’s for sure, it is anything but expensive.

Tickled Pink

Unlike the postmodern costume idea of cat out of the bag, this one will cost less but will leave an impression on the beholder (thank goodness). All you have to do is dress yourself in pink from head to toe and top it off with a pink feather boa.

Image: Beautyplus

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas



Everybody loves The Smurfs. But if you want this costume idea, you better be ready to have your face and skin colored in blue; then, pick attire that matches those of any Smurf character of your choice.

Image: Costume-works

Owl in a Tree


This is simple as well as cute and will go well if you have an infant to share the costume play with you. Simply dress in green and fill your hair with leaves to make you look like an owl’s nest. Of course, the infant with an owl bonnet will join you in a green carrier.

Image: Humptywaspushed

Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

Game of Thrones


We are all familiar with this famous adult series. Simply pick a medieval costume that goes with a little spice (by that we mean skin-reveal). Then, equip your hair with those exotic styles that are prominent in the series.

Image: Flickr

Sexy Swat


This is easy and sexy. You can also wear this daring costume even on a daily basis. All you need is a sexy fitted jumper skirt and a tee that peeps a little with the word “SWAT” on it. To complete this costume, you can wear black hand-bands.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Killer Clown


Some kids like clowns and some don’t. This Halloween season, the clown will be dressed like a killer. The instruction is simple: reverse the happy colors that a clown usually has into dark tones. The face paint will complete the pattern. Of course, you’ll paint the face of a demented clown instead of a happy one.

Gay 90’s Vest


If you’ve heard of the Katy Perry song “You’re So Gay,” then this is something like that. Dress in a pink pin-striped vest with matching hat and cane to make you look cheeky and gay even if you don’t like boys.

Image: HalloweenExpress

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Lorax Costume


Kids know who Lorax is, even though you might not. The funny thing about this idea as well is that this makes them look like an old grump. All you need is an orange night cap and a matching orange dress; then, you can buy a yellow or straw-colored beard and eyebrows.

Image: 2littlehooligans

Hunter Captured by Gorilla

You, the parent, will have an Oscar support for this, you’ll need to dress in a Gorilla costume. You’ll also need a cage that can fit your little one, who will be draped in a hunter costume.

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Pinata Costume


All you need for this is a colorful furry disguise for your little one and a matching stick to make him look like a piñata that comes with revenge.

Image: Costume-works

Baby Carl Fredrickson


We loved the film UP. Now it’s the time to take our fanaticism a little higher. Dress your little one like the real character and tie a couple of colorful balloons behind him; then, give him a walking stick to complete the version. Just make sure he doesn’t fly off.

Image: Mymodernmet

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Willy Wonka Mistress

You’ll have to eat those chocolates first before having the wrappers (of course, this will make you feel a lot like a chocolate junkie even more). Then, string those wrappers into a tube top. Make sure there are no holes to peep in unless you want. For the headdress, you’ll need some assorted colored wigs. Cut a few handfuls of these wigs and glue or string them together to top as over-grown bangs. Now this is what a Willy Wonka Mistress looks like.

Colorful Skeleton Face

You may need an initial sketch to proceed further. Not to worry, you can find plenty of these on the internet. You also need face paints for this. First, sketch the outline of the skeleton template on your face, then add some additional color touches to make it look more authentic. You can add protruding blood vessels or bare teeth to exaggerate the details.

Toddler Halloween Costume Ideas


The Despicable Me fever is far from over, even for this Halloween season. Check out some of the local store to get a Minion costume that will awe the cuteness out of everyone.

Rainbow Brite and Twink Costume

Your little one will need a little of your participation on this one. You can take a trip down town and look for a costume with this theme or you can also try customizing at home. All you need are rainbow arm and leg warmers for the Rainbow Brite costume and white wool covering that also matches with rainbow leg warmers and star antennas to get the costume idea done.

Scary Halloween Costume Ideas

Nightmare on Elm Street Costumes

This is one of the scariest movies of all time. Until today, this film is still etched into the worst nightmares of people around the world. Surprisingly, the stuff you need for this costume idea is simple: you will need a sweater with horizontal black and red stripes matched with a black pants and leather shoes; then, put hand gloves that resemble Freddie’s in the film. Paint your face with the gory patterns on Freddie’s face.

Friday the 13th Costume

Another that adds to the list of scariest films of all time is Friday the 13th. To achieve Jason’s look is a little easy. You’ll need a carbon copy of Jason’s face mask and killing knife. Complete the costume idea with Jason’s wrecked clothes. You can shred your old shirt (at your own risk) and wear faded pants with matching killer boots.

Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas

Double Skeleton

This is a skeleton costume with a twist. To achieve this is to draw some skeletal system using white paint on your full black shirt. Add the skeletal of a lying baby just on the belly to make it look like there’s a skeleton inside another skeleton.

Pregnant With a Pumpkin

Simply, use a non-toxic body paint to design your bulging belly like a pumpkin. With this image, you can walk around holding your belly as if you are holding another prop. Give the audience a surprise when you release the pumpkin – it doesn’t fall down!

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