First impression is the last impression and a good hairstyle is necessary to make your facial features more prominent. A good hairstyle can add to your look and attract lots of appraisal and a bad one can totally ruin your look. Bangs are the shaped part of hair which falls on the forehead and adds a precise definition and shape to the hairstyle. There are innumerable hairstyles available for different hair lengths. Recently hairstyle with various types of bangs are becoming popular and with top celebrities flaunting their hairstyles with bangs it’s now a trend. If you would like to get a hairstyle with bangs soon for yourself then browse some of the designs we have compiled here:


Long Hairstyles with Front Bangs:

If you own long tresses then flaunting it is a great idea .Get a cute hairstyle with bangs and flaunt them to your heart’s content. Try these hairstyles with front bangs and fringes which help to give you a crisp and cute look. See the ones we have compiled for inspiration:

1bangs 4

This simple front bang hairstyle is perfect for every age. If you want a casual and fun hairstyle then try this look. The Front fringes not only look cute but help balance your face shape if you have a large forehead too. The hair for this hairstyle has been straightened and the front fringe has a slight curl inwards.

1bangs 14

Korean women have been known for their cute looks and flawless skin. Here we see a very pretty Korean front bang hairstyle . The hair has been colored and straightened except for the ends. At the end loose curls have been made to keep the look simple and natural.This look will be a great back–to-school hairstyle and will suit most young women.

1bangs 10

This  very natural looking front bang hairstyle is great for women of any age. Simple straight hair and a slightly side brushed front bang is very manageable . this type of hairstyle is perfect for school going girls and college girls too.


1bangs 7

This long hairstyle with bangs look pretty on any women. With straightened hair and the sleek appearance this hairstyle can make broad faces appear slimmer. The font bangs can also hide your forehead if it’s too long. Keep the bangs above your eyebrows to avoid disturbances due to the front fringe.

1bangs 6

If plain front bangs are not your type try this Front bangs hairstyle and see if this suits you. The hair is middle parted and the bang is also parted slightly from the front to make it look more natural and easy to manage. The hair has been straightened but it is not poker straight.

1bangs 5

This ombre front bang hairstyle is chic and trendy. It will definitely suit young and middle-aged women perfectly. if you are the experimenting type then go in for this hairstyle. get front fringes up to your brows and straighten your hair to perfectly recreate this look.

1bangs 19

Taylor swift has some impressive front bangs hairstyles up her sleeve and this is one of them. With ash blonde hair and perfectly straight mane the front bangs look even more attractive and prominent. the hairstyle makes her face appear thinner and more pointed .

Long hairstyle With Side Swept Bangs:

Side swept bangs are also very common within all women as they are easier to maintain and do not feel uncomfortable . Side swept hairstyle help to make faces appear slimmer and thinner. Side swept hairstyles are quite common and there are many hairstyle available on the internet. We have some designs we wanted to share with you:

1bangs 1

These front side swept bangs look chic and trendy . The hair has been straightened and the ends have been curled inwards. The whole look has become more impressive because of the hair color red. The hair has been sprayed with shine spray to produce good amount of shine and keep the hair in place.

1bangs 3

these side swept hairstyle looks gorgeous and will surely suit most women. The straightened poker straight hair has been in vogue from a few seasons now . the front bang covers a part of her eye and ends near the ear.

1bangs 18

This pretty long hairstyle with side swpt bang is simple enough to be fit for women of any age. The hair has been side parted and then straightenned slightly and then the bang has been curled inwards at the side.


This easy to maintain side swept hairstyle with bang looks suitable for a variable age group. Women will love the easy to manage hairstyle which has slight waves at the ends . The dark borwn shade and glossy hair makes the hairstyle look even more attractive.

Medium Hairstyle With bangs:

1bangs 11

This messy medium length side swept bang hairstyle is really very simple and easy to maintain. blonde highlights on chocolate-brown hair looks quite ready. The hair has been kept messy to give the appearance of better volume.

1bangs 2

This medium length hairstyle is easy and can be carried by women of all ages. The hairstyle uses the same messy hair technique as the previous one to make the hair look voluminous.

1bangs 13

This simple and easy to maintain hairstyle is great for any age. The side swept bang here starts from one side, where the hair is parted and continue till the lower part of the other side. The hair is cut in a layered razor bob cut hairstyle with a side swept bang.


This medium length hairstyle with front bang is very easy to do and is perfect for women of different ages. The hair as most of the hairstyle, has been straightened and slightly curled inwards. This hairstyle will help narrow a face down and make the cheekbones more prominent .


Curly hairstyle With bangs:

Curly hair may be  unruly to some and a problem to many but curly hairstyles with bangs look very pretty. Here we have some curled and permed hairstyles with bangs. Do check the designs we have compiled:


1bangs 12

If you are a fan of permed hair and fancy perming then try this cute and simple hairstyle with bangs. The hair has been straightened and then parted from the side. Perming has been done on the length of the hair to give the hairs some definition. The side swept bangs fall on the eyes and block a significant part of your face.

1bangs 16

This Taylor Swift curly side swept bangs hairstyle is very romantic and fit for special occasions. the hair has been sectioned off into same thick parts and then curled into large, loose curls. The front bang here has been curled outwards to keep it out-of-the-way. Hairstyle like these are perfect for Bridesmaids, weddings, prom and special dates.

1bangs 17

If poker straight hair is a complete No-No for you and you have naturally wavy or curly hair try this hairstyle. The front hair has been side parted , the bang has been tucked into the main hair and curled  outwards. the whole hair has been curled in large loose curls.

Short hairstyle With bangs:

If maintaining hair is not your time and you are bored with your long hair then try some short hairstyles with bangs.. The bob has been one of the most popular short hairstyle and here are more two that we loved the most:

1bangs 15

If you have dark brown or black hair then choose this hairstyle will be great for you. The short and messy hairstyle is great for every age. The side swept bangs look very natural. The hair has been kept near the shoulder so it is a long bob.

1bangs 20

Short bob hairstyles are always popular among women and are very easy to maintain. This hairstyle has a side swept bang which helps to create a good feel for the face. the bob hairstyle is always in vogue and you can make it look better with a side swept bang.

We hope all of these designs have delighted you and you have finally made up your mind about which hairstyle you should use. hairstyles with bangs are quite popular in recent times and also very easy to maintain. Choose a design according to your face shape to get the best results. Always remember that  hairstyle should be chosen according to your face shape and hair length. Do let us know your views in the comment section.