funny-christmas-greetingsChristmas is not only a festival, but it is season that is full of warmth, love and joy. As the Christmas season approaches, it fills people from all around the world with happiness and enthusiasm. People decorate their houses with special Christmas decorations, cook Christmas special cookies and cake, meet relatives and friends and send beautiful gifts and greetings to their near and dear ones.

Christmas is no wonder the best festival to share laughter and joy with your loved ones. In order to add more joy and fun to this warm and loving season, here we have the best funny Christmas greetings. These funny Christmas wishes and saying will surely tickle the funny bone of your friend or family. These funny greetings are light and sweet, are can be sent to anyone who is close and dear to you.

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Funny Merry Christmas Greetings:

This is our first section of this post, where you are going to read funny merry Christmas greetings. You can use these Christmas greetings to write on greeting cards, e-cards or these greetings can also be sent via text messages on phone.


I wish you a hilarious
and blissful year ahead
just like Santa’s laugh.
Merry Christmas

All I want for Christmas is you.
Still some gifts would also do good.
Merry Christmas!

May be instead of gifts
you can get your credit card bills
cleared from Santa.
Have a Merry Christmas
and a very happy new year too.

Christmas gifts are so lovely
until you are not paying for it.
Merry Christmas.

All I wish from Santa for you,
is unlimited lives of Candy Crush Saga!
I couldn’t think any other wish
for a candy crush saga addict like you.
Merry Christmas!

As the Santa comes
singing along ho ho ho,
May your happiness
year around grow grow grow…
Merry Christmas

Lets bring beer and champagne along.
May be Santa changes
his mind and stays here forever.
Merry Christmas.

You might get kidnapped tonight.
People may have wished
a friend like you.
Stay alarmed.
Merry Christmas

Santa has been so busy lately
that he forgot to trim his beard.
But you are not so busy,
do shave your beard this Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Okay, so that’s why you
have been so nice lately.
The Christmas is coming
and you don’t want any
decrease in number of gifts.
HAH! Gotcha!!
Merry Christmas!


Wishing Santa gifts me a credit card
with no credit limit
and no paybacks.
Merry Christmas.

Do not turn to every fat,
jolly and white bearded old man.
He might not be Santa.
May be he is the man
who has come to deliver your food bills.
Merry Christmas!

Don’t ride out tonight.
You may be hit by a group of reindeers.
Merry Christmas

Every year I demand
a hefty paycheck
and slim physique
but Santa messes them every time,
And what I get is,
a heft physique…
and a slim paycheck!
Hope Santa doesn’t do this again!
Merry Christmas

Doesn’t Santa have
an exchange offer this year?
You are becoming intolerable to me!
LOL!! Merry Christmas.

Celebrate the spirit of togetherness,
celebrate the freedom of holidays,
May Santa offer loads of blessings
and brighten up your future days.
Merry Christmas.

Funny Christmas Greetings Sayings:

Are you wondering to share funny Christmas greetings saying with your friends and family to cheer them up and double their joy of Christmas festivities? That’s really a fabulous idea. Here you will read the funny Christmas greetings sayings that will surely add extra joy to the celebration of Christmas.


I think you should make peace
with Santa then only
your gifts will be delivered.
Keep a champagne bottle ready this time.
Merry Christmas!

Celebrate Christmas
and do share the gifts too.
Merry Christmas

Be good to all,
be nice with everyone around,
then only Santa will give you your gifts.
Merry Christmas!

May Santa also bring peace
to your mind and soul
just as he brings gifts.
Merry Christmas

Red color of Santa’s robes
brings you love and warmth &
white brings peace and joy to the family.
Merry Christmas Rebel Boy!

May Santa throw snowballs of blessings
on you and your family.
Merry Christmas.


As the Christmas carols cheer up in our mind,
Let’s celebrate the eve of joy with all of us combined.
Merry Christmas

From the days when
you believed Santa Claus exists
till this day when you look
like a Santa Claus yourself,
you have been my friend.
So, merry Christmas friend.
Cheers to our friendship!

At night Santa Claus
sings carols and brings us present,
While we celebrate the festival of joy
with an evening well spent.
Merry Christmas

Enjoy the day celebrate
an evening with zest,
While Santa brings gifts
and blesses for your life’s best.
Merry Christmas!

Christmas is not meant for shopaholics.
A statutory warning from Santa!
Merry Christmas!

May the days ahead be joyful and merryful,
And your Christmas Eve be healthy and blissful!
Merry Christmas

I was lazy enough to bring gifts for the eve,
so ask for one from Santa.
Merry Christmas!

Breaking news!
Don’t look for reindeers in the sky!!
Santa will come on horses now
instead of reindeers for faster delivery.
He He!
Merry Christmas!

Here are my warm and loving
Christmas wishes for you!
Whoa? Are you expecting a gift too?
That’s not my thing,
Just wait for Santa to bring..!!
Merry Christmas

You must be very happy today
as it is the day for only receive, receive, receive.
Merry Christmas!

Funny Christmas Card Greetings:

Are you searching for funny Christmas card greetings and wishes? If yes, then this section is an end of your search. Here, you will read the funniest and wittiest Christmas card greetings. You can simple copy these funny Christmas card greetings and wishes on your card and gift it to your dear one.


Let us feel the spirit
of Christmas,
by getting drunk tonight!
Merry Christmas!

Christmas is truly magical,
it makes your sins disappear forever.
Good time for you!
Merry Christmas!

Will ask Santa for beer
and invite him over for night stay.
Hope he agrees for a party tonight.
Merry Christmas.

Santa should hire a cargo plane for you,
for the numerous gifts that you order.
Hope you get all of them!
Merry Christmas

Wonder Santa is just an incarnation of laughing Buddha.
Have a holly jolly Christmas!
Enjoy this Christmas as if its the last one.

You haven’t been so good this year.
Santa might not bring gifts
this year so here’s one for you from me!
Merry Christmas Buddy!

May your Christmas eve be full of joy,
laughter and
lots of ‘ho ho ho’
Merry Christmas!

Santa brings sacks of joy,
Cartful of laughter
and stomach-full of blessings.
Merry Christmas

May your glasses and plates
be full and stomachs always ready for food,
that’s what I would wish to Santa
for a foodie like you.
Merry Christmas

Santa would be so happy
with your lasagna offerings.
I was at Santa’s place,
I would have offered more gifts for that dish.
Anyways, merry Christmas!
Cheers to your party!

Wonder if Santa would
have been a lady, young and beautiful,
I wouldn’t have slept
the whole night in waiting for her.
But Santa is an old man…
So, Go and sleep!
Merry Christmas

Ring the chimes
of merrymaking for its ‘ho ho ho’ time.
Merry Christmas!

May your life be
as white as Santa’s beard
and love in your life
as red as Santa’s dress.
Merry Christmas

Wishing your happiness
never ages just like Santa Claus.
Merry Christmas.

May Santa gladden your heart
and fill your house with gifts of love and peace.
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Forget about being good,
forget about gifts,
forget about everything else…
It’s Christmas time,
Come on, let’s Party all night!
Merry Christmas

Don’t tell Santa
that you have been good
all through this year…
He might roll on floors laughing,
and our gifts delivery would get delayed.
Merry Christmas!

This Christmas,
I am not asking Santa
to give YOU as a gift to me,
instead ‘YOU’ have been replaced
by a new ‘Credit Card with No limits’
in my wish list!
Ho Ho Ho!
Merry Christmas!

These were some really funny Christmas wishes, greetings, card messages and sayings. Hope you enjoyed reading these; even we enjoyed creating them for you. Do share it with your friends and family to double the moments of joy, laughter and fun. Hope you enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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