Flower_girl_weddingAfter saying “yes” to that much awaited proposal, the preparation for tying the knot begins. As the big day approach, an engaged couple gets busier with so many things to arranged for—the venue, the food, the invitations, the outfits.

The star outfit of the day in a wedding is probably the bride’s gown. The guests await the bride, who will walk last down the aisle. Of course, before her would march the sweet little girls picked specifically to carry flowers.

How the flower girls dress also adds to the magic and beauty of the wedding march. To choose a flower girl dress, you must consider the color theme of the wedding. Aside from that, you may begin picking the style according to your taste—fairy-tale like or simple, ball gown or tea dress? You may also consider the style of the bridesmaids’ dress or pick a different style.

Here are some suggestions that you can consider for your flower girls’ dresses.

Best Flower Girl Dresses


Make those little flower girls look like flowers themselves with this little balloon dress. The pink sash adds a girly touch to this simple but elegant dress. Stick a flower to the girls’ braided hair for a finishing touch.


People may confuse your flower girls as mini versions of the bride as they walk down the aisle in this stylish gown. The beaded bodice of this gives off an elegant vibe, while the ruffled skirt is for a mini debutante look.

Cheap Flower Girl Dresses


You don’t have to sacrifice the look of your little flower-bearers if you’re on a tight budget. Choose a ball-gown style with a ribbon and flower finish that matches your chosen motif. This will surely give the girls an elegant look without overdoing it.


Go for a simple yet pretty look for the flower girls with this duo-chromatic gown. The A-line skirt goes beyond the girly look and makes the gown look like a little version of the bridesmaids’ dress. You may pick white or ivory (or any light color of your choice) for the majority of the gown and reserve the dark color to highlight the neckline and straps.

Ivory Flower Girl Dresses


Ivory never goes out of fad when it comes to wedding dresses. Be it the color or the whole dress or just a part of it, the outcome is just elegant. Ivory is the standard color for weddings, so you’ll never go wrong with choosing to dress your flower girls in it.

Image: Mylilcupcakebirthdayboutique

Stand alone or mix it with your wedding motif, going with ivory is never a wrong choice. Ivory is a good template for wedding dresses. Add a touch of your chosen motif to the flower-bearers’ dresses by putting a sash and bow, like with this tulle gown.

Tutu Flower Girl Dresses

Image: TutuSweetShop
Image: TutuSweetShop

What makes flower girls more adorable than tutu dresses? Go all out and big with a fluffy tutu gown. The guests will not be able to restrain themselves from admiring the little girls as they trot down the aisle in this.

Image: TutuSweetShop

Go girly with a tutu ball gown for your flower girls. The bodice of this gown adds glamour to the ”little ballerina” look. Top off the look with a big bow tied around for a cute touch.

Image: Mylilcupcakebirthdayboutique

Pick white or any pastel color for the tulle skirt of the little girls’ gowns. Match it with a dark or bolder color for the bodice. Then, drape with fake flowers for a more glamorous finish.

Lace Flower Girl Dresses

Image: Etsy

Lace is again “in” the fad now. If you are up for vintage look for your wedding, then you can dress your flower girls with full-body lace gowns like these. The vintage look is definitely achieved with the puff sleeves in place.

Image: Etsy
Image: Etsy

If perhaps you are not into the vintage look but into the glamorous one, you can apply the lace touch to just a part of the dress. Like with this dress, the lace skirt is simple yet very stylish.

Tulle Flower Girl Dress


Your flower girls will look like little princesses in this lovely tulle gown. The flowered bodice adds to the style of this adorable, little gown. The elegant look is simply perfect for a wedding.

Purple Flower Girl Dresses

Image: Etsy
Image: Etsy

Are you in for a little fantasy touch? Dress your little flower-bearers as fairies with this grand purple gown. The bodice is simply made of satin, but the elaborate skirt definitely is magical!

Image: Romanlove
Image: Romanlove

This purple gown spells “prim and proper”. Opt for a sequined tulle skirt to top off the glamorous look.

Vintage Flower Girl Dresses

Image: OliviaKate
Image: OliviaKate

Here’s another suggestion for those who like a vintage look for their wedding. The tulle skirt gives off a dreamy vibe while the intricate bodice completes the vintage look. Your wedding pictures with the flower girls will look like they were taken from another era!

White Flower Girl Dresses


White is a symbol of purity. That is why it is commonly used for weddings. It also adds a touch of innocence to the wearer. It is also elegant to wear as it is; you can choose a simple white dress with a waistband for your flower girls and they will look fabulous!


Adds some ruffles to the skirts of your flower girls, like with this dress. You can add waistband of your chosen wedding motif and a tulle flower for a more beautiful touch.

Toddler Flower Girl Dresses

Image: Nordstorm
Image: Nordstrom

Whoever says a toddler is too young to be a flower girl is wrong. They are not too young to dress stylishly, too. Pick a lovely tulle ball-gown for your toddler and they’ll be too adorable to handle!

Infant Flower Dresses

Image: Etsy
Image: Etsy

Dress your baby for a wedding with style. What can you say with this feather gown? It’s fabulous and cute in one package!

Yellow Flower Girl Dresses

Image: 58weddingdress
Image: 58weddingdress

Yellow will definitely give a special day the sunny vibe and that is why it’s a perfect motif for a wedding. The flower girls will look awesome in this stylish gown of pastel yellow color. It’s bright and lively, yet subtle and youthful. The upper body fit presents a more grown-up look, while the ruffle flare gives more girly touch to the gown.

Pink Flower Girl Dresses

Image: Bridedressgo
Image: Bridedressgo

Pink is absolutely the girl color. Dress your flower girls like a princess with a pink ball gown akin to the Disney Princess Aurora’s. This gown has a simple design with its rosy pink-colored skirt and detailed bodice. Finish the look with a sparkling tiara and choker.

Image: Bridalgownsuk
Image: Bridalgownsuk

You can also dress your flower girls as a lovely pink fairy for your big day. The sparkling flower detail adds to the magical feel, while the knee-length tulle skirt gives off a youthful vibe. Pair the dress with pink flats to complete the style.

Red Flower Girl Dresses

Image: Bayliy
Image: Bayliy

Red is a lovely color for a wedding day, as it symbolizes love and romance. You may opt to garb your flower girls in wine red colored gown, like this one. The front of this gown is simple with the detailed bodice and plain floor-length skirt. Everyone will admire this gown, especially the surprise from the back.

Chiffon Flower Girl Dress

Image: Huluweddingdress
Image: Huluweddingdress

Chiffon dresses are definitely perfect for a wedding day. They are stylish as well as comfortable, and you won’t dressing your flower girls in them. Take this dress as an example. It’s a simple gown with embroidered bodice and a chiffon A-line skirt. It’s simple, yet elegant.

Silver Flower Girl Dresses


Be unique and pick silver for your wedding motif. This gown makes the flower girl more mature-looking with a V-neck, yet it’s still stylish with the partial pick-up style skirt.

Orange Flower Girl Dresses

Image: Aubridal
Image: Aubridal

Like yellow, orange is also perfect to brighten up your wedding day. Your flower girls will surely look bright and glowing in this orange satin ball gown.

Blue Flower Girl Dresses


Pick baby blue for a cute look or go with dark blue like this one for a different feel. This straight-cut, spaghetti-strap gown looks really elegant for pre-adolescent girls. The dark color gives off mystical vibe, while the pearl bead details add to the sophistication of the look.

Black Flower Girl Dresses

Image: FashionYale
Image: FashionYale

Who says black is not for weddings? Using black for wedding dresses is a big move for fashion, so why not try it? For your flower girls, you can opt for a simple all-black dress adorn with flowers like this one.

Image: Dhgate
Image: Dhgate

Black is an elegant color and modern fashion proclaims that there is no rule forbidding you in using it for your wedding. This dress looks lovely with its black-and-white ensemble for a bodice. The dress looks even more magical with beads sewn on the upper part of the skirt.




Flower girls is one of the part of your wedding. Her dress and hairstyles will make your wedding photos more attractive. Wedding photos are the memory of your weddin

flower-girl-dresses-1You can see another wedding dress. The dress color is not white, but it is blue. This color will suit if you are planning a beach wedding, or your wedding center or church is near Beach




Pink Flower Girl


Image :http://www.dressale.com



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