Another year has come and gone, and it is time again to celebrate the man in our lives that we love so much no matter what—our dads. Father’s day is almost here. Show dad how much you appreciate him by getting him a gift that expresses your love. Get to know your father more and find out about his interests and get him a gift that shows that you actually care about him and his favorite things.

For those who don’t have any idea what to get for their dad on father’s day, don’t fret. I’m here to help you decide what to get or do for your loving father. Here are some gift ideas that might be fit for your dad on his special day:

1.Best Dad In The World Items

Image: Janarro
Image: Janarro

Make your dad laugh and touch his heart at the same time by getting him an awesome “Best Dad” item. It may be a cliché gift for the celebration, but it will definitely never grow old. You can opt to visit department stores in your area and look at their Father’s Day selections. You are bound to see items with the Best Dad motif. You can choose from a wide variety of gift items—Best Dad Mugs, Shirts, Caps, and even underwear! If you think that is a bit impersonal, you can go to your nearest shirt/mug printer and have a personalized design printed out on your gift! You can make a ‘Best Dad Ever!’ design with a caricature of him on the side. Explore your imagination and your dad will definitely get a kick out of your fun gift.

2.Wine Set


If your dad is a laid-back wine-loving guy, find out his favorite type and visit a wine cellar. Grab him a bottle of the finest wine you can afford and throw in some wine accessories as well, like a cork opener, wine stopper, wine pourer, wine decanter, or a wine goblet. Place them all in a nifty basket and give it to him as a wine set gift! He will appreciate your gift and the interest you’ve shown in his love of wine. He will love the new addition to his collection and love you more for the extra effort you’ve made by throwing them all together.

3.Spa Gift Certificates


Who says only moms can have a spa day? Dads can too! Tell your dad to take a day off from his dad duties and give him a gift certificate from a luxurious spa. It’s his day and he deserves to be pampered! You can drive him to the spa so he won’t have to be tired and hassled from the driving, and you can also pick him up, so he will really feel truly pampered during father’s day.

Image: theoasisspa

4.Shaving Set


Tell your dad to say goodbye to his rickety generic razor because you’re giving him a luxurious classy shaving set with titanium razor handles and blades that won’t go blunt easily! You can search online for these fancy razors and they come in sets as well, with shaving cream brushes and stands as well. Shaving is a typical dad activity, and this father’s day, make it more exciting by getting him a set for a clean shave! It’s like giving jewelry to your dad. You can also opt to buy him a nice electric shaver from the department store. Make sure you get a trusted brand. Grab him a bottle of shaving cream as well, and make sure it’s the fancy kind, and not just the generic bottles. It’s a gift, after all. He will love your gift and will always remember you every time he shaves.



A classy gift for a classy dad. Browse through watch stores and find him the perfect wristwatch that is a class act. Silver or gold ones are a good way to go. Not only is it a perfect gift for dads, he will appreciate the fact that you bought him something timeless (even if it tells time!). You can choose to have the back of the watch engraved to make it more personal. You can have a message engraved or a simple ‘I love you, Dad!’ or ‘Best Dad in the World!’ will do as well.

6. Electronic Tablet


If your dad is an on-the-go busybody, buy him a gadget that can help him organize his busy days, like a tablet. Check out online what the latest tablets are and search for the lowest prices. You can also go to gadget stores in your neighborhood malls to look. Throw in some classy accessories for the tablet, like a leather case so that it will look professional and fit for your busy dad.



Another way to go if your dad is a busy guy is buying him a smartphone. It can also help him organize his calendar and his emails, and he will definitely look cool while doing it! If your dad is not a busybody and is just into gadgets, this is a good choice as well. Buy him the latest smartphone there is available and also buy a nice case for it as well.

8.Collectibles/Limited Edition items


If you have a geeky dad who is into collecting items as a hobby, go the extra mile by adding to his collection! You can scrounge up the Internet for collectibles that he has yet to acquire. If he loves collecting posters, don’t just purchase the poster and give it to him. Have it framed with a lovely wooden frame so it will look presentable. If he loves action figures, have it put in a glass box that can serve as a display. There are multitudes of places for collectibles. Just get to know your dad a little bit more to get an idea of what he likes.

9.Season Tickets


If your dad is a sporty guy and is a jock at heart, find some season tickets for the two of you to his favorite sport and team. He will go crazy when he gets your gift, plus, it is a great way for you to bond! You can reminisce about the moments you cheered on for your team and shouting for the hotdog lady to come your way. It will definitely be a great gift and moment for the two of you.

10. Sports Goods


Another good gift for a sport nut dad is to buy him sporting equipment. Find out which sport he likes to play and buy him new equipment for the game. If he likes tennis, buy him a nice racket with a tube of tennis balls. If likes golf, you can buy him a new golf club bag for him to lug around while playing. There are a lot of sporting goods stores for you to check out. Just make sure to check out your dad’s sporting goods to know what he doesn’t have yet.



Who says gifts have to be expensive? Make your dad feel loved with a DIY scrapbook you made with your very own hands! Collect some pictures of the two of you where his fatherhood is showcased and arrange them in a creative way on a scrapbook. If you do not want to cut off your original prints, you can scan them and print them out for your scrapbook instead. Buy buttons and baubles from your local craft store to decorate the scrapbook. Write down short captions on each picture to make him laugh and cry at the same time. You can also ask your family and his close friend to dedicate short father’s day messages for him and write it down on several pages of your scrapbook. He will appreciate the effort and personal touch you’ve added to your Father’s day gift.

Image: Scrapbooking.about

12. Dinner Date


Dads always pay for dinner. This time, take him to his favorite restaurant and pay for the bill yourself! Tell him that he can order whatever he wants and it’s all on you. Treat him to a sweet dinner date where you can just reminisce on your moments when you were a child and the things your dad did to make you laugh. It’s a good bonding moment for the two of you, plus, it doesn’t just fill your stomachs, but your hearts as well.

13. Personalized Tool Kit


Fathers are the handy man around the house. He’s always the one tinkering and fixing everything. Express how much you appreciate his handiwork around the house by getting him a deluxe tool kit. You can go to different hardware stores and buy a nice tool kit for your dad, with all the equipment he needs. To add a personal touch, you can have the handle of the kit engraved with his name on it. Every time he works on something around the house, he will remember you with your gift.

14.Personalized Sign Pen

If your dad is a working guy with the leather briefcases and suits, a sign pen is a great father’s day gift for him. Buy him an expensive sign pen with a good brand and comes with a classy case. Have the pen engraved with his name, or if you have a pet name for your dad, it will be more personal. You can also choose to put “Best Dad” on the pen.

15.Leather Briefcase


Another great idea if your dad is a corporate guy is to buy him an elegant leather briefcase for him to use at work. Look for one that has a hard case so it will not break easily, and with a combination lock, so his documents will be private. You can have his name engraved on the metal plate of the briefcase as well to make it more personal.


Neckties are a staple in any man’s closet. Spruce up your dad’s necktie collection by giving him a few ties that you think will look good on him. Choose his favorite color or pattern for the design. And if your dad is a fun fellow, you can look for goofy ties that will make him laugh. He will find your gift funny and thoughtful as well. Plus, you’ll make your dad look good too.



If your father is the artsy type and is into photography, buy him the latest camera model with excellent features for photography enthusiasts to play with. If he’s still an amateur photographer, throw in a photography guidebook for him too. You can add in a camera bag as well so he can be on the go with his new toy! He will love the fact that you support his hobby.

18.Shopping Spree

Fathers aren’t really fond of shopping the way our mom’s are. They usually use their clothes and shoes until they are worn out. Update your dad’s closet by shopping for him. He doesn’t have to trudge around with you to shop. You can check out the sizes he wears and shop on your own. You can surprise him afterwards with the new set of clothes and shoes. He will appreciate it when he sees how much you know about him with your choices.

19.Cologne or Aftershave

If your dad uses cologne or aftershave, find out his favorite scent and buy him a bottle of it. You can also surprise him with a new scent that you think he might like. Choose a good brand for the cologne/aftershave to up the ante of your gift.

20. Smoking Pipe

If your dad is an avid tobacco smoker, buy him a special wood crafted smoking pipe as a gift. It is a classic gift that he will love and be enthusiastic about. Buy one with a nice wooden case and you can have it personalized by having his name engraved on the case, as well. You can also add high-grade tobacco in your gift box.

No matter what you choose, your dad will appreciate your gift as long as it is done out of love. Knowing that you, as his son or daughter, took the time out of your day to give him something on Father’s day, is already more than enough. Happy Father’s day and enjoy celebrating the superman of your life.