It’s Fathers Day! In just a few days, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be swarmed with images with some fathers day quotes and messages for dads. Most of you, like me, may have probably in the search for the best and probably unique, gifts for father’s day. There are a lot to choose from; the case here is getting the perfect one that your dad would love.

Your gift doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, a traditional one will do. A fathers day card with your heartiest and most heartfelt fathers day messages would surely do some wonder.

Father’s Day cards come handy when you like to express your feelings to your dad. You can let him know how much you love him, how much you care for him, how much you respect him and how thankful you are to have him as your Father. There are so many father’s day cards to choose from. But I’m here to give you some samples of cards for fathers day with greetings.

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Fathers Day Card 1


Want to thank him for all the guide and support and for being there when you need him? This is the perfect card to send. Caption: “A Hand that is always ready to reach out, to support, to guide, to love. Dad, thank you! Happy Father’s Day”.

Fathers Day Card 2


A simple fathers day card will do as well. In above image, see how happy a dad can be with just a simple kiss from his precious child. Caption: Happy Father’s Day!”

Fathers Day Card 3


How often you say “I love you” to your parent, especially to your dad? Not very often? Now is the time. Don’t miss this chance to express your love to your dearest father. Caption: “I love you Dad, Happy Father’s Day”

Fathers Day Card 4


We consider our Dad as one of the most important person in our life. As for me, just like the caption of above’s card says, my dad will always be one of the most precious treasure in my life, next for my mom and siblings. Caption: “The greatest gift I ever had, I call him DAD. Happy Fathers Day!”

Fathers Day Card 5


Being a father comes with great responsibility. But for some, being a father is a blessing. Let your dad feel that being a dad is a blessing for having a loving children who call him “Father”. Caption: Blessed indeed is a man who hear many gentle voices who call him “Father”. Happy Father’s day!.

Fathers Day Card 6


Dad, aside from our mom will always be special. Without them, life will be incomplete. Dads help us grow and live our life in a better way. They provide for us. They guide us. They nurture us. This Fathers day, convey your heartfelt message to him with this special fathers day card. Caption: Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a DAD. Happy Fathers Day!

Fathers Day Card 7


I’m thankful that I have such a wonderful family. Although my mom is now in heaven, my dad is there for us and continue to love us. Next to my mom, one of the most precious gifts that God have given me is my Dad. This card is for you. Caption: “DAD, a precious gift from God. Happy Fathers Day!”

Fathers Day Card 8


We all know that the light of a home is our mom. But sometimes, Dad can be a light too. They can help us solve our problems. They can help us build our better future. They are there to help us in time of need. They can be our light too. Caption: Dad – He is the light in the darkest night. Happy Father’s Day!”

Fathers Day Card 9


I may have grow old, but I know in myself that I will never grow up enough to be alone, to be left by Dad. I know by myself that I still need him by my side, to guide me and to give me advises. Caption: Father – someone you will look up to no matter how tall you grow. Happy Fathers Day.

Fathers Day Card 10best-dad-in-the-world

When you were a child, you may have probably created a card or two for your dad saying he’s the best. Do you still think your dad is the best? Well, as for me, my dad will always be the best father in the whole world. And if there will be an award for that, he will truly deserve it. Caption: This award goes to the best dad in the world. Happy Fathers day!

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