cutest-cat-breeds-01Have you ever seen so tender and cute animals like cats? They are friendly, easy-going and of course, a good companion. Although they are bossy by nature and temperamental, cats can be so adorable and a sure stress-reliever. After a hard working day when you come back home, your cat is waiting there for you to play with you, perform tricks and divert your attention from your problems and difficult day. They have relaxing temperament and are ideal animals for therapy.

Are you now enticed to get a cat of your own? Well, there are a lot of options to choose from. But for those who want an adorable, cute little pet, there are so many cute cat breeds you may consider. Here, I listed down the top cutest cat breeds that you may put to your choices. I include some trivia and facts here about particular cat breed that you need to put into account before settling for one. With no further ado, here are top ten cutest cat breeds that will surely melt your heart and you just can’t help but say “Awwwww”.

1. Abyssinian


There are different stories about the origin of this breed but none of them is certain. The cats of this breed are very active, good-natured and very eager to run and jump and play with the kids and other cats. But, you need to be careful and take some stuff away from their sight; because of being very active, sometimes they can break or destroy things like dishes, glasses and so on. Their eyes can be easily seen in the dark; they are shining like gold and are very large. They like to discover things around them. They need love and tender very much and a playful owner, otherwise they will become nervous, and in some cases, aggressive.

2. Bengal Cat


You can easily recognize this breed from their appearance; they have some spots on their head part that make them different from other cat breeds. They have different colors and sometimes look like a leopard. This breed is a typical type of domestic cat and can be taught to anything very easily. Bengal cats like to play with water too. In general, they are very energetic, emotional and like to be with people all day long. They are very patient with children which makes them an ideal breed for the family where there are small kids and children. At night, you can find it in your bed using your cover and sharing your bed. Please do not be surprised, that is this breed’s characteristic feature.

3. Siamese Cats


This breed’s origin comes from the East. One of this breed’s specifications is its sky blue eyes and very impressive. If you are not ready to pay enough attention to your cat and spend much time with it, please choose another breed. These cats like to be with their owner, demand caring and want to be in the center of attention. They do not want to be alone for a long time. They always want to play, sometimes smile, and learn new things and tricks. They are very active both indoors and outdoors. They are very entertaining and will be very nice to all members of family and the children of course. They are very friendly, devoted and always try to be in good terms with their owner. One thing that will surely interest you; Queen Elizabeth II of England was given a Siamese cat as a present on her wedding day. Photo: 1hdwallpaper

4. Manx


This breed originated on the Isle of Man. One feature that makes difference with other breeds is their small and short tail. But this doesn’t make them less beautiful and cute; they are still charming, sweet and loved by their owners. Like other breeds, they also hate being left alone and out of people’s attention. They are very quiet but not passive. They are smart, sociable and like to interact with people. If you have children who are active and even naughty, please consider one thing. Do not leave the cat alone with your kids. They can play with it rude games and pull its small tail and make it suffer. The thing is that the area around this breed’s tail is very sensitive and even a little touching can be a real threat to it and it can be hurt very easily. Photo: Wikipedia

5. Persian Cats


You can easily guess from the name that this breed’s origin comes from Persia. It is very famous breed in the world and known for its rich coat. Because of this, they need daily grooming and regular bathing in order to make this great fur clean and shiny as it is. These cats can be left alone for long time. They are very quiet, mostly inactive cats and like to be left indoors. They can live 15 years and more. They prefer to lie on the cover and do not play games. However, it does not mean that they keep away from human relationship and attention. They are always seeking attention from their owners and like to be loved by them. They are considered to be good companions for children but do not like rudeness. They are quite soft animals as you can imagine. Have you ever seen a cat crying? Yes, this can happen with this breed. Sometimes, tears come from their eyes. Interesting, isn’t it?

6. Munchkin


This cute cat breed is very small and has amazingly short legs. In spite of their short legs, they are very active and like to run. They are sweet, sociable and friendly with those whom they meet. They are very clever and very keen on learning and getting new knowledge and tricks. They are interested in everything and will explore everything around them. They are very cunning and if you don’t see them hanging on the chandelier or sitting on your cupboard, it does not mean they cannot do that. They will find a lot of ways to get there and look at you with very kind and smiley eyes. They get along well with children and even dogs. They like to have friends like them.

7. Scottish Fold Cat


This is a breed from Scotland. They have a medium size body and are round. They are very sweet and have very tender voice. They are wise and very smart. The thing that is typical of this breed is its ears. When they are born they have straight ears, but little by little when they grew up, their ears start to fold. And very often some dirt gathers there so you need to brush and clean them twice a week to get away from the possible dirt. They are very loyal to their owner, willing to play outdoors and exploring the environment. Some cats of this breed like to drink running water and sometimes they will put their paw in the water and drink it. I would like to see this, and what about you? Photo: Zastavki

8. Turkish Angora


The origin of this breed comes from Ankara, capital of Turkey. This breed is very clever open-minded and welcomes everyone it meets. They are very active and smart. Interesting fact about this breed is that the ones that have blue eyes cannot hear. This breed needs a stable attention and care of its owner. This is a breed likes to help everyone in everything and never gets tired of it. They get along well with other animals and people but in every environment, they are the leaders. They like to entertain all family members and be the happiness provider for all of them. Photo: Flickr

9. Burmese Cat


This is a breed which has small and rather muscular body. They have short hair and yellow eyes. Like Siamese breed they have very soft voice. This breed always seeks for companionship and will be insulted when left alone. They are friendly, easy-going and eager to learn and be trained. Sometimes they can be very aggressive with people especially with kids when their attitude towards the cats is very rude. If your cat plays with other cats, don’t be afraid it can be hurt or something else. This breed can freely defend itself in any dangerous or risky situation. Photo: Tripsister



This breed’s origin comes from California and it is known for its long body and silky coat. They are very tender and friendly. They are an ideal breed for apartment life and it is not advised to leave them outdoors. First of all they are very lazy and do not like playing or wandering around. Besides, if there is some aggressive dog or other cat they cannot defend themselves and very often will be injured.

As for children, they are a bit passive but will react to any action the children will do. Ragdolls can be tolerant and patient with naughty children. They do not like to be trained but think of some game and it will be included in it very eagerly. Photo: Ragdoll-breeder

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