Just a couple of days to go and it’s Christmas day again. These days, I’ve been hearing carolers singing Christmas carols. Almost every home is decorated with Christmas tree and sparkling Christmas lights. Shopping malls are now being crowded by those who are doing their last-minute shopping. Most of you, especially mothers, are probably busy looking for Christmas food ideas to prepare for the coming holiday. While some may have already prepared a checklist for their family Christmas dinner, some of you may probably not yet finished completing your Christmas menu list. Today may be the best time to do so.


Putting a Christmas menu together can be a bothersome task for some. You have to decide what appetizer, side dish, main course and dessert to prepare while considering the likes of every family member. It’s not easy. But with enough preparations and considerations, you should be able to come up with the best Christmas food ideas this year. Here we provide some suggestions for Christmas recipes that you may want to consider.



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Christmas Party Food Ideas


Christmas Tree Ornament Cheeseballs – Christmas ornament con christmas food, this recipe is definitely a 2-in-1 dish. With some creativity, you can turn a cheese balls into a yummy Christmas ornament.


Mini Crescent Dog Wreath – Here’s another creative Christmas food idea. This is perfect for christmas parties and gathering. Hotdog cuts wrapped with dough and arranged into wreath. Use bell pepper slices as ribbon and there you have it!


Favourite chocolate cake



Oh Christmas Treat Pizza – Have this cute Christmas tree right on your platter. All you need is a pizza dough, a cookie cutter and your likes of pizza toppings.


Sushi Tree – Give your sushi a twist this Christmas. Instead of serving your sushi dish in a slices in you platter, you may arrange it into a tree, having more number of sushi slices in the base and decreases as it rises.


Spanakopita Bites -Looking for easy appetizer dish this Christmas? Then this Spanakopita bites are for you to try. This is perfect as finger foods in Christmas parties and events.

Healthy Christmas Food Ideas


Cauliflower with Tomato Relish – Keep your Christmas foods healthy yet tasty with this recipe. No need to worry about your kids avoiding vegetables as you can appeal them with this recipe appearance.


Festive Party Platter – Do you want an edible Christmas tree in a bowl? Arrange your broccoli, carrots and tomatoes into cone shape, and voila! You’re have a festive party platter!

Christmas Finger Food Ideas


Edible Santa Suit Candy Cups – Exercise your creativity and craft a Santa suit using confectionery coating. Once done, you can fill it with different candies and Christmas treats such as cookies, and goodies.


Mini Bagel Wreaths – Have this colorful mini wreaths, not in your door, but on your platter this Christmas. All you need to do is to spread minced bell peppers of different colors to achieve colorful mini bagel wreath.


Corn and Shallot Blini with Smoked Trout -You can definitely have a finger-lickin’ dish with this Christmas food idea. Arrange in small-bite portions, your guests would absolutely want to have some on your party.

Cute Christmas Food Ideas

Egg Snowman -No need to be in country with snow just to have a snowman. Why would you if you can have one right on top of your plate. Yes, you can create a snowman out of hard boiled eggs. With some creativity, you can turn these little oval eggs into cute Frosty.

Christmas Gift Food Ideas

christmas food gift ideas

Gumdrop Fudge – Spread the love and share the blessings this Christmas with some yummy treats. You can have this gumdrop fudge wrapped in a gift box.


White Chocolate Christmas Pretzels – This can be a perfect homemade Christmas gift idea this holiday. You just need pretzels covered with white sweet coating, having red and green sprinkles.


Ornament Christmas Treat – Who says you can just put your christmas food gifts in a mason jar or any type of jar? If you don’t have one, you can use this alternative. Use a clear ornament glass and fill it with your choice of dessert.


Christmas Tree Biscuits – How about a biscuit shaped into a Christmas tree? Decorate it with red yumballs and some white sprinkles for snowy effect.

Christmas Dinner Food Ideas


Pancetta-Wrapped Beef Tenderloin – Roasted beef is one of the best Christmas food ideas one could ever prepare on holidays. But no need to settle for old-fashioned roasted recipes. You can tweak it by wrapping your beef tenderloin with pancetta.


Buffalo Chicken Bites – Another addictive, finger-licking dish that you can try this Christmas – the buffalo chicken bites. This is my favorite part of the chicken and I have been missing eating some these days. Maybe this craving can be your choice in preparing your menu list for the holiday.


Fennel and lobster salad with pomegranate – Here’s an impressive and elegant Christmas food idea featuring lobster and fennel with some pomegranate which enrich its taste and texture.


Stuffed Turkey Roll – Who says turkey is just for thanksgiving day? Of course, you can also prepare some turkey recipe on christmas day. One easy recipe for you to try is the stuffed turkey breast. It uses apricot, cranberry and pistachio stuffing which add flavors to the meat.

Christmas Food Ideas for Kids


Snowman Jell-O Shot Pops – Here’s a yummy and brilliant Christmas treats for everyone, especially for adults who likes some twists on their treats. It can be both cocktail and dessert, having pina-colada mix on it.


Santa Belly Cookies – No need to stay up late in the midnight of Christmas just to have Santa around. You can have it, or give it your kids right through your cookies. Here’s a yummy and cute Christmas treats for your kids and kid-at-heart loved ones – a Santa cookie.


Babybel Cheese Santa on Sticks – Another Santa treat recipe to try. It’s quite easy, all you need is babybel, sticks, food marker and some creativity and you can have this cheese Santa on sticks.


Holiday-Wreath Cupcakes – Thinking what to do with your jelly beans? Well, well well, why not create something cute and clever as Christmas wreath? Depending on how much jelly beans you have, you can create small or big wreath.


White Chocolate and Peppermint Brownie Brittle – Add some spice to your usual brownie brittle by sprinkling some crushed peppermint on it. It’s not just the appearance but also the taste that has been improved.


Whimsical Eggnog Christmas Cake – Do you love eggnog? If you do, then this recipe idea is for you. You don’t have to just chew on your eggnog, you can turn it into colorful and festive, and of course, yummy dessert by following the recipe above.

Christmas Eve Food Ideas


Old-Fashioned Glazed Ham – Ham is one of the most popular ingredient of every Christmas dish. For those who want to keep their Christmas eve dinner as traditional as possible, you can try this glazed ham recipe.


Red and White Salad – Enjoy this sweet, bitter and tangy flavors combined into one dish called Red and White Salad.


Malteser Rocky Road Xmas Pud – Before, no christmas dinner is complete without Christmas pudding. This year, tweak your usualy pudding recipe by adding new ingredients.


Feta Cheese Snowball with Olive Relish – Have this yummy and sumptuous Christmas crackers together with this flavorful cheese dip.


Ham and Swiss Quiche – Enjoy ham recipe while having a quiche this Christmas. This Christmas food idea is quite easy to prepare. All you need is 15 minutes preparations and 55 minutes cooking and you’re done.


Mini Jacket Potatoes – Have some bite-sized potatoes infused with this flavorful ingredients. Top your baked potatoes with sour cream and sprinkle with spring onions.

More Christmas Food Recipes 


Chocolate and Raspberry Yule Log – This is such a perfect Christmas bread cum christmas dessert this holiday. Enjoy the flavors of chocolate and raspberry in one in this christmas yule log roll.


Mini Rice Cakes with Bacon, Vegetables and Cheese – Enjoy the taste of bacon and cheese and dig in with this healthy recipe of rice cakes and vegetables.

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