New Year is the perfect time to rejoice and have fun with Family and Friemds.  It’s the perfect time to decoarate your home with lights and enjoy with family and friends. But there are many friends and loved ones who don’t have the opportunity to be with us on the special day. For those a personalised message or ECard is a great idea. The New Year or the Day it is celebrated now is not the original New Year’s day for many ; you can check out the New Year’s Day Origin history too. We know how much you love Christian new Year Messages and here we have gathered a few of those wonderful Christian New Year Messages.

Christian New Year Messages:

A new year is starting and it’s time you cherish the good memories of the yesteryear and forget all the troubles. On New YEar’s Day forget about your failures and dissapointment and enjoy the new beginning. Our Lord, Our Benevolent God is there to guide our way and lead us onto the right path. On New Year’s Day rejoice and enjoy the blessings bestowed upon you and your family and extend it towards the others through these Christian New Year Messages. You may also want to look into these  New Year Greetings Wishes and New Year Messages 2015 , Happy New Year Messages , Happy New Year Wishes etc. Here’s Some Christian New Year Messages:


Here’s a Few New year messages for friends for you to share:

christian new year quotes messages

God Bless This New Year

In Which Love Overcomes

He Is Always With Us

And Unfolds Great Possibilities

All The Best For The Coming Year

Happy New Year !



With God Around Us

Let Us Pray For

A Year Full Of New Opportunities

An Abundance Of

Warm People Among Us

A Life With God In Our Midst.

Happy New Year !


Do Not Bring With You The Memories Of The Past

Let Them Serve As Your Guide To Keep Moving On Your Journey

Happy New Year !



May This New Year Wish

Fill Your Heart With Hopes Of a Brighter Tomoroow

Unfold New Dreams To Realize

God Has A Great Faith In You !

Happy New Year!


Kiss Your Fears Away

This New YEar Must Be Celebrated and Lived Happily .

Happy New Year !


I wish the almighty blesses you for a healthy body and prevents you from ailments this year. Happy New Year!


A New Year Is Unfolding- Like a Blossom with Petals Curled Tightly Concealing The Beauty Within.

Lord Let this year be Filled With The Things That Are Truely Good.- With The Comfort of Warmth in Our Relationships, With The Strength to help those who need our Help and the humanity and openness to accept help from others.

As We make our resolutions for the yaer ahead, let us go forward with great hope that all things can be possible- with your help and guidence.


Go Ahead And Enjoy Life

This Is Another Gift.

Live Each Day As If It Is Your Last So You Will Be Able To Say

That You have Lived Your Life To The Fullest.

Happy New Year !!


I Wish The Almighty Empowers You With Blessings To Stay Safe

From Any Wrongdoings.

I Wish The Almighty Blesses You For A Healthy Body

And Prevents You From Ailments This Year.

Happy New Year !!

christian new year quotes messages 2

Give Everything To God and He Will Give You Everything, too!

May this New Year Give You More Hope And Reasons To Live Happily!!

Happy New Year!


Beginning A New Year

With A Good Guide On Our Side

The Star of Jesus

Which Shows Us Safe Roads

Fills our hearts With His Grace

Best Wishes For The New Year!

Happy New Year !!


christian new year quotes messages 3

May This New Year Wish

Fill Your Heart With Hopes Of A

Brighter Tomorrow

Unfold New Dreams To Realize

God Has A Great Faith In You !

Happy New Year !!!



I pray that the Lord might crown this year with His goodness and in the coming one give you a hallowed dare-devil spirit in lifting the biting sword of Truth, consuming you with a passion that is called by the cultured citizen of Christendom ‘fanaticism’ , but known to God as that saintly madness that led His Son through bloody sweat and hot tears to agony on a rude Cross- and Glory !!

-Jim Elliot

The New Year is a time to learn to rely more heavily on the grace of God. Now I’ve met a few self-made men and women and so have you, but so often these people seem proud, self-centred and driven. There is another way: beginning to trust in God’s help. One secret from the Apostle Paul: “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength,” he said. (Phil 4:13, NIV) And God’s strength saw him through pain, joy, and accomplishment.


And May God Give You

The Strength To Make Us

Proud Of Your Achievements  . .

Have A Great New Year !!!


God Is All You Need

Let spirituality

Be Your New Years Resolution

May God Bless You

We Wish You The Happiest Of Years

God Is All You Need To Succeed

Happy New Year !!


I’ll Not Willingly offend,

Nor Be Easily Offended;

What’s Amiss I’ll Strive To mend,

And Endure What Can’t Be Mended .


May God Be With You

Through New Year

And Fill Your Life With

Comfort, Love and Cheer.

May This Day and The Days Ahead,

Hold Many Blessings

For You And Yours.

Happy New Year!!


christian new year quotes messages4

New Year Begins, let us pray,

That is Will Be a Year

With New Peace,

New Happiness,

And Abundance of New Friends,

God Bless You Through

Out The New Year !

Happy New Year !


A New Year is About To unfold

With New Opportunities To Explore

Doors Will Open For New Experiences

New Adventures With The Lord

Remember Not The Former Things

The Things Of This Past Year

The Lord Will Do New Things in Us

Much More Than We Are Aware

For He Will Make a Way For Us

As We Put Our Trust In Him

And He Will Guide Our Every Step

By His presence We Have Within

What God Has Placed Within Our Hearts

We Find We’ll be Able To Do

If We Look For The Opportunities

We’ll See The Door To Go Through

We Mustn’t Let Anything Hold Us Back

but Rise Up and Take Our Place

And Be All That God Wants Us To Be

With a Fresh Touch Of His Grace.


Lord, I Bring to you My burdens

and you know my situation.

You know many times in my life

I have struggled and needed you to get me through.

You always brought comfort to my heart,

gave me the strength and the will to carry on.

I pray that you will watch over those family and friends

who are struggling right now and help them through their difficult times.

Amen !

christian new year quotes messages 5

Happy New Year

For Everybody in the world

Whatever Color Their Skin may Be,

Whatever Their Religion may be,

Whatever their situation may be,

Good Health, Lots Of Love,

Of Possibilities and Peace!!!



” .. .Be Strong And Of A good Courage;
Be Not Afraid, Neither be thou dismayed:

for the Lord they God (is) with thee. . .”


The Blessing of God Gives You Daily Love and Power

Christmas and New Year Bring Serenity and gratitude

Hope For A Bright New Future

Happy New Year!


Each new Year Brings Us New Opportunities to Know Him More, To Walk in Faith and Grow By his Grace. May your year be blesses in the Lord!!


Thank the Lord For Opening Another Chapter in Our Lives.

Ma we Live each page with more meaning

by touching people’s lives Each Day !

Happy New Year !


God created you and sent you into the world for a purpose.

It is your duty to fulfil God’s purpose.

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

may God Bless You .

Happy New Year !


May You Always be Aware Of God’s Presence In Your Life. May you always open your Heart For Him to come there and stay with you. Have a Happy New Year !


Glory to God In Highest Heaven,

Who Unto man His Son hath Given;

While Angels Sing with Tender Mirth,

A Glad New Year To All The Earth.

Happy New Year !


‘ I suppose when we wake on January 1 the world will look the same. But there is a reminder of the Resurrection at the start of each new Year, each new decade. that’s why I also like sunrises, mondays and new seasons. God seems to be saying, ‘With me you can always start afresh’

-Ada Lum

‘But Grow In Grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen’

-II Peter 3.:18

We hope these Christian New Year Quotes are useful. So don’t forget to send out your Heartfelt wishes on New Year’s Day this year to your loved ones- whether they are near or far. Use these quotes to make your Wishes and Ecars even more thoughtful.