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Turning 50 is one of the greatest achievements that one can ever get in life. It’s not just any other birthday. It’s an important milestone in life that should be celebrate with grand fashion, as special as gold. So if you have someone special who’s going to celebrate his or her 50th birthday, make sure that you prepare a grand celebration as well.

While special gifts are a great way to make the celebrant happy, being at 50, LOVE is still the best gift that you could give to a celebrant. This is such a priceless gift for 50th birthday. And it’s important that you show it, make them feel it. A good way to express your love is through birthday wishes. But if you’re not really good with words, we’re here to help you come up with the best 50th birthday wishes. Here are some samples of 50th birthday wishes and messages.

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes


Life doesn’t get easier, you just got tougher for 50 years already. Stay strong! Happy birthday!

Your 50 years of existence is enough valid reasons to say that life is indeed worth living. Happy birthday!

Stepping higher will be a little more difficult to make now because you’ll start feeling old but nonetheless, your steps will be more wise because of your age. Happy birthday pal!

It was said that life begins at 40 but really, 50 marks golden celebrations so be the golden boy you are today. Happy 50th birthday!

50 wonderful years and more years to add up. My oh my, you’ve much tales to share already. Keep having good ones! Happy birthday!

For the 50 years that have gone and for the more years to come, here’s a cheers for your life! Happy birthday!

On your 50th birthday is my 50th birthday greeting and with that is my 50th birthday cake for you. Can’t get any more 50 than that. Lol. Happy birthday!

Not everybody is lucky enough to be alive for half a century. Congratulations! Happy birthday!

It’s rare to know people who are 50 and yet so healthy. I’m lucky to know you. Happy birthday!

On this day marks your 18,250th day alive. You are this fortunate. Happy birthday!


I guess we should prepare for your coming back aches and start counting wisdom hair with a beer. Happy birthday!

Your white hair and wrinkles shouldn’t make you feel bad because with it comes the wisdom and experience that can teach the young ones. Happy birthday!

I’ve never been good at remembering regular birthdays but you’re a special guy and 50 years is something beyond regular. Happy birthday!

I don’t mind counting 50 years, 100 years or even 1000 years. What I do mind is that whenever it’s your birthday, it’s always something that we should celebrate. Happy 50th birthday!

50 years isn’t something that’s easy to pass by and so it’s important that you should be happy that you’ve lived this far. Remember, happiness is a choice. Happy birthday!

On this 50th year of your life, start it with a smile and a pat on the back. Congratulate your self for still being alive and we’ll cheer to that with a beer tonight. Happy birthday!

It’s not easy to be 50 but it’s a whole lot better than being dead. Cheers to that! Happy birthday!


Now I can definitely say that you’re the youngest 50 year old I know since you just turn 50. Happy birthday!

You can’t drink that much anymore, you can’t run too much, you can’t have too much barbeque and you can’t blah blahblah. You can’t let anyone dictate to you how to live your life. Enjoy and be a happy 50 yearold. Happy birthday!

Be an optimist! You’re 50 years nearer in making it to 100! Happy birthday!

No matter how old you get, remember to keep your heart young even at 50 years old. Happy birthday!

50 years old isn’t so bad. Your bones and back will start to ache, your wrinkles will start growing longer and you hair will start turning white including your beard. But hey! That’s all because you are such a bad ass for 50 years already. Happy birthday!

I always like Plato. Being wise and grey and all but I like you better because you’re like Plato only you have a cold beer on your hand while being wise and grey. Happy birthday!

You’ve been nothing but a great light on the world for 50 years already. You’re just that amazing. Happy birthday!

You should think about starting a savings account where you can save your energy so that there’s enough to last you for more years. Just kidding. Hahaha. Happy birthday!


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