mens-birthday-partyMen and women are different in so many ways. Even in celebrating parties.  You would rarely encounter men hosting an extravagant party complete with works unless of course he’s really into the social gathering thing. You would commonly hear men having grisly contact sports, going to near deafening rock concerts and of course the trusty boys’ night out. Amidst all these, you’d have to agree that when it comes to celebrating, men aren’t really the particular type. As long as their together roughing out with their equally testosterone driven friends, they can have the time of their lives.

So what now if you were tasked in hosting a party for a male friend? Whether you’re his spouse, friend, sibling or whomever, odds are you’d have to end up with him celebrating the time of his life, by his definition. I’m not saying you condone his “being on the wild side” but surely have to give him his due if you want him to enjoy.

Therefore, don’t sweat it if you’re running out of ideas. Here are some birthday ideas suitably made for men. In all these choices however, look for something tailor-fitted to him. You cannot force the celebration on him if he’s not into that thing. It’s a must therefore, that you know him inside out for you to be able to choose a celebration accustomed to him.

Into the Wild

In the literal and the figurative sense, having a wild celebration for your guy/guy friend is one of the surefire ways to unleash his raw side. If you want to invoke his wild side literally, then go for an outdoor camping trip. Test his manliness by going into the woods and stretching his survival instincts. Discover his penchant for cooking, building tents, starting bonfires, swimming in fresh water and even gathering fish. Watch his pheromones ooze into the air as his sweat and odor is released through the scorching heat. In the figurative sense, you can bring him to an exclusive men’s club. (I discourage this for lady planners obviously) Watch his eyes ogle as the exotic dancer sways his bodily curves along with the seductive rhythm. Catch that floor length jaw drop or the saliva drooling and avoid accidents from happening. After a wild night or a delightful campout, watch that smile manifesting millions of endorphins released and brining him to a state of sheer bliss.

Get the party started

I can hear you singing to the lyrics of that infectious Pink song. Watch his face smile with glee as your endow him a party. Be creative with your themes so that he becomes obliged to prepare. You know how most men are mediocre when it comes to aesthetics so having a party in his name would definitely challenge his wits and creativity to become that dashing debonair as he is introduced in his own celebration. Choose testosterone driven themes such as rock concerts, sports icons or other male related themes. Do not ever plan on hosting a fantasy party unless you want your celebrant to give you the slip. Men, if you’re planning this for your “brother”, ask the help of a female friend for she might be more intricate when it comes to details. 

Rekindle the Romance

Ideal for females wanting to surprise their beloved half, planning to rekindle that love story may even leave your partners teary eyed. (Ideal for blackmail) Planning an exclusive vacation, candle light dinner, romantic spa treatment or whatever suits you might tickle that romantic bone of your partner. Remember, the more cheesy the more successful. Break through that masculine wall and touch your partner’s feminine side with this expression of feelings. Get kinky with a little skinny dipping or that wine in a Jacuzzi hot tub and get ready for a hot, steamy and romantic night.

One of the Boys

Ideal for female planners, join our male celebrant for a sports night with the gang. Book best seats in the house for a basketball, soccer or any game they prefer. Join the herd in rambunctious screaming, jeering and boisterous laughter. Cap the night of with a few brews and see who belches out the loudest. Not bad for a lass brought up in a bourgeois environment.

Dream the Extreme

Get ready for a day filled with adrenaline pumping, mind blowing activities and dabble into extreme adventures with your male friend. If you’re not into death defying stunts then simply do the planning. Include bungee jumping, stock car/go-kart racing, rock climbing or other extreme sports activities. Extreme ideas may also include adult theme parks with rides suited for people with a death wish. Men need carnal release so expect them to scream their heart out and throw all incentives they can think of in doing these activities.

To further complement these ideas, give your good ol’ male friend a token. From the latest electronic gadget to simple accessories, learn which gift best suits our male friend. Let your little something express your genuine appreciation for a wonderful person or better yet, tell it straight to his face. I mean that’s what most men are used to after all.

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