Baby showers are one of the most wonderful events that can be hosted or participated in. A good host knows that essence of a successful baby shower is not only to honor the mom-to-be but also to keep the guests and the mom-to-be entertained. Games can help you to break the ice amongst the guests and will help you in creating the perfect ambience for the eventful party. Let us look at some of the most interesting baby shower games.


Fun baby shower games



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Some baby shower games can be simply hilarious. These funny games are sure to have your guests in splits.

Feed the baby Game

‘Feed the baby’:  In this game, you can divide the guests into pairs and give them large bibs.  Keep a bowl of apple sauce or baby food in a two separate bowls. Each pair has to feed each other applesauce or baby food with a small spoon, but the catch is that they have feed each other blind folded. You can clock each pair’s time and reward the fastest or the messiest duo.


Game 2:

Unite the mom and baby:

This is another popular game at baby showers.   This game will require you to have certain things handy before the party begins. You will need to stick a poster of mom-to-be with her protruding belly. The guests will be blindfolded and will be given a picture of the baby. They need to pin the baby to mom’s tummy. You will be in splits seeing the guest’s reaction when the blindfold is open and their marking is shown to them. This game has been derived from the classic game of tailing the donkey.

hilarious baby shower games

Nipple bobbing: For this game you will require a dozen or two silicone nipples and a bucket full of water. Put all the nipples in the bucket of water. Each guest has to go down on his or her knees. You need to tie their hands with a scarf and then ask them to pull out as many nipples as possible with their mouth. Guest with maximum number of nipples wins.



Co-Ed Baby Shower Games:

Co-Ed baby showers are a beautiful way of honoring the couple. Co-ed baby shower games can be tricky and funny.

Game 1: Parenting Questionnaire: This is one of the most popular coed baby shower game.  In this game, would be parents are asked questions relating to the impending arrival. These questions are asked separately.  The couple then has to guess each other’s answers. The results can be hilarious.  You can also twist the games to dig out the would- be- mommy and daddy secrets. Quiz the couple about what they think about their partner’s parenting skills. Ask funny questions to keep the spirits up.

Game 2: Guess The Price: You will require a large tray and few baby products and sticky notes for this game.  Place the baby products like talcum powder, diapers, Bottles, Bibs, baby soap, baby shampoo etc in the tray.  Write down the price of the product on the reverse of the sticky note. Post the sticky note on the product in such a way that it hides the printed price of the product. Hand a notepad and pen to each guest and ask him or her to guess the price of each product. Guest who guesses closest to total price of all the products in the tray wins the game.

Game 3: Master Chef: You will need about seven eight different types of baby food. Serve baby foods in different bowls. Ask each guest to taste the food and guess what it is. Guest who guesses maximum baby foods correctly will be declared as winner.

Baby Shower Games Bingo:

Create bingo cards that have five rows and five columns in it. Distribute a bingo card to each guest. Ask each guest to fill in the gifts that they think will be received by the expecting Mom. Now ask the mom-to-be to open the gifts.  Guests should tick the matching gifts off from their bingo cards as the gifts are opened. You can award different prizes as follows.

  • Quick five: guest who crosses five boxes first will win a prize.
  • Guest who completes a row  first wins a prize
  • Guest who completes a column first will win a prize
  • Guest who ticks off the complete Bingo card first will win the prize

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Baby Shower Games for Men

If you have male guests at the baby shower, you can take the games to a new level.



Game 1: Tinkling Pot: This is one of the funniest games for men. You will need few balloons, plastic jars and few coins for this game.   Arrange the male guests in a line across the room. Place plastic jars for these guests across the hall.  Male guests will have to place an inflated balloon in their shirts to resemble pregnant women. Now ask them to hold a quarter in between their knees. They need to walk across the hall with the coin between their knees and deposit it in the plastic jar kept for them. Coins that are dropped on the way or outside the jar will not be counted. Guest with maximum number of coin deposits wins the game.  Your guests are going to be in splits seeing the participants trying their best to wade to the tray without deflating the balloon. Another crazy baby shower game that tests the skills of your male guests is the diaper derby.

Game 2:  Diaper King / Diaper Queen:  You will need rolls of toilet paper for this game. You need to divide the male guests in pairs and hand them a roll of toilet paper. They need to diaper their partner using the toilet roll in one minute.  Outcome of this game is endless squeals of laughter and fun.

Game 3: The memory booster:   You will need to collect an assortment of different baby related products in a huge tray. Place these baby items attractively. Let all the guests view the assortment for one full minute. Take the tray away from them and hand them a paper and pen. Ask the guests to note down all the items that they just seen in the tray. Guest who manages to write down maximum items in a span of one minute wins the game.

Game 4: What is in the Bag: One last one I have is one where several small baby items are put into brown paper lunch bags and the bags are sealed and numbered. The bags are then passed around to all of the guests and they try to guess what each item is by feeling it through the bag. The person with the most correct answers wins, and the guest of honor gets to keep all of the baby items.

Game 5: Guess the number:  You need to fill in assortment of baby items in an opaque bag. Pass the bag around and let the guests guess the number of items in the bag by feeling the bag. You can use items like rattler, baby bottle, diapers, pacifiers, nipples, baby soaps and baby toys. You can also add other items of your choice.

Baby Shower Games for Girls

You can host vivid number of baby shower games for girls.


Game 1: Baby cupcakes: This is one of the cutest games for the all-girls party. You will need to do some preparation for this game before the party begins.  You can bake a batch of cup cakes before the shower; just ensure that you drop a plastic baby in one of the moulds. Distribute the baked cup cakes to the guests and ask them to decorate it with icing and other goodies. Let the mom-to-be choose the best decoration and reward the guest. Announce that the lucky guest who finds the cup cake with the plastic baby may be next in the line to be blessed with a beautiful baby.

Game 2: Masterpiece:  For this game, you need to have at least a dozen or two of plain baby Onesie or T-shirts, baby friendly fabrics and colors and other items that can be used for decorative purposes. You can also stroke the creativity in your guests by asking them to create their own designs on baby ‘Onesie’. Let the mom-to-be choose her favorite design.  Do not forget to guests to autograph one special ‘Onesie’ or a t-shirt which Mom-to-be can store as the keepsake for future.

You can add a twist to this game by asking the guests to write short letters to the baby. These letters should be pinned on to miniature T-shirts along with guest’s name and autograph. Mom-to-be  will definitely remember you when she reads the letter out to the baby in future and cherishes the event.

Game 3: Guess The Baby:  You will need to ask all the guests to bring along their babies photographs with them. Also ask them to carry a small photograph of the mother or the father of the child. Jumble all the photographs and ask the guests to match the parent to the baby. Guest who manages to match maximum number of babies to the parents will win the game.

Easy Baby Shower Games:

If you do not have the time to create customized sets for games, then you can host no -frills games. No-frills games are extremely easy and they hardly require any props.

Game 1: Guess the tummy size

As the name suggests, each guest has to cut a string of cotton wool in a length that will be of size of the mom-to-be’s bulging tummy. Each string is measured and the guest with the closest guess wins a prize.

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Game 2:  Fish the cotton ball: This game is extremely popular because of its simplicity and fun factor.  In this game, you will need a jar full of cotton balls and a small spoon. Each guest has to remove the maximum number of cotton balls out of the jar with the help of the spoon. The catch is that each guest will be blindfolded and will have to complete the task in one minute. You will be surprised to see that guests will not be able to fish many cotton balls.

Game 3:  ‘The forbidden word’: You will require satin bands or ribbons or push pins for this game. You can give a band or a pin to each guest at the start of the baby shower. You must announce that the word baby is forbidden until a certain period. Guests should keep their ears open for the party pooper. They can claim the bracelet or the pin from any other guest who utters the word baby. At the end of the baby shower, the guest with the maximum bracelets or pins wins the game.

Game 4: Birthing The Baby: You will need to prepare for this game at least a night prior to the party. You need to buy ten or twenty jelly babies from your local super market. Take an empty ice tray and place a jelly belly in each block. Now fill water in the tray. Let the ice set. Next day, give one cube per guest and start the fun. The guest whose baby is born first by melting of the ice naturally wins the game. Humorous commentary about the birthing the baby can make this game humorous.

Game 5:  Lucky Diaper: You will need to prepare for this game in advance. Unwrap one of the baby diapers and fill in a spoonful of peanut butter in it. Pack the diaper tightly and place it among other unused diapers. During the party, ask each guest to pick a diaper and open it.  Guest who gets the diaper with peanut butter wins a prize.

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You may also choose to play scramble or other indoor games during the party. Remember to keep the games funny and exciting so that the guests enjoy it to the maximum.

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