OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAA friend, co-worker or close relatives may plan to host a baby shower to honor the mom –to- be. A good host is the one, who manages to strike the perfect balance of fun, emotion, and class in an event. It is important that you keep mom-to-be’s tastes and preferences in mind while hosting a baby shower.   Planning a party in honor of an expecting mom is not an easy task. You need to carefully plan every detail like guest list, date of the party, venue of the party, invitations, party theme, party decorations, cakes, candles, etc.  It is also vital that you maintain etiquettes while hosting the party.

Decorations create the perfect ambience for the party. It is a good idea to have theme-based decorations. Theme based decorations flow with the mood of the party. You can opt for readymade decorations from local market or you can let your creative juices flow by opting for do-it-yourself decorations.  Let us look at some amazing baby shower decoration ideas that may help you in future.

jungle baby shower decorations

Jungle-Baby-Shower-themeIf you are planning for a jungle themed party then your decorations should live up to the theme.  You can paste images of wild animals on cardboard or draw images of wild animals on thick paper. Cut these images and use them for creating a jungle string. You use a twine instead of a string for more authentic look. Paste pictures of these animals on the string or the twine leaving two-inch space between them. You can hang this string from the ceiling.  You can also create a jungle merry go round from an umbrella.  Open the umbrella and hand a picture of an animal on each strand of the umbrella. Hang the umbrella up a branch or ceiling using a strong string. Below image will give you an exact idea who a jungle theme will looks like. The image is from entertaining.prestonbailey.com and they have more images in their website, that will give you an idea about jungle decorations in detail.

jungle-baby-shower-decorationsimage : entertaining.prestonbailey.com

Winnie the Pooh Baby Shower decorations

Paste different images of Winnie the Pooh on walls.  Place a small wooden barrel of honey with a honey spoon in it. You can also use mini barrels as seats for the guests. You can use a red and yellow-checkered tablecloth for decorations.  Since the theme of the party is Winnie the Pooh, you can spread different teddy bears across the room.  A welcome banner with Pooh bear calling out for would-be-mom’s name also goes well with the decoration. Bear shaped cookies or jellies can also be distributed during the party.


zebra baby shower decorations

If theme of the party rotates around Zebra, you can play with black and white stripes in the decoration.  You can have stuffed toy Zebra as the centerpiece on every table.  Tie the napkins with twin ribbons of black and white color. Cut images of miniature zebras on a cardboard and stick a toothpick on reverse of every image. Insert the toothpick into cup cakes that are going to be served at the party.  Let stripes be the dominant aspect of the décor for Zebra themed party.  It is a good idea to hand out key chains that have images of a zebra as a party favor.


Hello kitty baby shower decorations

 Hello Kitty decorations are extremely popular in many parties. You can have hello kitty miniature figures as centrepieces. Use hello kitty napkins to decorate the place. You will need to starch these napkins heavily prior to the party.  Fold these napkins in different shapes and string them together to create an aesthetic decoration. Hello kitty jellybeans can be distributed to guests during the party. You can cover chairs in pink or blue cloth and stick a cute Hello Kitty poster on head of each chair.  Kitty soft toys or Kitty jewelry boxes can be given as party favors.  Pink, white, and blue should be dominant colors for this theme.

Nautical Baby Shower Decorations

Nautical decorations can be exciting. Blue dominates the color scheme in this theme. You can cut out a huge anchor from cardboard or wood. Color this anchor white or blue and let it dry well.  Hang cute decorations like miniature sailor caps, baby t-shirts, or baby swimsuits on this anchor. You can also use blue and white tablecloth for this decoration.   You can also have seashells as part of the decorations. You can decorate the party venue with blue and white balloons along with silver strings.

nautical-baby-shower-decorationsimage Credit :Unknown

Baby shower table decorations

You can decorate the table with flower arrangement or with a cute centerpiece.  Different types of table clothes can also give a different look for the decoration. You can also place cute baby t-shirts in solid colors on each table along with fabric paints and other decorative items. Let your guests create unique centerpieces by decorating these T-shirts.

Cheap decorations

You need not spend a fortune on decorations. You can creatively use balloons, stamps, posters, and ribbons to create simplistic yet classy decorations. Inflate the balloons and stick small images of fairies, bears, or superheroes on them. Tie these balloons with colorful ribbons and use them in decorating ceilings or walls. You can also create banners that consist of posters and balloons in honor of mom-to-be.

Owl baby shower decorations

 If you are planning on an owl themed party, then you can opt for placing a porcelain owl or stuffed toy owl in the centre of the table. Use colors like dark blue, green, and silver to create the night effect. You can use green colored scrolls and napkins to represent the tree on which the Owl sits.


Monkey baby Shower decorations

 You can create a small cardboard tree or use a dried up branch and pain it brown. Spray cotton with green color and use this cotton to create the leaves. Place stuffed toy monkeys on the tree. You can also dress up stuffed monkey with baby diapers and Onesies. Serve banana splits as refreshment to create the unique monkey effect for your guest.


Minnie Mouse baby shower decorations

Disney classics never fade and Minnie mouse remains eternal favorite across all age groups. You can have Minnie mouse soft toys strewn across the party venue. A welcome banner featuring Mickey & Minnie mouse can be used to welcome the guest of honor.  Order a Minnie mouse shaped cake for a better effect. Cup cakes with pink and white frostings can also go well with the decorations.


Ladybug Baby Shower decorations

Let red and black be dominant colors of your theme. Use mini ladybug key chains as party favor. You can create ladybug centerpieces at home using coconut shells or plastic bowls and covering them with red paper. Spray black dots and draw eyes and legs to complete the look.


Do-It-Yourself decorations

Let your guest create decorations before mom-to-be arrives. Provide each guest with over starched baby bibs and ask them to decorate it with colors, stamps and other items. These bibs will be presented to the guest of honor.

Cupcake decorations

You can decorate cupcakes with icing in the party theme colors. You can use mini candy bars and jellies over the icing to create a fantastic art piece.

Baby shower decorations for girls

Dolls, soft toys and the color pink dominate the decorations for girls. You can use pink and white ribbons and chiffons to create artistic drapes from the ceiling. Use lilies and chrysanthemums for floral decorations. Do not forget to add cute little pink bows on the chairs.


Baby shower decorations for boys

Let soccer balls, baseball cap, and jerseys be a part of your boyish theme. Use variety of blues to your decorations.  Cars and planes are also prominent part of the decorations for boys.


Purple decorations

The purple color looks royal and you can use purple and white balloons and ribbons for decorations. Serve a berry drink and cut a blueberry cake for added effect. You can use purple tablecloths or napkins too.

Homemade decorations

Homemade decorations can be fun. You do not need to burn a hole in your wallet for simple homemade decorations.  You can create artistic centrepieces using glass bowl. Put two or three pomegranates in the bowl and add water to the bowl. Slowly add crystal jellybeans into the water. Once these beans inflate, add final touches by running a glue string on pomegranates and sprinkling silver sparkle over it.

Safari decorations

You can use posters of different animals on walls.  Add wallpapers consisting of trees and bushes to create safari look. You can also use stuffed toys of different animals as centerpieces for each table.

Pink and brown baby shower decorations

As the color suggests, you can use dark pink and pastel brown in different combinations to create table drapes. You can also entwine pink and brown ribbons and run them around the tables or walls to create unique decorations. Hang cute pictures of guest of honor and her family on pink and brown strings. These pictures can jog your guest of honor down a memory lane.

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