World- class, fascinating, contemporary, rustic, traditional, compact or simply a mix of all things pretty is what a great home decor needs. Interior designers have shared a few secrets over the years that have given homeowners some insight on how they can make their home look elegant. From adding pillows and a fresh coat of paint to window treatments and hardwood floors, various perspectives and creativity goes in making a place of your dreams, an elegant and classy house!

We bring you a list of such elegant living room designs and ideas that will not only help you decorate your room but also make your guests overwhelmed with joy! Read on to explore those lovely ideas!

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1. Neutral Traditional Living Room With Tiered Chandelier:

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Let’s start the list with a neutral yet beautiful design idea. Soaring ceilings and a tiered chandelier elevate this traditional living room from ordinary to “Oh Wow!” A huge rustic stone fireplace provides a visual anchor to the space and a natural spot around which to gather the seating.

2. Rustic Look:

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A stone fireplace and exposed wooden ceiling beams add to the rustic style of this spacious living room.

3. Contemporary With Red Accents:

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Soft grays and white keep the feel in this contemporary living room light and bright, while red accents bring fun pops of energy. The large fireplace and elegant wood floors warm up the room literally and visually and makes it comfortable and pleasing to the eyes.

4. Purple Traditional Living Room With Yellow Coffee Table:

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In the center of the space, the bright yellow legs of the coffee table are a shot of sunshine.

5. Use Of Furniture:

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Opt for a larger use of furniture like chairs, bookshelves, round or square table, sofa for a fuller look of the living room. Apart from making more room for large number of groups to sit, this design would give a brilliant look with less creativity and more furniture decor.

6. Colourful Geometric Painting:

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A wall is adorned with a colorful geometric painting in this contemporary multipurpose room. A blue shag rug, arc floor lamp and floral throw pillows add a playful tone.

7. Neutral With A Pop Of Purple:

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Purple velvet chairs and pillows add texture and colour to this neutral transitional living room. Layered rugs lie under a rustic coffee table. A silver floor length mirror reflects natural light, making the room appear larger.

8. Mix Of Patterns:

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Oversized tufted ottomans in dark gray create a cozy, comfortable sitting area paired with the slipcovered white sofa. French doors and lots of windows provide plenty of natural light to keep the room feeling open and spacious.

9. Cool Blue With Marble Fireplace: 

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Cool blue tones flow from the piece above the mantle, inspiring this laid-back palette.

10. Contemporary With Stone Fireplace:

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This family room features pale gray accents –– like the wall color and suede sofa –– paired with pops of bright turquoise and deep purple hues.

11. Purely Contemporary:

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An exclusively contemporary look for the high class. A must have and preferred design for many.

12. Bright Yellow:

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Bright yellow contemporary armchairs add a pop of color and whimsy to this open concept living room. Three small tables clustered together are more versatile than a traditional coffee table.

13. Blue and Green Transitions:

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Pale blue chairs and an ottoman covered in blue-and-green circles give the room a cozy vibe.

14. Lights Will Guide You Home:

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And not just any home, a beautiful house with a scintillating living room. Lamps, hues, candles, all make up for the brightness one needs in life and the living room. A very artistic look with a coxy sofa set.

15. Gray Transitional Room With Window Wall:

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Tall wood windows and doors, exposed beams and the incredible view make this great room a perfect blank canvas. Dark gray walls serve to set off the picturesque setting.

16. Spanish Living Room with Stone Entryway:

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This Spanish-style living room has the feeling of a modern-day Medieval great hall. Slip covered and weathered wood furnishings tone down the formality of the space, giving it a comfortable, welcoming vibe.

17. Eclectic and Feminine:

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Custom bookcases and media cabinet are the focal point of this eclectic, feminine living room. Pink accessories in the bookcases, a sophisticated pink chair and even coffee table books in the rosy hue are main attractions of this bright colourful ambience.

18. Hints of Gold:

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A glass-top coffee table, tufted ottomans and an artful display of tabletop accessories add visual richness and depth to the sitting area.

19. Gray Country Living Room With Exposed Beams:

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Rough sawn white oak beams help define this living room’s vaulted ceiling; the custom-designed rustic coffee table matches the beams and pulls the look together.

20. Bright Round Tables:

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Such bright and radiant round tables with a sophisticated gray background makes for a refreshing fusion of contemporary and playfulness. A rustic door with huge windows add to the elegance of the living room.

21. Living Room and Kitchen:

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The comfortable living room features not just a classy living room design but also an equally attractive dining space.

22. Rustic Living Room With Beautiful View:

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Exposed metal beams contrasts against the rustic wood ceiling. Picturesque windows are dressed with simple gray curtains and overlook beautiful views.

23. Traditional Living Room With Grand Fireplace And Plush Chair:

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Comfortable, oversized plush armchair and sofa beckon for relaxation, reading and friendly conversation near the grand stone fireplace. Large, wood ceiling beams draw the eye to the warming fireplace centerpiece while a stunning rug adds to the space’s elegant sophistication.

24. A Play Of Pillows:

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A comfortable set of sofa with soft, cozy pillows makes the living room and the ambience a warm welcoming spot for guests. A bright chandelier above makes for an elegant and classy look.

25. Open And Transitional:

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With an open transitional living room comes the high level of sophistication along with a rustic look. A large brass chandelier is centered on the space, and the adobe-style fireplace adds a southwestern feel to the room.

26. Neutral Living Room:

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This neutral living room feels open and airy painted white with grey accents found in the curtains and side chairs. Pops of pink add a feminine touch while a bright painting over the fireplace brings focus and life to the space.

27. Round Chandelier And Ottomans:

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A Mallorca chandelier adds a touch of drama as the room’s centerpiece and pairs beautifully with the round ottomans below it.

28. Traditional Formal Sitting Room:

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Sets of French sitting chairs with wooden arms and English roll arm loveseats create a cozy space for conversation and also makes a grand statement.

29. Modern With A Reclining Sofa:

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Last but definitely not the least, bring the outdoors into the design if your house with a green rug resembling real grass grounds the floor space and the modern reclining sofa.

These are some of the many elegant and creative ideas and designs for a comfortable living room. Got more suggestions? Unleash your innovative ideas in the comment section below.