There will always be times when you have no time to cook a full course meal yet you don’t want to gobble the food at the fast food counter too. Also for your children’s lunch boxes you will need some quick , tasty yet nutritious food that they will like. For these situations there are sandwiches which are easy to eat on the go, are perfect for lunch boxes and have the ability to keep you feeling full for long. Here we have some very tasty and nutritious recipes :


Best Sandwich Recipes:

Smoked Salmon Salad Sandwich:


Here’s a great sandwich recipe with skin less salmon fillet and smoked salmon . This salmon sandwich is made up with salmon fillet and smoked salmon along with mayonnaise, celery, chives, capers, lemon zest and lettuce leaves. It’s a filling and healthy sandwich for breakfast .

Tuna Salad Sandwich :


Having a Tuna Salad sandwich at lunch is a great idea to keep yourself full for the next few hours. This Tuna stuffed sourdough sandwich is a perfect sandwich to pack for lunch. You will need good quality tuna, one apple, basil, cilantro, mustard and some good quality sandwich bread. It’s a filling item to pack for your lunchbox .

Roasted Beef with Grilled Cheese and Caramelized Onions Sandwich:


This grilled Cheese sandwich with Roasted beef and Caramelized onions make for a delicious combination of taste. It will surely be a hit among your family and kids. This beef sandwich packs in a great taste and is sure to keep you full for a good amount of time.


French Ham and Cheese Sandwich:


If you’re out of time and want a simple sandwich recipe to make for your lunchbox or your kid’s lunchbox then this might be the one for you. All you need are cornichons, butter,, mustard, tarragon, sliced ham and more. The recipe is quite easy and will be easy for that last-minute rush.


Veg Sandwich recipes:

Paneer/Cottage Cheese Sandwich :



Is your Veg Sandwiches becoming repetitive and your kids have got bored? Then this cottage cheese sandwich may be a twist in the tale. To make this healthy and filling sandwich you will need some crumbled cottage cheese, Garam Masala Powder (Cardamom, Big cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, peppercorns, bay leaves, cumin seeds, star spice, dry coriander etc are mixed to form an Indian Spice ), onions, ginger garlic paste, capsicum, tomato sauce and red chili powder. You will also need coriander leaves to garnish. It’s very easy and filling and can be the best recipe for those days when you are eating Veg food.

Pineapple Feta Sandwich :


This Pineapple and Feta Sandwich is a great change of taste if you’re bored with regular sandwiches. You will love this Feta cheese sandwich which gives a mediterranean feel to the sandwich . The feta cheese is considered ideal for salads and


Grilled Sandwich Recipes:



Do you want to impress everyone with your Sandwiches? Then this quirky asparagus and cheese recipe will surely help you out. To make this place the hard ends of the asparagus on an aluminium foil coating with salt, pepper and olive oil. Then roast for 15 minutes and take it out. Butter one side of your bread, place one part of the Manchango cheese on the bread, top with asparagus and then Gruyère cheese and top off with the bread.Grill the sandwich and see how everyone loves the unique recipe.


White Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwich :


We agree that White pizza is delicious and what better way to make it even tastier than some Ricotta cheese, hot spices and mozzarella cheese ? The ingredients are sandwiched between two pieces of white pizza bread. The result is an awesome grilled cheese sandwich you will love to have any day.

Bacon Mac and Cheese Sandwich :



This easy to make sandwich is really tasty and filling. You will need bread, some butter, cheddar mac and cheese, a slice of provolone cheese and bacon. All you need to do is to butter one side and place all the ingredients on one piece of bread and top it with the other piece and grill.

Healthy Sandwich Recipes:

Spinach and Cheese Sandwich :



Do your kids feel bored with the same sandwiches being repeated in their lunchbox? Then it’s time to pack some unique yet healthy and filling sandwiches into their tiffin box. For this recipe you will need spinach, all-purpose flour, milk, cheese, butter and salt & black pepper. The process is very easy and quick too.

Easy Sandwich Recipes:

Grilled Masala Sandwich:


Indians love their spices and that reflects in their extreme love for Masala Food(Spicy Food) . This masala/Spicy Sandwich is a great way to revive the lost indian Taste buds. The main ingredients here are potatoes and various spices.

Egg Salad Sandwich:


If you’re looking for an easy recipe with eggs for your lunchbox then this easy egg salad sandwich is right for you. All you need for this recipe is some hard-boiled eggs with their yolk and whites separated, some mayonnaise, some ground mustard and pepper ; along with bread. Just take all the ingredients except the bread in a bowl and mas them into a your Egg salad and fill in the bread with this mixture. You may add tomatoes and lettuce if you want to.

Chicken Sandwich Recipes:

Fried Chicken and Jalapeno Coleslaw Sandwich :


This sandwich recipe with fried chicken and dry jalapeno coleslaw. The filling sandwich is enough to keep you full and is perfect for days when you’re bored with regular recipes and want to try something fun. It uses ingredients like chicken breasts, buttermilk, canola oil , butter, red wine vinegar, jalapeno chile, parsley, coriander and many more ingredients.

 Barbeque Chicken Sandwich :


When you’re just not ready to spend more than 5 minutes on making dinner this recipe is great. You will need rotiserrie chicken shredded, barbecue sauce, bread, parsley, butter, garlic clove along with the common garlic and salt. It takes very little time to prepare yet it is filling as well as tasty.


Grilled Chicken -Ceasar Sandwich:


This easy sandwich is great for dinner if you’re running short of time or are just not feeling up for a three course meal. Pack in the simple ingredients and grill the sandwich to complete the dinner.

Roasted Chicken and Apple Panini Sandwich:



Have you always loved that Panini sandwich and wanted to try the recipe one day ? Then this Roasted Chicken and Apple Panini Sandwich is perfect for you. You’ll need chicken breast pieces, cayenne pepper, onion powder, balsamic sauce, kosher salt, pepper, mustard, clove garlic, papaya paste, apples, sage, cheddar cheese, pizza lavash bread or flat bread and more such ingredients.


So these were some sandwich recipes we think will help you with your daily life. Sandwiches are great for packing in thelunchboxes and also great if you’re too lazy to cook a more tiring dish. Do leave us a note if you found the article useful.