Two young couples eating outdoors Brunch is a meal that is a combined form of breakfast and lunch. It is eaten usually late in the morning and can be extended to 1PM. It can be extended to 3PM during Sundays. People usually eat heavy brunch as they have skipped breakfast and would skip lunch too. Brunch was originated in late 1800s in England. Since then it has become an enjoyable activity where family and friends sit together and have their meals. This late-morning meal plays a very important role in our health and fitness. It covers up the nutrients provided to us by 2 meals i.e. breakfast and lunch. Brunch is also considered as amongst the best meals that can be enjoyed with family and friends on a holiday. It is important that you choose a simple brunch recipe to cook when you plan a brunch at your home so that you get time to enjoy with your guests and family. But another important thing is that your brunch menu should be lip-smacking and yummy. So, in order to help you out, we are going to discuss the 15 brunch recipes that are simple yet tasty. 15 Simple Brunch Recipes:

Strawberry Brunch Bruschettas

Type: Non-vegetarian brunch1   source This is a very simple and yummy brunch recipe. The time taken to make this recipe is just 10 minutes. The main ingredients required to make this recipe are ripe strawberries, honey, ricotta, almonds, vanilla bean paste, butter and slices of fruit and nut bread. This rich cheesy brunch recipe saves a lot of time. The flavor given by strawberries and honey makes it yummier.   Chocolate and Almond Croissants Type: Non-vegetarian brunch2 source This is super simple brunch recipe that takes only 5 minutes for the preparation and 5 minutes for cooking. In this recipe, a chocolaty twist is added to the croissants. The main ingredients required to make this recipe are croissants, milk chocolate, marzipan and sliced toasted almonds. Nothing else is required for this recipe. This brunch recipe is enjoyed by people of all ages.   Baked Eggs with Ham and Spinach Type: Non-vegetarian brunch3 source This is Mexican-style brunch recipe that is very simple to make. Time taken by this recipe is 30 minutes. If you are a ham lover, then this might be a good option for you. The main ingredients required to cook this recipe are eggs, bread, spinach, ham, roasted peppers, tomatoes, chilli, garlic and onion. You can add spices and sauces of your choice to make this recipe more interesting and more lip-smacking.   Kedgeree with Poached Egg Type: Non-Vegetarian brunch4 source This is an interesting brunch recipe that has rice, fish and eggs in it. It is a perfect brunch recipe that is simple to cook and healthy in nature. Time taken to cook this recipe is 30 minutes which includes the preparation time. The basic ingredients required to make this recipe are rice, defrosted fish pie mix, lemon, parsley and eggs. You can also make this dish in its traditional way by replacing poached eggs with boiled eggs.   Vegan Tomato and Mushroom Pancakes Type: Vegetarian brunch5 source We are discussing about the simple brunch recipes, how we can forget the pancakes! Having pancakes for brunch is truly unbeatable. The basic ingredients required for pancakes are white flour, soya flour, soya milk and vegetable oil. The ingredients required for the topping of the pancakes are mushrooms, tomatoes, soya cream or milk, nut and oil. These pancakes are dairy-free in nature which is healthy for us. These pancakes are freezable i.e. we can store them in our fridge to enjoy them later.   Crunchy baked Eggs Type: Vegetarian brunch6 source Crunchy baked eggs are one of the most loved brunch recipes. It is a simple recipe that takes only 25 minutes to cook. The basic ingredients required to make this recipe are eggs, garlic, butter, red pepper, tomatoes, basil and white bread. This recipe is not only simple but it is also healthy. It has the goodness of eggs blended with tangy flavor of tomatoes and exotic flavor of red pepper.   Apple and Blueberry Danishes Type: Vegetarian brunch7 Source Brunch without pastries is incomplete. These apple and blueberry Danishes will make your brunch even more special. It requires 20 minutes for its preparation, 25 minutes for cooking and 10-20 minutes for cooling. Though this recipe is quite time-consuming but the process to make is very simple and it is worth it. The main ingredients required to make this recipe are a pack of puff pastry, egg, plain flour, apples, sugar, butter, blueberries, ground allspice and cinnamon. You must try making these pastries in your next brunch, your guests and family members will surely love it.   Potato Scones Type: non-vegetarian brunch8 Source Looking for something heavy and hearty? Potato scones will be a perfect choice. The time required to make this recipe is just 30 minutes, this includes the preparation time. Basic ingredients that are required to make this recipe are potatoes, plain flour, baking powder, butter, eggs, milk and oil. The process of making this recipe is really simple. You can top these with cheese and honey. These potato scones are served with crispy bacon that is loved by all.   Apricot French Toast Type: Non-vegetarian brunch9 source French toasts are amongst the most common and loved simple brunch recipes. The time required to make these apricot French toasts is just 25 minutes. The main ingredients that are used to make this recipe are white bread, custard, caramel sauce, apricots and butter. These apricot French toasts are a best brunch recipe that is light and simple.   Full English Frittata Type: Non-vegetarian brunch10 source This is a traditional Italian classic recipe with English twist that is a perfect choice for brunch. The time required to make this recipe is 45 minutes which includes the preparation and cooking time both. The process of making this recipe is very simple. The main ingredients used for making this recipe are breads, potatoes, bacon, soured cream, eggs, button mushrooms and some leftover cooked chipolatas. Serve this recipe with your favorite sauce to make it yummier.   Courgette fritters Type: Vegetarian brunch11 source If you are looking for a vegetarian recipe for brunch that is simple to cook, then Courgette Fritters will be the best option for you. The time required to make this recipe is just 35 minutes. There are only 7 ingredients that are required to make this recipe. Those ingredients are eggs, milk, strong cheddar, plain flour, chives, courgettes and olive oil. These courgette fritters are freezable. This vegetarian brunch recipe is perfect for kids and youngsters.   Hot Corncakes with Avocado, Bacon and Basil Type: Non-vegetarian brunch12 source Corncakes are an important brunch meal. They are healthy and tasty. Time required to make this recipe is 20 minutes which means 10 minutes for preparation and 10 minutes for cooking. The main ingredients required to make this recipe are flour, egg, sweetcorn nibblets, basil leaves and red pepper. To serve this recipe, you will need streaky bacon, lemon and avocados.   Summer Souffle Omelette Type: Vegetarian brunch13 source Summer soufflé omelette is a fabulous brunch meal. The time required to cook this simple brunch recipe is just 15 minutes. The process of making this recipe is as simple as making a traditional omelette. The ingredients required to make it are eggs, basil leaves, goat’s cheese, tomatoes and grated parmesan. This is wonderful recipe that will surely satisfy the taste-buds of your family and friends.   Hot Elvis Toastie Type: Non-vegetarian brunch1 source This is yet another simple brunch recipe that is loved by non-vegetarian food lovers. It requires 5 minutes for preparation and 5 minutes for cooking. The process of making this is very simple. The basic ingredients required to make this recipe are white bread, ripe banana, honey, butter, sugar, peanut butter and icing sugar. You can make this recipe more interesting by serving it with your favorite ice-cream.   One-pan Summer Eggs Type: Vegetarian brunch15 source Last but not the least on our list of simple brunch recipes is this one-pan summer eggs recipe. The time taken to make this recipe is 15 to 17 minutes. This recipe is gluten-free in nature which makes it a very healthy brunch meal. The basic ingredients required to make this recipe are courgettas, cherry tomatoes, eggs, garlic and basil leaves. This recipe is great for people of all ages. You can also add your favorite veggies to this recipe to give it an interesting twist.   This was the list of 15 simple brunch recipes. A brunch is incomplete without having variety of recipes. You ought to have a sweet dish, a spicy dish, few juices and drinks in a perfect brunch. So you can choose 3 to 4 recipes from above listed recipes for your next brunch. If you have any doubts or wish to suggest any other simple brunch recipe, feel free to share it via comments section below.

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