Birthdays are special, so as our partners and better-halfs. So, try to use these romantic birthday wishes and greetings to make your girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, husband’s or wife’s birthday extra special. Make them feel the love you have for them. Let them be swept off their feet on their birthday as you utter these romantic birthday messages that came from your heart.

While we’re here to give you samples of sweet and romantic birthday wishes for your someone special, you still need to choose the best ones that are suitable for your partner. You may also edit some of these romantic birthday card wordings and add your own personal message as you write them on a card or notes.


Dear, you are my match. You lit my world through the path of love. The more I walked in it, the more I realized that my life is as half empty and dark without you. Happy Birthday.

There is no such thing as cold since the day that you have warmed up my world with your charming smile. Happy birthday.

You have turned the ordinary days of my life into the best ones and the days to come are infinitely completed because of you. A lovely happy birthday to you.

We both have learned the notes in the music books of our hearts but there are still a lot more that you and I will surely discover. Let us sing of our love while we go through with it together. Happy birthday.

If I were to sleep a hundred years from now then I will dream of you more than a hundred time and be awake in your arms a hundred times more. Happy birthday.

You are the clock of my life for every second is the beat of my heart for you. Happy birthday.

To go further in this world with you was the greatest risk that I took yet everyday has been worth taking that risk. Happy birthday.


I cannot imagine how to live a life without your love when it has made me who I am today and everyday. Happy birthday.

The most special day of my ordinary life would be these days when you have filled it with your love. Happy birthday.

I was lost until you gave me your love for me to be safe, sound and found. Happy birthday.

To love is to be vulnerable. Loving you is complete surrender and you have always assured me that no matter what, you will be my strength. Happy birthday.

The first you looked at me was the only time I needed to prove to myself that yes, love exists. Happy birthday.

I’ve survived my days of being so lost and hurt for your love has become the madness and remedy that I needed for life. Happy birthday my love.

Every word that I wrote, every book that I’ve read, every song that I hear, they always seem to say the exact same thing; I love you. Happy birthday.


My heartbeat has never been the same since the days you’ve played its music better. Happy birthday.

This magical spell of your love only worked when you said and shown that everyday, you love me. Happy birthday.

Magic seems to happen every time you say that you love me. Happy birthday.

Every time you hold my hand, the strongest feeling in the world happens to me. It’s something that I just can’t explain but I perfectly understand.

To run away from you is to deny my very existence, your love is the essence that forms me into the person that you can always run to. Happy birthday.

If I were to speak of beauty, I would talk about you. If I were to hear of beauty, its music would be your voice. You, my love, is the creator and the subject of my idea of beauty. From the very first day that I met you up to this special day of yours. Happy birthday.

The only thing my heart could see in the clouded night sky is your beauty. I have never seen a wonder in my entire life. Happy birthday.


There is an incomparable feeling of love every time I’m looking directly into your eyes with me holding your hand. Happy birthday.

Each passing moment is better than a lifetime without you my love. Happy birthday.

You have successfully created something that will be bounded here in my heart forever and that is the love that you gave me. Happy birthday.

You are the most beautiful story this life has ever told me and I would miss my entire life without me knowing the beautiful you. Happy birthday.

And that’s it! I hope that these romantic birthday wishes can melt your partner’s heart on their birthday. Be sure to partner these birthday messages with your most romantic birthday gifts or gesture. There are so many romantic birthday ideas out there that you can try to make them fall for you even more. Feel free to share these romantic birthday greetings to your friends too.

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